really deep, really long, and some what true.

to answer your question quite honestly, and i do apologize for going nuts back there. im just a little annoyed at things. anywho, for your first question, no i havent told any racist jokes, and when i hear them and everyones laughing there butts off, i stay quiet, because even though i may be the odd man out of the group, i still stand with my integrity intact and not embarrassed. as for the dating a woman of another ethnicity or religion for that matter, my parents wouldnt mind a bit, and neither would i.

the fact that we do have these conversations and no one has yet to throw an insult our way does proove a lot. but the basic fact remains that even though it wont be as prominent then as it is now, that big rock will keep getting smaller, inch by inch. and it will probably be another thousand or so years befor that rock is nothing more then a pebble wich well keep chipping away at till its nothing.

this also bring up another intresting point. i was walking to class today when i got lost in my thoughts about existence and what our purpose really is, whats the answer to the question weve asked ourselves a million times over? why do we constantly kill our own just so there will be more killing in the future? how come were searching for another species besides our own in the universe? whats the point of everything if we find out that were alone in this thing called existence?

whats the point of living a day to day life, to repeat that which has been repeated by so many others? wouldnt the world be a much better place if everyone just stopped fighting for five days? for ten? wouldnt it be nice to hear that all the gangs in the world united with the authorities in an effort to eliminate terrorism? if that could happen, even though it may only be a dream, wouldnt it be nice to know that the worlds better off that way instead of all this fighting?

even though humans have a limited lifespan of 110 years maximum, what really matter is what we do in that life time and who we make connections with. im a bit calmer now that ive had some time to mull it over in my head. i for one, am not a racist, ive never been racist, i beleive everything in the world should be free, that drugs, the ones that harm instead of help should be burnt away to nothing.

true that our existence is nothing more then a series of randomly combined elements proven to have concise devolopments to a thought process, we still exist none the less. are we really living our lives as we see it? or are well just remembering what we did from a day to day stand point? but if this were true then were all dead or dying. as true or horrible as this may seem we cannot ignore that wich we feel the call of our selves for.

if then we eleiminate racism from the world, what will we do then? what purpose do we serve if not to entertain those around us? i ask these questions both in curiosity of life itself and of fear for my own answer? what will it all mean in the end?

true racism is more or less a boulder in the scheme of thing, we should concitrate on curing diseasing, making the world a better place for all to live in and still have time to catch the game on sunday. even if im totaly off topic, wouldnt you agree with me that certain aspects of our conversations seem rather planned and preempted rather then decisions of our own caliber?

but to the topic at hand, rather then going off on another subject, we should stay where we are and confine ourselves to that wich engrosses us the most. life, my friend is what engrosses us, whats in that life you ask? love, hate, sadness, happiness, people all around the world have these same emotions built into themselves, and yet we continue to fight each other all because of what eachs religion states. we have so much potential as a species, and yet we are troiubled by only our constant intrest in wars. these thoughts are connected in one way or another, there is a solution out there to help chip even more away at the rock wich faces us, we just need to keep chipping away till racism is nothing mroe then a fine dust wich will trouble us no more.

wouldnt you all agree?

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