monkey fuckers!

trust me folks when i say this. there is nothing better in the world then finding yourselves in bed with another woman. especialy if your a woman, because then therell be disco music playing in the back along with some jack ass nerd named steve hoping to get his groove on with you. both. at the exact same time. because hes jsut cool like that! yes siree bob, have two penises is gods greatest gift to man, and some exceptionaly desperate womens, that he can give. but how do you acheive this dual penial weapon of love? i dunno, ask buch, he has two, and there always up his ass regaurding the war. there called rummy and cheney.

but no more! more beer for the drunkard! i am not an alchoholic, as proven by the dates of the entryies in this particular blog! blogit, blogit, dont you just want to blogit? if it feels right, just do what you want, no matter what, its not wrog! just blogit, blogit, blogit! and there went screaming among the flames of hell, and the mightiest of demon! the first grade class of elementry high, running for the lions very lives from michael jackson! run little timmy to the preacher! oh never mind, there in cahoots with each other! father tom for the left, mj for the right, and cheney because he likes to eat the heads off of puppies!

you know what folks? ladies and gental men? if there were a single doubt in my mind about anything in this messed up world of our? its the simple fact that my cat gog is stealing my snausuage. KNOCK IT OFF!

there are some things, money should buy, and other thatr require you to get raped in the ass by the whole expander. thats right! im tlaking to you pee wee herman! you stupid idiot for jacking off during a porn!

love, i haven o love, not since her, not since kimberlee ann kelly took my heart and shattered it like so many objects, cause there no other waste of time then talking about a broken heart, no real percervierence to the fact that ill never find the one im looking for, the woman from my dreams, she said to come find her and ive been searching for so long… and im so tired, i want to give up but there something inside me that just. wont. let me! damn you to hell fox news and impeccable timeing!

i want to keep going, to keep writing till the bones in my hands crack and turn into the dusty air from which we came, to fall in love with a woman that has no heart, that has no mind of her own except to trash the will and lives of other… but she was the one for me. i was willing to throw it all away, if just for a single smile from her face, to hold her in my arms. and i threw it away because i was a caward. too much of a coward to tell her my feelings for her off the bat! DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU TO HELL AND BACK YOU STUPID BASTARD! how dare you have cowardice in your heart, how dare you even think for a moment that the wills and the hearts of women are atracted to your sense of humour. why can i not find her, what am i doing wrong? was because i once tried to kill myself? oh god… the scars still burn, even after all this time, they burn and never stop. 45 slashes in all, 12 on my right arm, 14 on my left, 3 on my abdomen, two on my legs and inner thigh, one across my right pec, and a scracth from the last on my neck, across the birthmark.

oh world of untruths and hidden lies, why have you forsaken me to this horrendous fiction you call life? i need more beer, THE TRUTH! SHALL SET ME FREE! AND SO  SHALL I SAY UNTO THEE! for my demons haunt me most unsolomly, like bad tv shows and steve jobs dancing around a pack of rabid homer simpson clones. nude at his joy and all its expense.

for you all see. i did love her! YOU HEAR THAT WORLD! I DID LOVE KIMBERLEE ANN KELLY! i was shy at the time, a most un forgivable mistake. she was outgoing and retrospective in the inner workings of the universe while i was nothing compared to her! DAMN YOU! she and i couldve been friends had it not been for that incident, i waso nly trying to be nice to her, i tried talking to her but she called me a stalker! i NEVER STALKED YOU! I WAS ONLY STUPID AND SHY! and then you ruined me. you turned the other against me like a wolf on its prey. and i was too blind to see the evils of your way!

now im, innebriated, writing to no one in particvular, drowning in my own sorrow and carrying the scars of yesteryear on my body like a demented freak of nature, whos mind in torn down the middle on living his life the way he should, or following his heart. but i shall not give in! nor shall i give up! i will find her, the woman ive been searching for for nearly 10 years now. and love is a promise of blood is all that keeps me going to this very day! ill find you my sogno donna bello. my beutiful, my darling dream woman.  AND I SHALL NOT FALL AGAIN! I SHALL NEVER INCITE A FALSE FEELING OF LOVE! FOR TRUE LOVE, TRUTH IS ALL I DESIRE! AND ONCE MORE I SHALL KEEP MY WORD, JUST AS ASSURED AS IDCK CHENEY WILL ASK HIS FRIEND OUT AND SHOOT HIM IN THE FACE, AND THEN HAVE HIS FRIENDS APOLOGIZE FOR GETTING IN THE WAY OF THE BULLETS! THAT STUPID FUCK!

im through, and drunk… for now…

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