monkey nutter like butterball turkeys.

Ok… how do I start this one off huh? I figure that blogs my best way to get material for the book I’m making called “Myspace Blogs, subject: what the f**k!” I figure that as long as there is idiotic things to say and or write, ill write and say them… half the time. To be quite honest here I’ll give you all the low down on what’s been going up and down with me.

Romance? Up…no wait…yeah up.
Sex? Um…zip. How’s that for an answer?
Education? Up… for the most part.
Friends? Up.
Girlfriend? Still zip.

I need a beer. Much better. I can relax a little bit now and unleash hell upon the very blog I set out to protect. Damn I’m sexy. This second little freak out has to me thinking more about a lot of things, trying to find the shortest and less drama filled ways to get to the bottom of it all. Times running out and in some cases ran out, for a lot of things to take place. Frathnic, ye Martyrs!

Don’t get me wrong here; I am over (name with held). She just scares the crap out of me that’s all, if I get with in two feet of her. That’s all. To tell the truth? So what? She’s there, I’m there, and as long as we don’t bump into each other randomly I’m ok. I love you too… Go, Speed racer, go. Vehemently. That is a very fun word to write. Say it with me. Vehemently.

There are certain things, which we as humans cannot over come. Or we can, since according to Michael Jordan, the possibilities are endless. Or in the words of the late James Brown, “Time to get down with your bad self!” of course this would in turn hurt a lot of people who would probably bang there heads against the desk trying to get down. Thank you, godfather of soul.

I’m feeling like chicken tonight. And I’ve just finished half a beer. So things should get a lot more interesting in the next five minutes. I am 22 years old; Single, a virgin; Yes that’s right, a virgin; Not a Virginian. All though, not many people are virgins in Virginia; Which is, to say the least, very disappointing to all the California college guys and gals who want to get them freaks on. Which by coincidence, if you’re a woman, and your name is Virginia, and you’re not a virgin, but have had virgins inside you before. Then you’re not a virgin after all. That would make you a Florida… or at the very least a son of a Ghulk.

Is it wrong to want to kiss a lesbian? It means nothing, just a random thought from my half drunk mind. Or is it? Nope. It isn’t. But it could be. But it couldn’t. To be more precise about the inquiring of logic, Lets talk about waffles! Why: Because a pirate took my breakfast.

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