just a little something

here’s the buzz I need. Ok here we go! Well, last night… technically this morning … was or is… the first time I was officially drunk! I know that’s not something to be proud of; but I assure you all that I was safe and snug in my little corner of the world… otherwise known as a guest room. I also tried writing another drunk blog last night. Which was going very well until I hit upon the subject of bobby… then all hell broke loose and my computer subsequently DENIED me; which to be honest wasn’t really anything special. Since it was being a total bitch and what not.

In other unknown news, and people that know me are going to find this rather entertaining, and at the same time, rather annoying as well. Or maybe they won’t. It’s all a matter of perspective as far as I’m concerned. It seems that I have discovered why I get so … passionate during the summer, it seems that built up forces of “oh my god that woman’s so freaking hot I would Frathnic her in a heartbeat.” and “what the Frathnic am I doing here on the computer?” seems to overload causing mass hysteria and a symptom known as “I fall for women that are out of my reach and there’s nothing I do about it except fall for female friend’s with troubled pasts.” that being said, I’m also feeling the effects of my drunken yammering.

Though last night did have its advantages, I hope to expect something rich to develop. If in fact, I’ve got something to say to one of my friends that are named Sarah… and I have more the one friend named that as well, so your pretty screwed on trying to figure out whom it is. And that thing is:

I love you.

See? Now those thirty some… actually morel ike three hundred some odd women who are named Sarah, are going to fry there minds trying to figure out who I’m talking to… because I know they talk to each other! Mua ha! Ha! Ha! I’m so evil.

Now onto other matter of stupidity and importance; I’ve recently begun writing a sequel to Sarah Di Le Sogno Dinastia: Divertente Di Le Amuleto. It’s called Infinito Sentiero Di Serratura Di Le Trama something… I can’t remember it off the top of my head. But so far it’s getting off to a good start. As soon as I finish editing it, I’m submitting it to get published. Speaking of which, I’m signed up with Triond, so suck it! I’m already plan on submitting an insane amount of stuff that I’ve worked on in the past, except for the D.S. that’s me and Blake’s baby is baby. It is be our big break, so it’s always good.

I’ve already begun the process of knocking out that ever-expanding book of songs I’ve written thus far. Though one thing I haven’t tried to do is write a drunken song. Might be interesting to say the least. Well, I’m out of here for now my friends and peeps which explode in the microwave.

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