Ah, M.H.L does the trick every time you want to remember something…not so important, like that all American tradition of beating a shag rug with a statue of bush singing “I’m a little teapot”, I too have had a really insightful drunk spree… with one beer.

First off, this love thing, its a little bit over the top don’t you think? I mean, with all the mixed signals were getting from the opposite sex and all, we’re lucky we can even connect as well as we do. But that won’t stop me from thinking there’s a gal out there that’s just dying to jump on me screaming “RIDE EM COWGIRL!” at the top of her lungs. And Erin, if your reading this, yeah…anyways, but still, the search for a girlfriend hasn’t been going that well. With all the advances in science, even me, with my good looks, and charming personality hasn’t been able to find a mate yet… amazing.

There are some things that should be allowed, like the for most rule that the women here in the High Desert have seemed to adopt:

If Cervantes Di Trent asks you to lunch, tell him you have a boyfriend or are married, or just got out of a bad relationship. That way, he’ll think back and go… my god I’m worthless.

But it’s not all muscles and germ warfare. Like I said in the headline. I’m drunk off of one beer so things I say here don’t really represent my current state of mind. Or maybe it is. I usually don’t know by this time. But back to my rant, shall we?

It just seems to me that I should adopt a more horn dog approach to things, like wanting to Frathnic everything on two legs in a dress. Like I said before Erin, if you’re reading this, you should check out some other blog… or not, up to you. But I’m just a little bit tired a t the moment of reliving the past in my mind and thinking, to myself, that the way I’m doing things just isn’t working. Wow. Talk about a shotgun blast of thought huh?

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