we are all linked in one way or another, there is no denying this, while we strengthen some links to people, we may also weaken some of the other ones. friendship and enemy alike are links in this chain, the more friends we have, the stronger the chian and the harder the blow to our enemy, however, them ore enemys we have and thel ess friends we have as well, will weaken the chain, so that when the blow lands on target, the damage ins minimal.

this is also the truth with social situations and the way things are at vvc. were constantly striving to strengthen our chains by out performing or outdoing ourselves the first time and we spread ourselves too thin where were not wanted. but if in places were not wanted we do enough good, those enemy may become new friends, and so on and so forth.

now your probably wondering how the fuck i get philosophical every now and then, truth being because of what ive done and experienced in my life, and the friends and enemys alike ive made, ive come to know alot of things, improoving all the while in my own ways. the usual biology and that fun stuff. and also in my wealth of knlelge too. that and i just spent the last fortyfive minutes swinging a chain around and briusing my arms in the process, but im getting better!

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