what is love?

what is it to fall in love? what is love but a fleeting moment in time where all dreams and fantasy come true, leave you happier then youve every been in your life, then flys away like a bird set free from its cage? can i truely fall in love, when love is but a dream to me, a far cry for the one who holds my heart indefenitley without knowing it? can i truely love a woman with whom ive scorned so many times over and yet she has shown me no hatred in her eyes? but what if the hatred i saw in her eyes was nothing more then my own hate of love unwanted? for what is love but a fleeting moment of time, where all things are accepted into ones mind.

true, love is the most mysterios and powerful of emotion, but what is love but a bird trying to grasp a single snow flake from the skys above, a rain bow with no end and no beggining, yet always there to set ones heart free?

i must accept love into my heart at full force, to feel so much in so short a time it would make life itself seem incomparable. but this woman who holds my attention so much that its impossible to have a thought of my own, to live with out love is to live with out life. to live with love is to bring about ones own greatest sadness and all the nightmares that one can have, and yet still live to see another day, if only for one moment. for what is love but a fleeting moment of time?

how can i bear the sin of mistunderstanding and how can i be forgiven for my crime of the heart when it was love in the first place that drove me to commit such a crime? love is love and to be with out it is the worst possible existence i can think of, but i must only forgive myself and let my feelings and my heart guide me to my own redemption, for i have repented loving her so much that i can only think of one reason not to fall in love yet again, but a different woman now incases my heart with her eyes and kindness. for what is love but a fleeting moment in time where all things are right in the world?

to hear her voice call my name is to suffer no more, to love is to feel like you are falling with out fear of the stop at the end of the fall, for it was love and love alone that has guided my actions thus far. it was love that surfaced my truest feelings and latched on to more then life itself with my own mind at war with my heart on what to do.

for what is love, but love in itself, and if my own hate superceids that love, then what kind of man am i to say that i shall be a kind leader of the people. for how can one such as i forgive myself for what i have done. for love is love, and that love shall forever more be my release into the world.

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