failure at drunk blogging

yes!!!! i beat the fucking system…..i think thats more wine then im thinking about i have had in the fututure pastm inutes of my minds not completely there at the present tense… wtf am i saying? oh well, i just got done training so my hands and fingers are a bit wierd at the moment. this keybaord is really freaking flimsy, although it is by far the best damned computer ive had yet. actualy laptop but whos ocunting right? lets see here. i usually only train in the martial arts when im worried about something so its been a while, the last time i trained was about a couple weeks ago for an hour or two in armed combat. all truth here folks, just like brians ability to main tain two relationships at the sawm time blowing up in his face, i shall tell thee the fricjen truth of all things…

first off. did you know that robert dinero is a muppet? its true, hes voiced by a drunken reject from the wizrd of oz danny devito. of course this always tops the ever present threat of the fact that uswins got more tics in him then a wooden house biult on a contant fault line. lol, this is gonna be fun. time to rip me ol mates a new one. this isnt slander cause im not spreading rumours or anything this is my blog. its your own damn fault for reading it in the first place if you dont like what i have to say. so fuck off. first off, lets start with brian. not dad, i love him to death and would never lampoon him in my blogs. hes special. regular jagoff brian, or douchebag. true that he is one cause he told me himself… hes manned by a little person named steve. who coioncidently wears a helmit and is about as coordinated as a drunken blind person making his way through traffic during the 89 earthquake. oh yes, this is oging to be more fun then watch people tease michael jackson by holding there little boys over him.

furst off, where to begin, i liked him at first, buddy buddy kinda thing, then he became a jackass. in a matter of two point three seconds…oh fuck this im just going to write random crap down and hope to hell it makes sense in the end. three lines for one sentence… aww fuck this shit, im just going to pst this…

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