war? whats it good for? forks? well… ok.

yes! its back… the frathnicing buzzed blog is baaaaaaaaaack. and you want to how i can tell?because im drunk… sort of… but still!!!! and when im this way when i write, i dont hold nothing back! so to the litle adorable thingmabobber also known as madame presidente… scrag off. but your cool. love ya little bugger, love ya! this is the drunk me talking so dont think for a second that when im sober ill actualy admit it… of course ill just say that i was drunk and that will be that. in other news…. im in a fucking band. fuck yesh… you heard me. im. in . a. fucking. band. . . yesh i had to do the period as well, why? because its just that much fun.

me and my buddie are starting up a company together called avatars united, just as soon as the paperwork is complete! yes!!!! i love it to death!!!! what makes this news even more sweet is the fact that i seem to be wobbling at an incredable rate while writing this. ITS AMAZING! FREE HOTDOGS IN THE FREEZER! im hungry. im going to go get some hotdogs after im finished with this.

ok, onto more important matters, like finding the cure to….. my fear of kim. thats right. i fear her. not just “ah!” but ” HOLY SHIT THERE SHE IS! RUN FOR THE HILLS BOYS, ITS GOING TO GET POLITICAL TONIGHT! BRING THE MOONSHINE AS WELL! what? what do you mean were out? well then just go some more! but still, now what? cant you see that were trying to head for the hills? well of course well bring grampa. AAAAAAAAAUUUGHH!” YESH. its been that was-

on a side note: i just drank the last of the beer.

not was, way. its been this way for a while now. ever since the seizure. yes, i can joke abouti t now. ive had maybe one or two good days where i havent freaked out whenever i saw her in some way. but there is hope. get busy child! mchael jackson going to touch you if you dont! what was i going on about? oh yeah, the cure the multischlorosis…no… the cure for cancune? no… you just need to go to a bob dillan concert for that… ummmm…shit i forgot what i was writing about!…. damn it! damn it! damn it!oh right… the cure for my fear of kim kelllo operator, give me number nine. if you disconnect, ill do you from behind! whew that was a close one.. normally im not really afraid to say the name.

but get this… shes a freaking gamer… oh yeah… its lucky i ran across one of the earliest memories of her. which kinda explained why i was so damned attracted to her…. she so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! but she played everquest for a while…. and i think she was on a few different sites as well… maybe she took care of them im not sure. well, thats all i got for that segment.

ok… onto other things… like the fact im registered for classes for the winter quarter at vvc. ok ok…. get it all out… its ok to cry… or hump the computer as brain does whenever he cant get a date…. dont you feel better? oh yes… i went there… and im not afraid to go there again. in fact, ill go there so many times that when im done going there, you wont know where you are, because everwhere is there. and trust, ill be the only one that knows where there actualy is. and then ill give you directions off of yahoo maps. then youll be pissed because you wont be able to follow the easy to use directions. oh yes. so i did go there. bitches.

what else… yeah… im not afraid of anyone now a days.. except kim… but im getting better!now im just writing whatever comes to mind because thats how the pioneers of blogging do it. ….can someone please tell me….what the fuck is political blogging?what the fuck is that? blogging is sposed to be a place where people can be emo with out being emo… and we got frigging canidates being all miss america on them? hell no…. that is not what we want to see. we want to see the inner working of political puppets… im mean canidates… did i just say that? sorry… no im not. because all they show us is that:

A. there complete doushe bags when it comes to showing us there true sides.
B. that even if one of thel ittle buggers did get ripped off a joint and try to write a blog, it would still comeo tu as “i want to have world peice.” yeah so do i but you dont see the shiites and the muslims showing any affection for each other in the middle east do you? that be like me getting laid by hot twins that want to see the real me and then i show them, only except im james bond. and he isnt real at all. because connery made the bond.

speaking of which, the war… i know there are a lot of stupid comments about how its going well, or it isnt… but isnt time we all stopped worrying about the damned middle east. i think bush should pull out, but i dont htink he will. thats where he made the mistake when he had the bush girls. or were they clintons? the world will never know. because, bush…is a total dork. hes intelligent, but hes a fucking dork when it comes to public speaking. he always does that little gremlin laugh of his when…when…. oh damn the buzz wore off. at least i got all my drunken writing out…hopefully, therell be more…..hopefully… sniff. im going to miss you…all american rejects…sniff… the band the caught americas heart by playing mediocore tunes in a garage…sniff.

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