sex with cheerleaders! all of them! but in the middle of it all, your condom rips with out you knowing it. and suddenly, your a palygamist. with seventy wives… who are hot. and five hundred children. but the sex would rock. because, because there cheerleaders! and there horny all the time! YESH! THAT WOULD SO FUCKING ROCK LIKE MIDGETS UNPLUGGING SHIT IN MICROSOFT HQ!!! welcome to another drunk blog! yes! here ill relive all the unimportant shit in the fucking world thats bugging me… just because, a) im drunk. and b0… im drunk. you dig? so lets get this shit over with!

lastn ight, i dreamt i had sex with a femal stretch armstrong doll. it was fucking weird as fucking hell. mainly because afteri ate her out she shrunk to the size of a knickel and i was pretty much screwed from there on out. with out realizeing it, i gave up the persuit of happiness and suddenly dreamt i was jacking up jay lenos chicn. because it scared the fuck outa me.

ok.. lets get some pressing stuff outa the way first shallwe? first up is kim… god i miss her. i miss her so badly… though she scared the fuck out of me, caused me to have a seizure and hyperventalate myself to death, and nearly had me thrown out of the colledge from a stuid misunderstanding. and yet… i want to see her again. its weird how that all happens doesnt it? onem inute your in love with a fucking hot assed woman, the next, her friends are cock blocking ya… just because you didnt speak up about yer feeling for her… and thatsn ot the worst part… the worst part about it.. is that the only other chance you get with her to talk to her, you walk right past her with out so much as a fucking word! WHAT THE FUCK IS MY GODDAMNED PROBLEM!!!

in other news, the lesbians… well… so what about them.. im tired of ranting and raving about them. its getting too tiring to rant about someone thats your friend and then try to have to balls to say “i like you!” but you do anyways. god this beers kicking my ass. LONG LIVE OCTERBERFEST!

stories…. need to finish up loading debate of factions, then try to get somewhere with the next segment of it. havent worked on it in a good fucking while. and i dont know where to take it from its current poitn. thats because ive taking bold new steps into making novelizing forums a new genre!  im bold, im brash, and im fucking polite… so fuck off. lol.

mean while, im signed up on a shite load of stupid personal sites where only one womans emailing me. hey, life happens right. all i know is that im fucking horny at night. yep… now you frigging know that im plastered by the amount of f bombs i drop. and just in case some people are fucking offended by the word “fuck.” heres a little something for you tree hugging polite rules living, soft beer drinking sobs. lol, this is going to be fucking hilerios.

you fucking fuckers of cucksville. because the fucking world is fucking changing, gays and lesbians are getting married, were going to either have a black man or a white woman as president. im hoping black man. cause im sick of the white presidents fucking up. im looking at fuckng you buch… bush. and buchanan. and cheney. oh yeah, the fuck storm. fucking fuckering fucks.fucking fuckers

fucking fuckersfuckfufucking fuckerscking fuckersing fuckersfucking fuckersfucking fuckers.

you happy? i feel better. fuck! give it up for freedom of speech on the web! because the global warming guy started it up!

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