my experience in la.

yes i did go to l.a. and i do hate this font size. but wtf…might as well work with what i got right? anyways, as i was saying, when i was wsighned up with global one (they got tired of my happy go lucky attitude….there mean. like some people i know lol…im evil. ) but the experience was freaking awesome, i got to meet the lead singer of a well known band in la and we chatted for a bit. i found out that he has a day job as well…lucky him.

the train ride there was cool. there i am, 22, a man in my prime, riding the train, on my own, with no parental supervision. thaaaaaank……fuckin…….god.  i met a lot of intresting people in la. including an all too friendly crackhead. yes…thats right. a crack head. he just came right out and said it.

“hey im a crackhead! got any change on ya?” to this…i was stunned and said yes. hping that the coversation would be short and sweet and to the point. wich it was. wich scared the hell out of me, and struck me as thefunniest day in my life. so i gave him change and wished him luck on smoking all the crack in the city. yeah, thats what i thought as well.

other intresting aspects was the place i waited in till 2:00 in the after noon, amazing no? i called it in my own speacial little way, little asia. why? because everyshop in the area, had signs written in philipino, chinese, manderin, and a shiteload of others. wich i got to practicing on! well for the duration of my stay there anayways. well, thats all from me ya litle friends and friendness’s. peace!

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