clark kent is a maggot with a cape. major wedgie time.

alllrighty! ive got toadmit some shit!!!
ok! here it si! the ultimate secret of mine that ive been keeping from everyone! i mean everyone!something ive been keeping near and dear to my heat for the longest, frathnicing time…. you want to know? are you salivating with anticipation? are you wondering when the fuck ill shut up and come out with it? are you thinking to yourselves “god, i would sure fancy a ham sandwich right now.” the ultimate, super duper, high security, high tech low maintence, mack daddy secret is that i am…. he he he…

A) a father?
B) gay?
C) three ducks in a man suit?
D) an evil twin?
E) married?
F)all of the above?
G) none of the above?

and the answer is… G) none of the above! ha! but i do still have a secret that i havent told anyone, not even blake or bobby whome are my dearest friends, blake especialy. so i wont even hint at it. but i will tatalize you desperatley while your soul screams for eternity to know what it is! MUA HA HA HA HA HA! evil am i, nocturnal am i not, horny i may be, though gay i am not, amip… have no clue do i, yoda, like i am talking, strong, is the force in this one will be. hooker in the redlight district, shall beer goggles live. devils, are the olson twins. drunk and stupid, does make a wookie taste like froddo baggin getting humped by darth vader.

fun stuff… really fun stuff… but seriosly, on a funner note… me vision just blurred, so now the real fun begins by relating every single nonsensical thing in the world to you! the readers of htis blog. and of cou7rse to heena… he he he… ill write something obut her later… which may.. or may not be true! like all things when im innebriated, ill nail anything and everything in a friendly lighted hearted mannered and then proceed to pass out on the floor!

something recently came up, though im not sure if it was a reacurring dream. ive cut off all chats and tlak with sarah… so buger to the world if your not liking it. my blog, your reading it, get used to it. as i was saying, i had this dream a while back when i was 16… and then again at 19… then again at 23… on mondays always… the dreams go al ittle something like this… those with weak stomach… your pretty fucked at this point in time…

ok… ok… ok… it started… it started like like like like this… i was at a spanish port town of la diablo… actualy, there wasnt a sign anywhere but it still was a spanish port… justifying the music that was playing… so im in the spanish port twon, near the beach, and im enjoying the sights and sounds of people andk ids playing in the waters that were startling blue and crystal clear… but they were blue all the same. these two women, one mexican, the other idian, (i shit you not, this has nothing to do with heena or sarah, so just fuck off that subject. please?) the mexican gal was wearing a blue sirt and a white dress with a black zig zag pattern. the indian gal, wearing a grey jacket with fur lining the collar, looked a bit like a racoon. she was also wearing a dress, this one navy blue with red spots on it. they come up to me and kiss me full on the mouth, which, im not to obliging to reject. at all.

so we walk a little ways, i talk, they laugh, life is good. we then arrive at a cave, we go into it and again, there sparkling water, waterfalls from varios points in the caverns, and heena falls down a well, lol, kidding, like i said, this has nothing to do with her or sarah at all. so were in this cave and the two kiss me again. im having fun at this point. then a blonde woman with short curly hair in a white dress walks up to us and joins the party, she and the other two kiss me yet again. im having fun. we walk out of the caverns and me and the blonde say our laters to the mexican and the indian gal.. who was really friggin hot. but i digress, me and… shit, lets just call her trixy… me and trixy, go to a theatre.

and we make sweet sweet love right there and then… lol, had you going for a minute didnt i? well it didnt happen, the place was packed and we get seats on the right near the aisle way and two rows from the stage, while everyones getting settled, i go take a walk. the play itself wasnt anything special, it was a scare crow and mummy getting into a fight. and that was about it.

so im walkign backstage and i hear two people talking about something “everything is set up just right sir.” thats all i hear of the talks, i then pass a tall fat dude that was balding and had a badly combed comb over that was dyed purlped and orange. why? beats the fuck out of me… thats what i saw.. i exit back stage, cut across the stage, no one notices a thing, primarily because the damned place is nearly empty….thats all i remember for now…

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