Ha! Frathnicing computer! Beat you again this time! I’m still drunk as hell and I’ll write anything I damn well please, save it and post it on myspace you illiterate bastard! You think your smarter then me? Well guess what you son of a bit? I’m smarter then you!

So anyways, like I was saying, there’s something and was something that I was writing that gives me a hand cramp every time I do, but the main subjects upon which I touched inappropriate were these:

1. Carmen.

2. Her boyfriend is frigging cool, far as I can tell anyways.

3. Sarah.

4. Heena, as usual.

5. Life, the universe and everything.

6. Stupid memories and about a time when zombies roamed the earth.

7. This stupid computer.

8. Forums.

And everything else that made me wonder: what the Frathnic I was on while writing this damn this damned thing? Of course, I could be just paranoid, delusional, and utterly incompliant. That’s not the case so on with the show!!! I’m getting another beer! Ok that was fun while it lasted…what the hell was I doing again? Oh right, writing about whatever the hell I needed to, to get rid of this damned headache. I feel a certain sense of liberty here as I can write what ever the hell I want to, like Ed’s a Frathnicing moron who should be shot in the… well, you get the picture. I didn’t know he had one to begin with. That Frathnicing son of a Ghulk; I love em… but I’m annoyed to Frathnic with him… who the hell does he think he is trying to cast other people in my role! Oh well, whatever happens happened for a reason and I won’t get in the way of it.

My minds completely buzzing from the combination of beer and coffee; Speaking of which, I think I’ll go get some right now. Sex! Well, that was fun while it lasted. Now what the Frathnic was I doing? Oh yeah, writing about was ever the Frathnic I’m doing at the moment; which would be writing a drunk as hell blog about anything that comes to mind. As though it doesn’t really seem like anything could pop into my mind if in fact I was so…. sorry, needed to add a couple of periods to even everything out.

Ms. Kelly… Carmen, Carmen, Carmen, Carmen, Carmen, Carmen, Carmen, Carmen… great I’m in a loop of Carmen’s…. lol. I’m funny. Most of the time. Heena… Heena, Henna… henna! Tattoos! Yes! Alex! God she’s freaking hot! I wonder how young or old is she? Judging by the looks of her id say at least around 25? Some where around there; Of course I’d pin her at around 29 or 30 to be honest; what about Carmen? I have no idea, having seen the little munchkin around in a while. She’s probably doing her own thing. Which is a good thing since people who spend most of there lives doing the same things over and over and over again often have psychotic break downs in which the mind…. there we are with the periods again… temporarily loses control of the body, the id takes over and then all hell breaks loose as Dick Cheney invites you out for dinner. Hey this is actually kind of fun!

More or less to a point is the fact that in my experience, hold on, need some more mind releasing agents so I can think a bit clearly… lovely little bugger they are. More to the point is the fact that even though were only perceiving some 10% of what we could actually be perceive such philosophical questions in the matrix. Are we actually really seeing, what were seeing? Or is it merely a slight in fraction of what could be? This is also asking the question of what reality really is. Whether it’s something in oculus or something brilliant. Whether or not were actually in bed with a bunch of hot nude ladies getting our freak on or actually in front of the computer wondering where the hell our lives are going. Or the perceptions that were doing right now. Or me in fact.

Onto friendlier subjects then wondering what the hell is going on. Speech communications! I need to work on my commitment skills! I’m sorry, I mean communications skills! For to achieve that which is attainable we must first under go a series of transformations, although I’m not entirely sure what the Frathnic was meant by that at the time of saying it. Good man! Good, good man! Frathnic! Frathnic! Nyerg! What the Frathnic do all of these things mean! I have no Frathnicing clue! But lets keep going on the trial were going to! YEE HAW!!!!!!

Drunken giant robots are brawling through the streets of la, trying to figure out what the Frathnic is exactly going on through out the entire universe! And you want to know my answer? Anything that we want them to; actually… to tell the truth, this entry was first written on note pad… because my computer is evil! It won’t let me write intelligent blogs! Since all I seem to do is whine and completing and bitch and moan and wondering about (censored for content) … ok, that was just wrong, but let me clarify! I’m am Frathnicing drunk! So its honesty you’ll be getting from me, so Frathnic off all of you!

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