lung cancer.

WELLP, ITS THAT TIME AGAIN, FOR ALL THE THINGS RIPPING AT ME TO COME FLYING OUT AT TOP SPEED LIKE A MIDGET ON STILTS AND CRACK…GOTTA LOVE THE LITTLE BUGGERS…. oh…oops…had the caps on for a while. No matter I wasn’t yelling anyways…. well in the diary blog, I basically ripped a former interest a new one because of something or other she said and I’m over that little bugger, I’ve had a beer, so things are a little trippy at the moment, if you get me meaning…. great… I’m Irish and I can’t hold my liquor…what next?

Well, might as well get on with this thing and find out, once and for all, what’s bugging me. Well, nothing at the moment, its more or less, the same stuff that’s been eating at me for the past couple of days, you know, love, hate, oblivion, snack cakes, hostess…ummm…food.

Anyway…lets see ere. Carmen. What about her? Only so long I can write about her before it gets a bit stale and then it loses flavor, so ill not go there. Sarah…ummm…whoop…. boy. Well, other then the fact that she’s probably the most adorable woman i’ve met, liked admitted I liked, and become friends with, things are ok with me and her, and I couldn’t ask for a better friend then her and her brother. Matt.mike…Mattel. No.its mike. Yeah definitely mike. Mike…. Koenig…. hmm, lets explore that little dude for a moment here….

Well…my first impression was that he step out of a men’s clothing catalogue and that he was a little bit snobby at the time meeting him, but over time i’ve learned a great dead from him and on more then one occasion his bounty of knowledge has pretty much been my saving grace. One little tidbit was that all humans are idiots. In other news, through him I met Sarah, and through Sarah I met Andrew…. and that guys cool to boot as well lets see what I can come up with in my semi drunk stupor.

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew…where to begin. I cant really. I know him well…like that he’s a student at the college, he’s connected to TV stars, has an awesome last name which I cant remember at the moment and has been friends with mike and Sarah for longer then I have. Other then that, I don’t know much else about him. I hope to get to know him better so that way I can see different aspects of his mind and how it works. Because to be honest, brutally and evilly most heinously honest? Lol had you for a second. What was I talking about?

Anyways, back to where ever these things going…. which is nowhere fast and everywhere slow. I’m playing final fantasy 3, which is four less then seven, and nine less than twelve. And I love every minute of it. You can be a dark knight, you are batman! Dragoon is sweet also.

Frathnicing hell…. nowhere to go? It always ticks me off when I cant think of anything to write because I just go on and on and on and on and on…. about nothing in particular. Just like a good seined episode. I still can’t believe there airing reruns of it on TV. That’s some seriosly funny stuff right there. This blog has been rated PG for both humane and somewhat sexually driven pleasure of writing. Oh… I just (censored for content)…. now why the hell did I write that there…. anyways…no I didn’t just (censored for content)…why would I go and do that on the computer? Porn…. oppose…porno pops. A new ice cream bar…. how about that?

One thing that’s really been bugging me is that fact that I can predict things that will happen, or do happen from time to time, and sometimes it happens and other times it doesn’t. Like the fact that I gradually falling asleep while writing this and still managing to hit the keys in the correct manner. Typing without sight. Now blind people can type as well with some effort.

Well I’m running out of things to write about against…oh wait found something else. Tracy got a new hairstyle and I noticed it… it suits her, not too much volume, right amount of curl, and just enough bounce to it. How ever, this other gal I saw while I was going down the stairs had hair that had looked like it had been through hell. Mainly the whole seventies look how big I can get my hair to be look. Not exactly fun to look at. But it does give me something to write about. Plus we made eye contact and it was all-good. She was cute, but she was also the same one I’m not about to talk about. Ever, again. people I met whilst carousing the campus, angelica, Erica and either Paul or someone else…cant rightly remember, asked Erica if they were going to be doing some biology classes, and knowing full well that they were. Proceeded to try and dust off my flirting skills. Needless to say they need work. Theres something about women that are shoulder heath to me I can never put my finger on. They just drive me wild I guess. However, I must admit that she did have soft hands. Which is a good thing.

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