smack down!

Yo. I fond my old camcorder, and you know what that means? Absolutely nothing. Well it means something to me. Now you made me cry, damn you! Anyway, before the buzz takes hold of me and sets me ablaze with the damnable remarks of Edgar Allan Poe. “Quote the raven never more.” Frathnic too late. Now what am I typing.

I don’t know what the hell is going on anymore, I really don’t, it’s like every couple days I’m getting a beer. So what does that mean? Absolutely nothing, it means you’ll all get to enjoy these lovely little things all the more while laughing your asses off, falling off your chairs next to a conveniently places stair case, fall down, die, come back to life and sue me for writing this.

But enough about the weather, lets check in with the romance department. Yes… romance. Why romance? Because I feel like it, Frathnic, let’s talk about the one thing that never seems to come up, my penal function recurring nightmares about Vieira… never mind, moving on! Frathnic Carmen, I don’t feel nothing for her anymore, like I said before, its through with, I’m done with trying to befriend the un-befriend able, I wish her luck in what ever she does and whatnot. Sarah? Hmm.that’s a tough one right there, I like her, but as for beyond friendship? The jury still out on that one folks, Carla? Harm… Frathnic… harm…. eh… she‘s cool, she short, and I could probably carry her on my back if I wanted to, so that’s not a problem.

Its time I be honest here folks, not that I haven’t been already, its just that a lot of things have recently popped up in my dreams which are both unexplainably and closely related to that night I got drunk off my ass, wrote something in genius that would solve the worlds food shortage and make millions of dollars, and proceeded to throw it into the fireplace and sing out loud “burn baby burn.” needless to say I’m having a good day so far.

My drivers license…well what about it? I need it and a California id to get around, and also, to pose nude for life art classes and photo shoots. Although the site of my (expletive deleted) is enough to make any person say W.T.F and try to examine it closer, I’m afraid it would jump up and say “Hi.” yes its that talented. Can you tell this is a drunken blog yet? Although I am comfortable with my body and that’s a good thing. Cause I’m sexy damn it! Damn you Lionel Ritchie!

In other related topics I’ve recently developed a pain in my right leg, from the hip down to my ankle, and mainly it’s at the joints. I don’t mind that so much anymore, but it’s going to make walking around a bitch. And running is way the Frathnic out of the question.

As stated numerous times, I plan to run for the A.S.B presidential position although much of my platform will remain the same, there will be a slight few changes. What changes there are I’m not saying. I don’t want to tell you, because I don’t know yet. Steven Colbert Frathnicing rocks! YEAH BOY!

What should I smack around next? The red stripe I sucked down primarily before writing this blog. Although the bottle is next to me, I’m feeling incredibly liberated, like I can talk about anything my twisted little drunk heart desires. I like porn, and cheese. Although I haven’t seen much of either lately, because…. I’m a busy guy with very complex issues to deal with, more then that. Decided ‘what the hell I should wear for the day’, it’s just that a lot of the time I don’t really know what to wear. Someday I’ll just slide around the house in nothing but my sock singing metal songs, while neighbors react in aw and horror. But only on special days.

Carmen, that two horned, free for all, loving, friendly as hell, lovable little teddy bear… where the hell was I and why am I talking about her again? Now I’m getting tired and sleepy all at the same time.

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