the cure for shyness and other social fears

I used to be shy and just shut off from the world as well. My only outlet was rampaging through the Yahoo! Stockwatch chatrooms and just insulting the hell out of everyone there. That was back in highschool, when I was a freshman. As I grew up in life through out those precios years, I learned to update my look and attidude as needed. Which was not very often. Anywho, before I become totaly off track, I joined the theatre arts program at oak grove to help with that little shyness of my own. It gave me the confidence I needed to get out of my own shell and start to at least talk to the others students in my class.

The theatre arts has been widely reguarded as a place to let creativity grow and blossom, and as also a place for lots of drama (the bad kind) and hazing as well. It’s was through out these experiences as well as others that I learned to over come my shyness. If your kids are shy and not very outgoing or for the hell of it, or just going through that goth phase. Then show them the light of the theatre!  if it’s the dating scene they are worried about, then take them clubbing, perferrably not the seel kind.  Kid’s these days as well in our generation and those before us have and are still dealing with all kinds of peer pressure. Whether it be from “OH! MY! GOD! what a hideos dress that girl is wearing! ugh!” or this kind ” HEY! YOU! GIVE US YOUR LUNCH MONEY!” or the all important popularity contests that are constantly surprising everyone these days. Then here’s a little tip.

Go to your kids school and just hang out with them for a day, learn what they go through each day, get to know the friends a bit. Hell, invite the little dudes bully over for dinner and get to know him or her or the local popular kid as well. get to know the folks of these kids as well! forge your child new alliances that allow them them to just confront the things they dont want to. See how they handle things. If you have a son, and hes in love with the local beauty, then ask him to ask her if she’d like to come over for dinner. trust me, this has worked numerous times when I’ve done it, and weve become great friends afterward.

The real truth of the matter is that shyness, or being trapped in the shell, is more or less caused by lack of confidence. The only way to get your shy kids out of that shell is to get them to go to the school dances and party there butts off.  also making friends in the process, make out with girls, hell, why not, even form a little entorage themselves and to get everyone intrested. Everything that can possibly done to get them to open up a bit, do it. Except in the cases of giving them alcholic beverages…. That would be a bad thing. we dont need any “My Little Drunky” problems. If you’ve already stooped to that low, then shame on you.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the cure for shyness is to put your little ones in situations that build up the kids confidence. Girls like confidence, as do boys! its fun for the whole family! So in summary?

Confidence = The cure for shyness and other social fears.

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