like microsoft trying to buy yahoo! this is going to take a while to read

hehhehehhehhehehhehe….. its that time again, for another round of drunken blogging with the master of distardation, lol… i miss spelled anotehr word… man thats fun… what the hell was i oging on about? oh well, lets see whats happeneing today? updates! we need to update somethings! i need to update some tings! and justl ike ron howard getting together the funds to make a happydays retrement home reality show, i shall previal! or lose my false teeth somewhere in a gutter next to steven colberts sense of ego. and thats a big ego. some needs to pop it! great now im using exclamation points more often then sylvestor stalone does his ability to speak clearly with out sounding like a drunk hoboken. IT JUST DOESNT GET BETTER THEN THIS!!!!

ive recently joined up on a site named not yuckie. yuwie. its a site that pays its users depending on the amount of clicks they get. and if your anything like jenna jamesons at the annual fuck a freshman festival at madison square gardens, the more you get clicked, the more you get payed. man im just oging alll over the place today! in other news, ive just started insulting the crap out of all the old folk on matchdoctor who piss me off with there totalitarian grip on the use of proper grammer. much like the oompa loomps use a step ladder to get to the cookie jar on top of the fridge. yep, now were getting somewhere.

the product thats bringing you this fine blog is none other then korbels extra dry champagne, established in 1882, korbel has that kinda of taste llike you just saw paris hilton actualy enroll in highscool only to up in the special ed departments hopless cases class. lol… oh im so evil. remember folks, if you want to slur your words more often then charlee sheen after a four hour beer fest at the local frat house phi delta asshole, then korbels the finest choise for you. also recommended is going the guy who plays oppisite of ben stiller in starsky and hutch remake… which bit ass more times then the jaws sequels and that lousy singer on american idol. she bang, she bang!

im going gun ho on this thing… let the real fun begin like tom cruise explaning that man blazed a trail across the west only to abandon his childhood fantasy of searching for colored eggs in the name of jesus christ. oh wait im confusing that with the johovas witness protection program. eraser starring michael jackson as a tough as nails drunk cop and arnold schwarzzenager as the man child who loves him. coming to theatres in a never never land near you.

lol… im coming up with new insult all the time in this thing! gotta love it. it seems like the more things change the more white dudes go emo and shoot up a school for no apparent reason other then to end up impressing there dead motehrs and then kiling themselves because they didnt get enough love as a child from there over abusive drunken ex father in laws. wow, did i say that? yes. yes i did. in light of the elections i made sure to pay extra special attention to them, kinda like star jones wieght loss trainer who offer her crack as an alternitive to the betty ford clinic. who incidently had something to do with the cruifix being theo nly weapon that might kill vampires. if hit hard enough.

ok that was just lousier then the results of the jon baneigh trail. i mean come on, is it really that improtant that we sit at home watching a court case about some idiot who killed his pregnat wife and watch the horror of these people faces as the sentencs are called out like bad bingo numbers over a loud speaker for the retirement home of the deaf and blind? my god im sounding more and more like alec baldwin.

ok, ive really got to stop over using celebritie jokes like the media over covered anna nicole smiths death. how long do we actually need to know the facts about a slightly drunken fat womans life? who gives a shit about whos the father of her kid? why the hell do i even care? whats the deal with airlines and giving out those little bags of peanuts? ha! went all jerry seinfeld on the day and age where the elections are decided between a drunks brother and the old people who count the ballots in florida, are we, the public allowed just one ounce of mercy from the word? cant the u.n deicded between whether or not casual fridays will remain in effect after mit romny shows up with his seven hundred wives and whores them out to all the ugly people in uganda and more contriversaly the hot chicks in poland, germany, irland, russia, australia, and of course, go out with dick cheney to lunch only to be shot in the face while at he same time being mistaken for a deer? HOW THE HELL DOES A MAN WITH A SHOTGUN MISAKE SEVEN HUNDRED WOMEN FOR A SINGLE FUCKEN DEER??! IT JUST DOESNT MAKE SENSE AT ALL!

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