Some serios thought on matter that are most important.

Well. Here it is. A new blog. Whatever. Let’s start with the simple things and move on up shall we?  Last night I couldn’t stop thinking about Kim, shit, she kept popping up in my dreams and it was kinda funny and annoying at the same time. Believe me, I wanted to stop thinking of her. maybe I still feel something for her… Or maybe it was due to the fact that I had eaten a whole thing of Nacho Corn Nuts after dinner. Whatever it was, it’s still driving me crazy, I cant realy forget her. I must in order to move on with my life. That’s what she must’ve done by now.

In other news we got a new puppy, named Amalia, and she is a white boxer and about eight months old. So that’s really helping things along, since Grace only has about a year or two left in her before she goes.

I’ve signed up with, a place where people get paid to write articles of anything they want. Its not a place for you to just blog your head off like nuts. You have to write articles on varios topics, ranging from car repair to zero space, So far I’ve earned $0.29 for the sixteen articles that I’ve written.  It’s mainly just one cent per person that veiws a aprticular article of there choice.

We recruited another person into the Avatars United fold. He look’s promising and has a lot of potential and has big plans as well, an added bonus! So we got to talking and hes one of us now. Just the three of us, he’s got a script going about french romance. So that’s something new. He’s very eager to help us get things moving as well, I like that in people, I really do.

I’ve asked a friend of mine to be my study buddy, since I really do need one to keep me on track with everything. I have lousy study habits and it’s affecting my grade point avarage.

Last but not least, I’ve talked to an army recruiter about signing up; Depending if my grade point average drops below 2.0. So I’m going to meet with a Zummers. The negatives outwiegh the positives at the moment. I’ll be away from my friends and family, pets and homeboys and chica’s. I wont get the chance to say what I’ve always wanted to Kim, but that’s more or less up in the air, if I’d actualy say something to her. maybe I will. It depends on my frame of mind. I dont hate her… ANYWAYS! The positive thing would be that I would be getting some meat on my bones, good training with weapons, a lot of experience that I couldn’t get other wise and I’d get a lot more confidence in myself. they would also pay for my classes and I would go places and see the world, and I’d be away from Mom and her constant griping….Well its not that bad. I figure if I can handle her yelling at me over a room, I can handle  anything that life throws at me. I hope that im making the right choice by meeting her.

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