San Francisco Happy Hour for Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006: KELL’s on WASHINGTON just west of MONTGOMERY Rply Y to join. *A daily delight! http://4i

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San Francisco Happy Hour for Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006: KELL’s on WASHINGTON just west of MONTGOMERY Rply Y to join. *A daily delight! http://4i

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some interesting thoughts, about things… particular things.

hello blogstalkers and fellow readers alike, today is intersting because of a ot of things happening all at once. which im sure is happening alot, but lets focus in on a few minor…fucking chat…anyways, as i was saying, i dunno what i was saying. the main thing is the weddings, which were hoping to hold in november, and i could sure as hell use that job at  kmart to start saving up for one of those forclosed bank owned homes… that would help out a lot!

then theres the wedding itself… which is really kinda worrying me a bit. i dont know if those of you that are married have been through this in the early stages of planning, but the thing im worried about is the music selection getting screwed up by the dj…. why they seem to think that playing the chicken dance at EVERY SINGLE FUCKING wedding is beyond me. but hear me well on this. THERE SHALL BE NO FLAPPING OF THE WINGS AT MY WEDDING RECEPTION! NONE SHALL FLAP!  other hten that, WE just have to figure out what songs are gonna be played. i was thinking one of em should be “always be my hero” by that one chick, but then again… im more into happy music that doesnt end up with people bawling their eyes out at the end of it all. although crying is permitted.

ok, im back, sorry folks, had to deal with a tiny spider that kept on biting me on the leg… drowned that sonovabitch right quick. back to weddng plan worries. another thing is the seating arragments, which is also somewhat fun… but now im thinking about the dog barking his flippin head off… i get distracted easily by the little things. i think i need to focus more on the important things, and not so much thep etty coments of angry people who think they know better. which they dont, and neither do i. but obama does. which is why he got the noble peace prize.

weird how that last paragraph turned out aint it folks?

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singolarita dimensionale, part 9.1

the nine golden balls slung blue strands of energy to each and formed a massive body. each golden ball of strands was the size of a small moon, this kinda bothered the creature a little bit as chasm stepped on both him and nordafet without a second thought. “I AM CHASM! HERE ME NOTHING!” chasm felt the slight movement under his might foot as it became covered in metal plating. “you know… for a guy thath as all this power? you sure are weak. nordafet, are you sure that this guy can take us?”  the deom slipped over the foot of chasm and flashed a thumbs up. a nearby TGI fridays where the scientists, the fat person, and the giant metal cheese wheels were all having jellos shots was crushed under foot by chasm.

“i hate jello shots.” chasm said in a slow monotone voice. “i hate them a lot.” the creatures eyes began to water out of pure hate. “i LOVE jello shots. you fucking dick! youll pay FOR THAT!” the creature screamed as he bolted up the left leg of chasm who simply swatted him out of the air mid-jump. “you arep athertic, clinging to this thing you call life, to the thin viel of reality you call existence. all is nothing, all is non existence made so by the power of the golden strands! I WILL SHOW YO UTHE POWER OF NOTHING!” this conversation slightly confused nordafet, who for thel ongest time, had thought the term ‘nothing’ implied no power what so ever. he was dead wrong as he was stomped on one hundred times, each time upheaving great chunks of earth. the creature simply laughed at nordafets pain as he flew away at lightning speeds, richocheting off off a nearby rubber asteroid belt and then finally shutting up when he slammed face fist into a randomly placed, outstretched fist. “OH YEAH, SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM!” the fist said before dissapearing in a cloud of golden strands. 

“NOW YOU SE THE POWER OF THE GOLDEN STRANDS AT MY COMMANDS!” chasm bellowed as the rest of his body became covered in the metal plating, his features became more and more apparent. “what the hell are you!?” the creature said as he launched fourty miniture black holes into chasms body, but they did nothing. “YOU FOOL! WHERE DO YOU THINK ALL THAT STUFF GOES!? INTO ME! RETURN FIRE!” the creature was pummeled into the ground as hundreds of light posts with thosel ittle annoying gas laterns atached to them flew out of chasms hands and impacted the creatures face. “that… really… HURTS!” 

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the defenition of ‘blog stalker’

ok folks, i was originally going to write about what an awesome dream i had last night, but i guess you all get to misso ut on the workings of my inner minds…. because of one douchebag. you can thank  him later. ok, instead, im going to devulge to you the defanition … how ever the fuck you spell that word…. of the term blog stalker. 

it means this:

1. a person(s) who stalk a blog in hopes of sparking an argument. 
2. a person(s) who frequents a blog out of addiction.
3. or a person(s) who frequents a blog out of some perverse satisfaction.

now, when i use the term blogstalkers, it usually refers to a group of people, who follow my thoughts on blogs. its not so much as to insult, or insinuate anything, as much as it is to recognize that group of people. its neither a bad term or a good term, the only actual purpose, is jsut to recognize those certain devout readers. anything more then that is your own reaction to the term.

my subscibers are blogstalkers, my fiance is a blogstalker (and proud of it), a few people i know are blog stalkers, and as are a few friends of mine. im proud to have blog stalkers, as it means i have returning readers. but, if you take a offence to it… wlell, not much you can do besides complain. 

so, in light of this, i have one question to ask:


say yes, its jsut the right thing to do.

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monkeys mate with turtles…

hello again my little blogstalkers and fellow readers alike, ive figured somethings out. the best way to deal with a bully is to ignore them, that way, theyll get bored and moveo n to other things. the most awesome way to eat a sausage, is with honey and ketchup. and despite what looks fun on tv, people are always going to gripe when you do it in actuallity. this goes for sky diving and such! i htink… either that or it might be a team of sky diving turtles… how would they pull their chutes though? they dont have fingers or thumbs… maybe if they were cross bred with monkeys… huh… monkey turtles sky diving… monkurtles… it oculd work out…

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planning, planning, planning…

list of crap that me and my fiance need to plan… 1. wedding location. 2. guest list 3. music 4. bridesmaid look 5. groomsmen look 6. wedding dress 7. wedding tux 8. minister 9. food selection 10. wedding dinner look and feel… trust me, its better then listing all the crap involved. 11. honeymoon local 12. wedding vows, thats going to be a good one… i need to write mine.

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singolarita dimensionale, part 9

resaec slammed the claws against the wall, breaking them before the golden strands could cover his arm. “i will not allow you to devour my kingdom, chasm of non existence.” the clones shivered as their faces broke apart, revealing the sickening golden strands holding them together. “i will have you at my side whether you like it or not!” resaec smiled as snapped his fingers. “you may have taken over their bodies, but i controll who lives and dies by a snap of my fingers. i find this batch not good enough for my liking. die all of you.” the clones covered by the golden strands fell to the floor, dead before they hit the ground. resaec turned to survey the actions of his adversaries. ‘i have a sinking feeling that we may need to join forces to beat the chasm, no questions asked. the only thing is, will you be willing to accept such an alliance?’

the golden strands seemed to be binding themselves into a small tight ball, slowly at first, then faster and faster. caasi didnt like this one bit, the dream dimension was her home and to see it being torn apart like this was unspeakable. “morgan, i think its not possible to win this war… wen eed help, we need his help.” she pointed towards resaec, whos castle window seemed to be closer then either had previously thought. morgan walked over to the window and tapped on the glass. not sure of what to expect, he calmly explained himself.

“um… resaec? hi, its morgan…. apparently, wen eed your help against what ever these things are and-” resaec cut him off with a wave of his hand. “you just WALKED straight over here, knowing our history?” morgan shrugged. “it was either this or try stomping you into submission, i just chose the easier route for both of us you know?” resaec saw thel ogic inthis, and heartily agreed that the stomping into submission part wasb etter left alone.

after a few minutes of silence in which they stood and watched another fat man run from a giant cheese wheel, the two shook hands through the window, which seemed to be not filled in with glass, but it was. “its already started in my kingdom, quickly! we must get to the door of existence!” resaec said with urgency. “that place? but ive already been there like ten times already trying to put the creature together!” caasi punched him in the arm and gave him a dirty look. “FINE! ill go with him to the stupid door of existence…” resaec thanked caasi in her assistance in the decision making process and the fourstarted to walk when morgan had a great idea. 

“hey! this is the nightmare dimension right? why not just think a giant bat ihere to fly us to where ever we need to go?” morgan shouted after half an hour of walking. “because you simpleton, where we need to go is the singolarita dimensionale… again. thats the only way we can get to the dor of existence is through the house of the illogical.” caasi nodded. “i think that resaec has a pretty solid plan, but more important, how do we get… never mind!” resaec sank into the ground and motioned for therest to follow him. “uh- morgan? im going to stay behind and take care of something, is that cool with you?” nordafet said suddenly.

morgan shrugged, he would just see him in the singolarita if he died anyways. “sure thing, take the creature with you, im sure youll need the help.” nordafet sighed nervously, the last time he had spent some time with the creature, he died. painfully.  the deom saw the creature step out of morgans body like a cell dividing and wondered how something that big could fit into somethng so small. as if on que, the creature shook his head at nordafet. “just.. dont tink abouti t and everything will be al ot simpler. good to see you again nordafet.” the creature said with a smile. this would have brough nordafet to tears if the deom had any tear ducts to begin with.

“take care you two… and try not to kill each other ok?” morgan said as he sank into the gorund after his wife. “us? try to kill each other? look, i may be the creature, but i still have theb easts memories. well get along just perfectly!” he said with a smile. morgan shook his head. “thats what im worried about. later!” with that, the rest of morgan dissapeared into the portal of egotistical shadows. a much different expereince the portal of screaming shadows. one of the shadows managed to escape from the portal and promptly began doing what he was good at. boasting that he was better then the creature. “IM BETTER THEN Y-” the creature simply bit the shadow in half. ending its premature insulting life forevermore. the shadow then went into acting as a stunt double for people with no legs.

“well that was certainly strange enough.” nordafet said to the creature. “wow! you look different! your so shiny and… well, shelled!” the creature said rubbing his hand across the shoulder pad of the deom. “yeah… that kinda happens to us when we die… a lot. look at you though, so ive got some questions for you while we head to that ball of golden crap. the first being, how many creatures are you in one?” nordafet asked simply. the creature shrugged and decided to try and figureoit out. “wanna find out?” he said excitedly, “DO I EVER!?  nordafet said, just a little freaked out. the creatures arms, legs, torso, head, hands and feet opened up like a tool box as hundreds of mechanical hands and fourteen floating cameras flew around the assembly area. 

all nordafet could do was sit down and watch as ten more creatures wer made, each specializing in something unique. theo ne he liked the most was the creature able to make giant metal cheese wheels and fat people to run away from them, only to end up being run over and causing the same group of scientists from before to be dissapointed and go have jello shots at TGI fridays. “holy crap… have they been following us this whole entire time?” the creatures split face asked. “dunno… maybe. who cares at this point, we have that thing to take care of!” 

the golden strands had formed eight other golden strand balls which had connected to each other through green energy streams. “dont… cross… the… streams…” the golden strand monster said slowly. nordafet and the creature looked at each as the ten creatures became one, except for theo ne who made the gaint cheese wheels. he went after all the weight watchers clinics and the group of scientists follwed him, hoping for at least one successful trial.

“fuck that… lets cross those damned stream and end this thing. HEY! WHAT THE FLYINGH ELL IS YOUR NAME!?” nordafet asked the monster that was slowly lumbering towards them and growing larger with every step closer to them. “I AM THE WILL OF CHASM!” “so… chase?” “CHASM!” “charlie?” “CHASM!!” ” chasm?” “MY NAME IS CHIMPY!!! NOW DIE!” “chimpy it is!” nordafet said happily. “DAMN YOU TO NOTHINGNESS!” now it was the creatures turn to be annoyed.


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for twistedwood, because you just want attention. and so you shall receive it, a lot of attention.

folks, ive done my part in leaving twisted woods big bro. out of my posts, and for good reason, his little brother has threatened to kick me out of my dads house. now, mind you, i dont live with my dad, just my mom, so that being said, the worst ill get is an angry phone call from dad stating what the hell am i thinking. so, like ive said, ive left him alone, and did my own thing. because there is nothing id love to do more then annoy the crap out of psychopathic little borthers with rap sheets, ESPECIALLY those who get people kickedo ut of their dads houses, who dont live with them any more. so, now hes back, harrassing me like never before! taunting me into giving him what he wants:


so, im more hten happy to oblige him, so for your information and awesomeness, you have just become someone in the public eye. because i want to keep this short, heres his face book page:

i dont care about this guy, he threatened my life, hes an exconvict, thrown in jailing for bombing a schoollbus full of orphans. nah… as much as id like to leave that there as truth i cant. the stalker would just get a little pissy, he wants the truth. he was thrown in jail for assualt and battery on people he finds “distasteful” or insult his bigger brother. so ill just leave it to that, and get on with my writing.

remember twisted wood, you asked for this. and so you shall recieve.

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singolarita dimensionale, part 8.5

the door of existence stood several miles apart from the chasm of non existence with the body of barney fife of equal distance between the two. the chasm glowing red as spurts of black lightningshot out from it. the door knew all too well what was transpiring in the dimensions, and it did notl ike it at all. 

the creature acted as morgans body inside his own mind, and obeyed every neural command that morgan thought. spoke every word that morgan spoke, and it enjoyed the experience a little too much. “twilight, we know who and what you are, you are the agent of the chasm of non existence arent you?” the partially alive twilight nodded slowly as his energy was pulling pulled from him. the body halfway devoured by the carniverous vines from the inside out. tears of pain dropped from twilights eyes. “have mercy on us, we were only doing as the chasm told us to!” the creature laughed heartily.

“sure ill give you mercy, ill kill you more slowly with a single word. but first, i want you to tell me one thing. what is the one thing that will prevent this war between existence and non existence from happening?” the creature spoke affluently, smoothly, and as cold and void of emotion as a machine could get. the skeletal angel shook violently as it mind was slowing down to a grind halt. “we will never divulge the secrets of the chasm! in fact, resaec should become a part of the chasms great war machine very soon! and if hes infected with the golden strands like so much of the dimensions are… the only way youll be able to save him, will be to kill him… AGAIN!” the vines tightened their grip around twilights neck. “what do you think reason… should we keep this traitor alive? or kill him and let the other angels devour his dust?” the creature already had made his mind up about the whole thing, but it wasnt his call. 

reason paced the room, unsure of his feeling towards the situation. “on the one hand,” he walked slowly towards the skeletal angel, its face turning blue from the lack of mental energy it needed to breathe, “on the one hand, we could keep him locked away in the core of your mind, but that place is reserved only for the creature IF his behavior becomes too irratic for my liking..” the creature growled a little at the mention of thatp lace again. twilight cackled weakly as the last of its strength was sapped from his body. 

“the non existence, the chasm will win… nothing can escape its depths…” reason smiled at the creature, and turned to the dying twilight, his mind racing with rage. “what? you expect me to take pity on you after youve killed licht and schwarzung!? KILL HIM! but before you do… ill be taking those weapons of yours… morgan could use them.” the vines snaked across any remaining open areas on twilights body and constricted slowly. “what are you doing to me?” he asked weakly.

“im going to keep killing you, and then reving you and killing you… over and over again till your body bursts into lifeless dust for the final time. you deserve nothing less… better yet… erde, stick those seeds into his blood stream… you know the ones.” reason said coldly. “i dont want you getting any ideas and trying to escape.” reason said with a glare of hate flashing across his face. ‘morgan, where are you now?’

morgan and caasi had been staring into the nothingness, the golden strands slowly devouring the thin viel of the three dimensions away. morgan could already see the university where sarah and kim were busy studying under the tutalge of one of resaecs clones. he could also see the singolarita dimensionale  as well, the residents, doow and brian, worried sick as they franticly tried to contain the situation. 

“something tells me that this war is going to happen whether we like it or not.” caasi whispered into her husbands ear. “all we can do is prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.” morgan replied quietly with a grimace on his face. “hope being the key word.”

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i am soooo fucking bored… maybe it the coffee?

ok folks, time for my right to complain… a lot…. really, realy, badly… complain. the economy. im too random at this point to focus on any one thing, ive got weddings on the brain and not much else. i could complain that the local economic status quo of hte individual person, is only just a number to place them in a retrospective market of dimwits to intellitwits. oh yeah, i went there! whatcha gonna do? nothing! mwa ha ha ha ha! yes evil laughter for all… but you really, really, should visit this link:

because that story is just fucking awesome! its a giant fucking epic, which i hope to one day, finally start to write again… too many storylines for me to follow all at once… no really, it is… i think i kinda got burnt out on the whole schism thing… im not quite sure why. but regaurdless of what i think, its always good to drive traffic there for no apparent reason. also, you should check out this one too. its my tribute to michael jackson. if you dont click the link, then your say that you DO NOT love michael jackson, or the joy that he has brought ot millions through the power of his music.


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Obama’s “Catholic Plan”]

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Subject: Obama’s “Catholic Plan”

This is very interesting, especially considering the number of liberal Catholics in the Congress.


Watch before it’s stopped

Obama’s “Catholic Plan” 
I’m sending this video out quickly with the hopes that it will get as far as it can before it is pulled by the “Powers that be.”  Even if you are not Catholic, please watch this video as soon as you receive it, then forward it, please. 





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singolarita dimensionale, part 8

caasi looked out towards the nothingness, the vast expanse of it scared her so much the blood left her face and shell oked pale as a ghost. “m-morgan?” the golden strands evoloping the nothingness seemed alive, pleased at the chaos they were causing to the three dimensions. “whats happened?” morgan stood still, his mind trying desperately to grasp the stark reality of it all. her husband had a look of concern to his face. “no… this is completely wrong…” nordafet said, a fury in his quiet voice. “all those poor dreamers, doem and rouge… al them.. turned into nothing ness by these sick depraved golden strands…” morgan was at a complete and utter loss for words. inside he felt an emptyness so grand and scary that it had paralyzed him in the totality of the golden strands destructive force.

“we.. we have to do this… we just have to do this…” was all he kept saying.  caasi slapped morgan across the face hard in order to snap him out of his funk. “MORGAN! in order for us to save the dimensions, we have to kill resaec!” “but the creature said not to kill him or something bad would happen…” morgan said. “i dont care what the creature said, lets kill him off beforeh e does any more damage to the dimensions then he already has!”

resaec looked out form his tower, his cold icy grey eyes scouring the scene in fornt of him. he saw morgan, cassi and nordafet staring at the nothingness in front of them, and was curious about the golden strands. “clone, i want any information you have conrenring those golden strands, and if they pose any threat to my rule!” he ordered. but no response came. he became furious, “CLONES! I DEMAND THAT YOU RESPOND TO MY COMMANDS AT ONCE, OR YOU SHALL DIE PAINFULLY!” the only response came from a masked figure in the distance. “they aren o longer yours… my lord.” resaec turned around, his face already contorting to his godo f terror form. “HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME THIS WAY! I DEMAND TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE!” the masked figure slid towards him with disturbing movements til he was close enough that resaec could smell the scent of then othingness in its breath.

“remove your mask, so that way i might see the face of my enemy at once.” he commanded simply. the figure removed his mask, revealing that it was resaec himself, his entire body covered in the sickly spiderweb of golden strands, his eyes nothing more hten black orbs with golden irises and blood red slits for pupils. “my lord… would you like to ascend to a higher title then god of terror? to feel everysingle movement of the three dimensions at every second? to know no limits in the power of the chasm of non existence!?” reseac back off a few feet and six more hands that ended in sharp ten foot long claws sprang from under his cloak. “you are a threat, to my kingdom!”

“what kingdom is that?” another resaec clone said, also covered in the same golden strands as the first. “you killed your father, stole his throne, ended your siblings lives in the simple act of a thought. you ARE THE NIGHTMARE KING AND THE GOD OF TERROR! and yet, with all your power, with all your strength, you are unable to end one single life!” the clone stated, his voice a combination of the nothingness and resaecs. “i can show you truest power, the power to make existence into non existence! to be able to weild the power of the golden strands!” resaecs mind began to cloud with the thoughtso f truest power, but then his pride became his shield.

he attacked, his claws slashing against the clones. “did you forget already that we are the exact same replicas of yourself? that WE  ALSO ARE GODS OF TERROR!?” resaec smiled and ten more hands slid fro his cloak. “no, but replicas arent as fast or strong as the original. did YOU forget that?” the figures dissapeared in clouds of smoke, and resaec found himself wrapped in the golden strands for an instant, and in the few seconds, him mind expanded far beyond what he thought was possible. the strain of the immense amount of information that was being slammed into him mind almost tore it apart. “cant… take.. musch… more…”. the taste of power dissapeared almost as fast as it had started. the voice of hte chasm grew to immense volumes and resaec fell to his knees. 

“YOU WILL KNOW THE TRUEST POWER OF THE NON EXISTENCE! YOU WILL FIND TRUEST LIFE IN DEATH! AND YOU WILL KNOW MY WILL!” it laughed at him, seeing how easily he could topple the god of terror itself. “I WILL SHOW YOU MY TRUE FORM RESAEC DAZZLE, THE SO CALLED, GOD OF TERROR!” with those words, the chasm of non existence flooded the room with its twisted clones of reasec, each armed with ten robotic hands that ended in three pronged claws. “you will find that the god of terror is more powerful then you think!” resaec said as he rushed into the fray, his pwer as the godo f terror coming into full bloow as the room instantly filled with absolute power.

morgan sensed the god of terrors power near by ad hastened his search. but was interrupted by a powerful urge to call out alpha and omega. ‘DONT DO IT!’ reasons voice shouted in his mind. ‘theyve become twisted by some sort of demon, the creature fighting itright now!’

inside morgans mind, the creature was being punched and kicked so hard that dents appeared on the other side of his body. “that wont stop me! I AM THE CREATURE! AND NOW I SHALL SHOW YOU MY TRUE POWER!” he raged as lightning enveloped his being and spikes shot out from every imaginable place. “oh.. thats original,” twilight taunted. “what next? a cape?” the creature shot towards twilight with the force of a nuke and slammed his fist through the skeletal angels head. “wow… that didnt even tickle. are you sure your as strong as morgan makes you out to be?” twilight said as it simply removed the creature hand from his face and healed instantly. “you know, i think its time i showed YOU my true power!” twilight cackled in glee as it divided itself into three, then nine, then twenty seven copies. each baring six arms holding double bladed, rocket launching scythes. “DEMANDA MASIVA DE LAS MUERTES!” twilight screamed as all twenty seven copies sliced began slashing through the creatures body with twice the force of the creatures punches. 

“oh no the fuck you dont! Specialspalte” the creature split into three. “milione pugnalate di velocità!” instantly, it was a downward battle as the twilights and the creatures slammed and stabbed eachother, the twilights over powering the creatures as arms were slashed off and shells were peirced. “do not think we are weaklings, we have the power of the golden strands at our command, the power of non existence is mine, as i am the chasm of non existence, and all will fall before the power of the nothingness of my beutiful golden strands!”

the creature was in a desperate situation, and in dire need of help. then he heard morgans voice, “SCHWARZER WALD DER DORN: ERWEITEN SIE!” the room became a vast and thick forest and vines shot through the copies of the former skeletal angels as they howled and raged. “the nothingness will claim victim over the god of terror, and then the war of existence and non existence will be in the public eye! NOTHING WILL STOP ME, NOTHI-” the vines wrapped themselves around the bodies and faces of the copies, shunting hundreds of hail stone sized vines down their throats.

“not if i have anything to say about it.” morgan said through the creature.

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well, i tried writing some clumps for the ds, but no dice there. i guess im still psyched about the whole “HOLY CRAP IM ENGAGED!” part of things. and robert said it wouldnt happen, ha ha! that guys such a kidder! joking aside, this is where the hard part begins, even though its going to be a pretty simple wedding, and caasi and i have a good amount of time to plan everything from how we want the wedding to look, the music list (WHICH WILL NOT BY ANY MEANS BE CHANGED, ALTERED OR OTHERWISE REMIXED BY THE FUCKING DJ), seating arrangement, the minister (manny for sure), to where were going to live after the big day (im getting psyched about this already! hell i AM PSYCHED!)…

needless to say my loyal blogstalkers and fellow readers alike, youll probably see a lot of this kind of thing popping up in my blog. but i am EXTREMELY HAPPY about this whole hting. i used to think way back when, lol, (you remember those days right david?) i used to think i would never get a girlfriend, then i thought i owuld never get married, and now im not so much worried about those two things any more… since I AM NOW ENGAGED TO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD! and the best thing about her? heres the list:

1. shes not interested in politics. maybe a little.
2. she makes me laugh, and i make her laugh… a LOT.
3. she thinks my quirks are cute, and forgives my sometimes idiotic thoughts.
4. she portable. i can jsut pick her up and go somewhere…. to… do… um… things. bow chica bow down!
5. shes listened to my bitching and complaining, and then shes mentaly slapped me out of my stupor. i thank her everyday for that.
6. she is simple to figure out, i just ask her something, and out pops the answer!
7. she has THE most awesome family. they make me laugh, a very importante thing.
8. caasi has the most beautiful voice, eyes, skin, hair, thoughts, mind, body, thoughts, feelings… she is the dream woman ive been searching for all these years, and i thank god (kinda cliche, but it defenatley works…. i could say “thank time and space for all the times i randomly flirted with her” but that would sound conceited. i think.) every minute of every hour, of every day that im with her.
9. shes got a kid, a womderful kid that i think is just the most awesome little dude in the world!

shes just that awesome, ive got to open up to her more about some of the things i worry about, fears and what not, but for now everythings just right. i thought for thel ongest time that (yeah… iiiiiits flashback time with your host, morgan “redundant man” gavin!) ((and heres the great and mighty list, of women over the years that i THOUGHT were the one… great…)):

oh god…. who was the FIRST one… oh, i remember now:

1. jackie (ticked her off for some reason)
2. jane (i was shy… too shy)
3. jen (the one with curly hair) (she was taken, but were still friends)
4. jenny (the one who was in asb for a while) (wanted to ask her out… but i didnt. weird.)
5. kim (um… yeah… kinda didnt tell her i liked/loved her… long story.)
6. patty (she kinda scared the fuck out of me.)
7. sarah (she was cool about the whole thing, but then i had to go and write the damned story… second one.)
7. heena (kinda strange, fell for both her and sarah at the same time… then i found out the truth.)
8. christina (got around to telling her, but as i recall, never got around to asking her out. shes is awesome!)
9. angela (she also scared the fuck out of me. less then patty did, since im kinda scared of short constantly pissed off people.)
10. carla (flirted with her a few times, but nothing really clicked.)

were the ones in that dream. and yes, that is the complete list as far back as i can remember. i never stalked any of them, only let my feelings blind me to the stark reality that i was being a complete jerk.

but then i met caasi lee drury, my one TRUEST love. i can still remember how we first met that i can really remember… and hse can probably tell you how we ACTUALLY first met. i complimented her on her hair, and a few hours later came by to talk to me. she asked me why i complimented her hair, and i said that it was a cool color. then we talked about common interests for a while before we found out we were each single.

then i asked if (i think it was this question) she wanted to go out sometime, and she said yes. and then it happened, our first kiss… not so much a kiss as me trying to inhale her lungs. it started out so simply, i asked her if she wanted to kiss, and she said yes. and then we made out in front of everyone… not on purpose. it just inda happened. and the rest, as they say, is history.

but i love writing the story to her, she gives me feedback which i absolutely love, and though i know she wishes id talk about her more then i do about writing, she accepts me for ME, and not what the villager mentality of the group thinks.

over time ive been able to smooth over any rough patches ive had with her fmaily in the past. from misunderstandings, to just over all trust. ive worked hard to gain the amount of trust i have with them, and i trust them as much as i trust caasi. which is a lot… but im not going to be telling them about my misadventures of dating in the past. lol. maybe when enough time passes and weve learned a bit more about each other.

there are moments that are so far and few between where everything, to me at least, just clicks into place, and the gears starting turning at the right speed for me to be able to comfortably let someone passed the starter line and actually peek inside of my mind. caasi is one of those few people that have seen me at my best, and at my absolute worst. i love her with so much of myself, my heart and soul, that the only way i can truly express it is through my works. the one song, out of all that ive written that can actually say how much i love her is this one:

existing forever and no more 

I’m on top of the world again 
no more troubles troubles me 
I’m free from my mind again 
help me understand the 
reasons why It’s happened so quickly 
and I’ll understand the times 
that we never existed but we did 

existing forever and no more 
falling out the window 
to the third floor 
I’m alive hear me roar 
I’m king again 
of my own kingdom 
let me go 
let me cry freedom 
for all of those 
that want to hear 
of the midnight ride of morgan 
yeah you heard right It’s clear 

existing forever and no more 
I’m hear and alive 
so hear me roar 
scare away the demons 
of the past 
let through 
break yourlooking glass 
I am alive 
hear me roar 

I’ll come in first 
just to settle the score 
and hunt down 
all these demons 
in my mind 
I seem to be freeing 
I am the world faster gun slinger 
I beat the army of the test 
forget those old geezers 
I’m the best 
I beat the army of the test 
don’t look at me 
like I’m not at rest 

existing forever and no more 
I’m alive so hear me roar 
existing forever and no more 
I’m alive so hear me roar 
I’m alive so hear me roar 

though they tried to stomp out the flame of life inside 
I fell the rythm coming back for me 
I’m full of pride 
but I’m not blind to the things I’ve done 
I’ve made my peace 
my time has come 

looking out the window no more 
on a rainy day 
I’ve lived through the worst of storms 
letting things go there ways 
I’ve loved the women in my life 
so much so more 
I’ve filled my mind 
with memorys 
my mind 
with scary stories 

existing forever and no more 
I’m alive and filled with love, so listen to my roar of passion 
blinding as the the flash of a gun 
louder then the exploding of ten thousand suns…

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Fw: *77 can save a life

—– Forwarded Message —-” <>
Sent: Tue, October 27, 2009 2:07:47 PM
Subject: *77 can save a life

SubjectPlease  Read

Some knew about the red light on cars, but not the *77.

It was about 1:00p.m. in the afternoon, and Lauren was driving to visit a friend. An UNMARKED police car pulled up behind her and put his lights on.
Lauren’s parents have always told her  never to pull over for an unmarked car on the side of the road, but rather  to wait until they get to a gas station, etc.

Lauren had actually listened to her  parents advice, and promptly called
*77 on her cell phone to tell the police dispatcher that she would not pull over right away. She proceeded to tell the dispatcher that there was an unmarked police car with a flashing red light on his rooftop behind her. The dispatcher checked to see if there were police cars where she was and there weren’t, and he told her to keep driving,  remain calm and that he had back up already on the way.

 Ten minutes later 4 cop cars surrounded her and the unmarked
car behind her. One policeman went to her side and the others surrounded the car behind. They pulled the guy from the car and
tackled him to the ground. The man was a convicted rapist and wanted for other crimes.

 I never knew about the *77 Cell Phone Feature, but especially for a woman alone in a car, you should not pull over for an unmarked car. Apparently police have to respect your right to keep going to a safe place.

*Speaking to a service representative at ** Bell ** Mobility confirmed that *77 was a direct link to State trooper info.
So, now  it’s your turn to let your friends know about

You may want to Send this to every woman (and man) you know. 
It may save a life.

This applies to ALL 50 states.


The information contained within this transmission is proprietary and protected pursuant to federal regulations; it is intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed.
If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any distribution, copying, disclosure, use of, or reliance on, the contents of this transmission is strictly prohibited.
If you have received this communication in error, please notify the sender immediately by telephone and permanently delete the original message, attachments and all copies. Thank you.

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singolarita dimensionale, part 7.9

the voices howled their question over and over again like skipping records left on for too long. “why do you run from the inevitable? why do you run from the inevitable? why do you run from the inevitable?” reason couldnt put his finger on it, but there was something off about alpha and omegas voices. “why do YOU run from the inevitable?” he asked them in return. this seemed to get their attention and reason acted quickly. “are you afraid?” alpha queeried as his single pulsing ruby eye seemed to grow with every word. “are you scared of the nothingness?”  omega said in turn, her hands and feet expanding to the size of grapefruit.

“im not afraid of anything…” erde said sarcastically. “we never asked if you were afraid of anything… we asked if you are afraid of nothing….” alpha stated again as spider like legs shunted out of her hands and through lichts skull. “i never likedyfully you to begin with.” the legs crushed lichts skull and threw her body against the wall where it exploded into dust and black bandages. “LICHT!” shwarzung screamed at the top of his lungs. “ILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU! ONE THE MASTER HEARS-” another half second later and shwarzung had been killed as well. reason, erde, and shwarzenfeuer were the only ones left alive when alpha and omega faded from sight. “master will love us! master will love us! master will love us!”  they both chanted in maniacal screams.

reason looked over to where, just moments ago his two friends were sitting together, speaking their minds. “this is defeneately not a good thing, morgan! we have a situation down here!” reason screamed at the top of his lungs as erde started wailing aginst a wall. “THIS ISNT RIGHT! HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO US! WE ALL HAVE A PACT WITH THE MASTER!” he continued. “WE ARE NOT TO HARM EITHER HE, OR THE OTHERS INSIDE HIMSELF UNTIL OUR CONTRACTS HAVE BEEN COMPLETED!” they heard the laughter, it was wrong, insane, dripping with blood, and defenately not soemthing mogan would put up at all. ‘i got youre messege, ill summon all of you, including you reason, so that way we can deal with them when the right time comes. ive already taken precautions against something like htis happening.’ 

alpha and omega were joyfully rampaging around morgans mind, causing untold amounts of destruction in their wake. “DO YOU LOVE US MASTER!? DO YOU LIKE WHAT WE ARE!? WE ARE FREAKS OF NATURE! LOATHED BY ALL SINCE OUR VERY BIRTH! OUR VERY CONCEPTION! THERE IS NO GREATER POWER THAN US! LOVE US MASTER! FOR WE CRAVE YOUR LOVE! WE CRAVE YOUR LOVE! WE CRAVE YOUR LOVE!” they screamed their horrible voices till the bandages fell from their bodies, till their skin tore off from their bones, till their bones turned to dust, and then their voices became silent.

the dust clumped together, became liquid, then solid, then a gas, then formed a power that rivaled even shwarzenfeuers own might. “WE ARE THE TWILIGHT!” “AND I AM THE FUCKING CREATURE!” the creature screamed in rage as he slammed both fists into the twilights head, crushing the floor beneath their feet. “we will kill you!” “you can try…”

reason walked over to the dusty remains of licht and shwarzung, his mind racing to try and bring them back until he felt a hand on his shoulder. “there is nothing we can do at this point reason…” he heard shwarzenfeuers voice say calmly. “it was the same way for wasser and feuer before they formed me… they had been fighting against stronger enemies then even the god of terror himself.they were both soundly defeated, even when they worked together in a single blow…” reason heard the skeletal angels voice crack. “they will be fine… just give them a few minutes..”

morgan and caasi had problems of their own to deal with. they had come to the cusp of the dimensional border and saw what morgan thought shuldnt have been possible. he saw nothing. absolutely nothing.

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hellbolloyetI tried some confetti
hadn’t caught on so
hadn’t caught on so
trusting instinct
he went to the new scene
living a lie
living a lie

so here hellbolloyeti
screamin with his mouth
full of confetti
and into the castle he goes
full of confetti
draw bridge seems awful close
and did you feel
that he was still out there
waiting for
waiting for that huge ass bear
screaming with
his mind a lit a blaze
fearing the haze
the frat brothers gave him

he’s hellbolloyeti
lost to confetti
at arm wrestling
losing for his girl
fearing his teddy
hoping nothing goes wrong
humping David Armstrong
little tiny creatures having lots of features
hating all they meet

except hellbolloyeti
having left Freddy

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making me smile

your makin me smile

lookin out the window
seeing what I could see
starin at the starlight
and your lookin right at me
I catch your glance
and my lips start to twitch
aint this amazin
your makin me smile

your makin me smile
like the warm sun in the day
like the snow in the winter
I can always count on you
for some good hints for this picture
what seemed to be missing
from these everlasting days
was a fault of our own
was another mistake we made
and I’m trying so hard to figure it all out
but these new ideas
they seem all worn out
and I’ve told you my feelin’s
you weren’t ready to accept
I kept on pleadin
this is the way
I meant

your makin me smile
like a rainbow in the sky
I’m trying so hard
to say bye but I deny
my happiness for you
so we may have a chance
at finding
finding each other
in another dance
in another way
in another time
in another sway
of the moon I know
for these after glows
which you seem to leave me with

your makin me smile
always a good thing
your makin me smile
and here’s the thing
I love you so much
and it hurts just say
I love you
but maybe not today

your makin me smile
your makin me smile
your makin me smile

your makin me smile
your makin me smile

today and the rest of my life
when things have in them
for ever and ever
these days I do know
and every day
like some kinda of dream
there your are
always ready
your ready

but you seem so distracted
allow me to take
your mind off of things
just for the sake
of makin you smile at least once in my life
can I do this thing for you
am I so true
your makin me smile
everyday you know It’s true

your makin me smile
and now I say this
you know It’s
makin me smile
your makin me smile
your makin me smile
you know It’s true

makin me smile…

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like being mad at the moon
singing a song to make me mad
hoping the sun fades away into these after lights
I’m so full of angrrr
life couldn’t be much strangrrrr
seeing you so full of angrrr
makes this life seem so rich with dangrrr

but I’m not a bad speller
and I can’t help the way I feel
trying so hard not to tell her
that she just makes me want to squeal
like a piece of bacon on the
hot griddle stove
like everything else full of dangerous woes

and I’m so full of angrrr
I really am a strangrrrr
full of typos and idiots
looking like some personal obliterates
now I’m so full of anger
people might cast me off as a stranger

because of ever one else opinion
I feel like an onion
I smell bad
my skin falls off
I’m radioactIve
and I can’t help it

little bo peep
lost her sheep
and I ate them all up
so jack and Jill
went up the hill
but no one broke there crown
I kidnapped JIll and sent her to a mill
and I shot jack down
little miss muffet
sat on her tuffet
eating her curds away
along came a spider
who sat down beside her
and I sprayed both with raid

I’m so full of angrrr
this life couldn’t be stranger
I’m so full of angrrr
and I broke the magic mirror
I’m Disney worst night mare come true
I hunted down and stuffed
winny the poo
I had piglet for breakfast one time
and I blew the crap out of eor house
with a stick of dynamite
a stick of dynamite

brutal as that might seem
I’m the villain in the scene
killing bond first
then enjoy my desert
I’m so full of angrrr
this life couldn’t be stranger
I’m so full of angrrr
god my spelling sucks
worse then last nights hangover…

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welcome to the shit storm

shit storm

stress is gettin’ to me
trouble’s coming my way
all of living it out is good
not because thing are free
not from the way they could be
trouble comes in all forms
welcome to the shit storm

hitting you in the face
looking for the right time and place
seeing with eyes unglued
getting pissed off at you
wondering where my dinner is
gee golly I hope your a swimmer
seeing with eyes unglued
here I am
rock me like a shook up noose

I hate all the bad news I got today
from my divorce
to the CIA
from my dog dying
to the final plague arising
I don’t think things could get much worse
oh god
here’s comes the shit storm

well my
bills are piling high
the stoners finally fried
the hippy in the bathtub finally died
I’ve flooded my home
lost my cell phone
got abducted by aliens
now I’m in Roswell
my kids just died
my home so in a fire
I lost my job
now I’ve become a slob
I hate my lawyer
he’s always such a toyer
and I just got attacked
by a news van
trouble comes in forms
welcome to the shit storm

well now I’ve had up to hear
my mother in laws such a dear
she let me stay in her place
and I hope she’s not racist
and she said to me
this evening
things could possibly get worse

bills are piling high
the stoners finally fried
the hippy in the bathtub finally died
I’ve flooded my home
lost my cell phone
got abducted by aliens
now I’m in Roswell
my kids just died
my home so in a fire
I lost my job
now I’ve become a slob
I hate my lawyer
he’s always such a toyer
and I just got attacked
by a news van
trouble comes in forms
welcome to the shit storm

I got hit in the head
by a guy named ed
I screamed like a girl
now I’m gonna hurl
I lost my job
to some lazy slob
my ex wife cheated on her husband with me

bills are piling high
the stoners finally fried
the hippy in the bathtub finally died
I’ve flooded my home
lost my cell phone
got abducted by aliens
now I’m in Roswell
my kids just died
my homes on fire
I lost my job
now I’ve become a slob
I hate my lawyer
he’s always such a toyer
and I just got attacked
by a news van
trouble comes in forms
welcome to the shit storm…

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too energetic

too energetic

just got home from work
feeling kinda tired
boss’s being a jerk
best friends kinda wired
life’s just too slow for him
he’s really just
too energetic
living kinda hectic
seeing through one eye
while the others busy spying

death almost got him
while he was trying to drown
living like an idiot
eating coffee grounds
I’ve known him for most of my life
seething with energy
just to Mack the knife
wondering why
I met this guy
seeing through his one and only eye

here comes the police
trying to get some mace
they have really bad aim
because he’s just too energetic
living kinda hectic
seething with erectIve dysfunction
girlfriends kind lame
all she does is complain
about things that don’t make sense
but then again
she’s giving him head
in that fancy sports car

we walked into a bar one night
thinking all was good and tight
feeling kinda worried sick
that one legged mans such a prick
the police arrIve
trying to catch my guy
feeling kinda sorry
hell have no fury like a frat party

and I
just got home from work
boss was just a jerk
feeling kinda tired
best friends really wired
up to his cell phone
living like he has no home
worried to the max
about his goddamned fax

he’s too energetic
living kinda hectic
helping out with the living dead
the suns turned red
living kinda hectic
stressing over the next check
hearing from one ear
can’t we say
just to make it clear
he’s just too energetic… 

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Fw: amber alert – please pass on

—– Forwarded Message —-” <>
Sent: Wed, October 14, 2009 10:11:32 AM
Subject: amber alert – please pass on

Staff Sergeant Rick Williams
Rolla Police Department
1007 N. Elm St.
Rolla , MO 65401

Fax (573) 364-6346
Please look at the picture, read what her mother says, then forward this message on..

My 13 year old girl, Ashley Flores, is missing…
She has been missing for two weeks now.
Maybe if everyone passes this on, someone will see this child.
That is how the girl from Stevens Point was found, by circulation of her picture on TV… The internet circulates even overseas, South America , and Canada etc.
Please pass this to everyone in your address book.

With GOD on her side, she will be found.

I am asking you all, begging you to please forward this email on to anyone and everyone you know, PLEASE.

It is still not too late. Please help us.. If anyone knows anything, please contact me at:
I am including a picture of her.
All prayers are appreciated!!

It only takes 2 seconds to forward this…
If it was your child, you would want all the help you could get!!


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singolarita dimensionale, part 7.8

the creature looked up at morgan with a suddenan instant fear in his eyes. “WHAT EVER YOU FUCKING DO, DO NOT KILL RESAEC!” he practically screamed in morgans face, the creatures metal teeth clanging together. “im serious! do not kill him morgan, if you do, something unexplainably terrifying will happen! theres a war going on, between something we know, and something we dont know! ive seen the golden strands that are killing the htree dimensions!”  the creature rambled on and on while caasi finished off the rest of the purple crabs that had been sent to kill them. “whats he talking about?” she asked with a slight sense of intamacy, the creatures glass eyes shivering in their sockets. “barney fife! barney fife is the one who told me!” the creature panicked again asm organ bent down on his knees and lifted the creatures head up to meet his. 

“its going to be ok, this is the dimension of nightmares after all, and were all back together again, im so proud of your decision creature!” morgan said happily. “and of course we are at war, were at war with the god of terror, resaec dazzle himself, the one who is corrupting the dimensions.” the creature knew he didnt understand the magnitude of the maount of danger they were all in. “im telling you! DO NOT KILL RESAEC! THE NEXT TIME YOU DO THERES GOING TO BE A LOT MORE THEN THE NIGHTMARE DIMENSION TO WORRY ABOUT!” morgan couldnt understand the creatures sudden burst of fear and determined it to be a faulty wire or something else he couldnt be sure of. “at any rate, were within striking distance of the god of terror, and im not going to waste anymore time waiting for him to come to us.”

the creature watched in absolute terror as the future that barney fife predicted was coming true. “morgan… what have you become?” he said sadly, then with a ready determination, he ran after morgan with a determination to save the god of terrors infiite number ofl ives by any means available. “i sure hope this works.”

the door of existence and the chasm of non existence glared at each other, each unable to speak to the other, and only through barney fifes body could they communicate. the humans mind had been ripped to shreds, and only left ab abbling idiot in between the two godlike forces. “so, this is what its come down to?” “i will make everything you have created into nothingness!” “and i will continue to create everything from that nothingness old friend. why do we have to fight?” barney fifes body became twisted and decrepid, his face wrinkeled into a snarl. “BECAUSE YOU ARE MY POLAR OPPISITE! THERE CANNOT BE NON EXISTENCE, WITH OUT EXISTENCE TO CREATE TO FIL THE VOID!”  his body became wisened, stood straight and stroked his chin calmly. “that may be, but are you not curious as to how this ones plight will end?” 

“end? end to nothingness? to end the life of one who is following his ambitious fathers footsteps? you must become nothingness to truly understand disparity and rage, to feel that need to destroy! the golden strands of anti existence wil slowly poison the three dimensions, and all will become mine to turn into nothing!” the voices quarreled on and on, there discussions both grand and exquisite, but the body of barney fife was becoming weakened from the strain of the forces at work. slowly his body became bruised and cut, his face torn and his eyes slowly became white with blindness. until at last his voice was the last thing to go out. the last words of anti existence still hovering in the air, “mark my words door, nothingness will win, there is no greater power!”

inside morgans mind, the skeletal angels and reason were gathered around a large round table, at each seat there was a list. at the center of the table hovered a crystal orb four feet in diameter that spun silently. erde, schwarzenfeuer, licht, shhwarzen and reason had all taken their seats while alpha and omega took their time getting into theirs. reason was the first to speak. “im sure that you all have seen the devastation that resaec has caused to the three dimensions from various reports from the other two represenitives?” there was a general agreement amongst the angels. “then you all know that if what the creature said is true, then morgan is not to kill resaec… which is somethign that im a bit confused over… what are your thoughts?” 

licht was the first to speak up. the bandages covering his eye lowered a bit, revealing a starkly balck eye that had a red x in the center. “i still think we should follow our masters wishes, though i dont think killing off resaec ANOTHER time will solve much. we all know that the master is dead set on this, but i also think he should help us in our unfinished journeys as well.” schwarzung held her loves hand in agreement. “we still need out respective clans to aknowledge our love, we have been in pain so long from how we died… over something such as love? unthinkable…”

erde had a slightly contrary veiw, the roots that made up his arms squirming with life and vitality. “we should follow the creatures advice and not kill resaec, in all my time with morgan, even back when the creature was still the beast, i have never seen that thing so freaked out! doesnt it concern you that this sudden burst of fear is jsut a little out of character for him?” erde placed his hands on his face and the bandages that covered his arms and legs glowed passionately. sschwarzenfeuer spoke up, his voice a duet of waassers light and airy tones, and feuers crackling fiery voice. “we are all just as concerned about the creatures change of charactr as you are erde, but these bandages will only let us do as the master commands when he commands it. in here we are free to go where we please in our respective areas… but i sometimes think that our own judgment is better then his.”

reason looked towards the most powerful of the skeletal angels with a slight fear of their maniacal faces, the only spot on there bodies not covered in heavy chains and bolts were their mouths. they spoke together and as one, though reason had heard them talk seperately on different occasions. and it scared him shitless. 

“we think the master should kill off the god of terror and let the war happen, the war between existence and nothingness will test our masters strength of character, his passion of will, and the totality of his mind. the golden strands are already eating away at the dimensions, their beauty only hiding the stark reality from those that are blinded by their own greed.” the table was silent as the skeletal angels were outraged at what they were hearing.  “ALPHA AND OMEGA! HOW DARE YOU SAY SUCH A THING!?” reason screamed, almost reaching across the table to punch omega in the face. “what i.. we.. speak, is the truth. a stark reality of the nothingness that will consume our enemies and turn their existences into non existences…”

the skeletal angels and reason were silent, listeneing to the duos every word with as much anger towards the speakers, conern for their masters well being, and fear of their very safety. the duos head twisted upside down, the chains that once held them down turned to nothing as their voices became ghostly and malevolent.

“why do you run from the inevitable?”

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Fw: The Church must take a stand and Pray

—– Forwarded Message —-” <>
Sent: Mon, October 26, 2009 6:25:51 AM
Subject: The Church must take a stand and Pray

Did you know that the ACLU has filed a suit to have all military cross-shaped headstones removed

and another suit to end prayer from the military completely. They’re making great progress. The Navy Chaplains can no longer mention Jesus’ name in prayer thanks to the wretched ACLU and our new administration.


I’m not breaking this one.
If I get it a 1000 times, I’ll forward it a 1000 times!

Let us pray….

Prayer chain for our Military… Don’t break it!


Please send this on after a short prayer.. Prayer for our soldiers Don’t break it!


‘Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands Protect them as they protect us Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Amen.’
Prayer Request: When you receive this, please stop for a moment and say a prayer for our troops around the world.
There is nothing attached. Just send this to people in your address book. Do not let it stop with you. Of all the gifts you could give a Marine, Soldier, Sailor, Airman, &others deployed in harm’s way, prayer is the very best one.




NOTICE: If received in error, please destroy, and notify sender. Sender does not intend to waive confidentiality or privilege. Use of this email is prohibited when received in error. We may monitor and store emails to the extent permitted by applicable law.

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Fw: hello i want you to be my friend

—– Forwarded Message —-
From: Miss Ann Peters <>
Sent: Sun, October 25, 2009 1:13:01 AM
Subject: hello i want you to be my friend

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folks! its time for a good old fashioned pissed off rant.

i know this is a tired subject and everyones had there way with this thing but…. balloon boy…. hes going down…. actually, not balloon boy, but balloon boys dad. what kind of money grubbing self centered bastard makes the whole damned us think that his kids in danger? i mean really? is it that hard to kinda see where things might not work out for the best? um lets see here: balloon, tv stars, wife swap (more like wife slap if you ask me) helium, and the media. 

soundsl ike a good ol fashioned hoedown to me! lets just let cps decide how best to handle the mishandling of the whole fiasco? in my opinion, the dad should be…. ah hell, that not what im mad at… not by al ong shot. you want to know what really ticks me the fuck off?beaty pageants. more like self confidence issues on the part of these parents. for the longesttime now, ive had to worry about the mental state of the parents of these poor children. who better then to create the next generation of self depreciating bitches who reject nice guys then the parents, who by the way, lack any kinda of moral compass. i mena, just look at the damage that has been done to miss california and her special term “backwards marriage” wow…. yeah my thoughts exactly.

the media now a days loves a good celebrity beat down, especially when its between a pissy fat reality starlet from atlanta, and some douche apologize on tv to his daughter. the thing about this explosive disaster area, is the very fucking simple fact, that you do NOT call a skinny black ghetto woman with her own realty show, especially if shes from atlanta, fat. now, if you do happen to do it, make sure that you have plenty of people watching with camcorders so that way, when her jerry curled nappy do catches fire from the amount of heat your gonna be taking, to point and LAUGH.

now its been some time since… hold on, let me check the current omg section on yahoo… i know theres gotta be something…. john… and bitch… i mean kate. to me, the new version of a family realty show, has to be the one with the bulldog like dad and the mom who, by some miracle of existence, still has a vagina that the whole oakland raiders can go into or come out of. it all depends on how fast they go. i can just imagine it now, kate, far flung divorcee…. oh yes… that fucking youtube divorcee… who by some blatant irritant to the american public decides to rant and rave about “WHOA IS FUCKING ME! MY EX TRIED TO OVER TURN THE PRENUPTUAL AGREEMENT! AND FAILED! I FEEL BETRAYED… heres an idea, im going to go rant on youtube about it!”

the youtube divorcee, nay, anyone in particular who has the gal bladder and stomach, to whine and bitch on youtube about how their lives are soooooo much more painful because their british, and its not proper, and “oh ive got to go drink some piss blood poor tea!” well, excuse the fuck out of me your royal tamponess. since when did it become al ogical step to berate someone behind their back and then claim unfair play when he tried to turn over the prenup? hes not your husband anymore, hes his own man, if he wants to overturn the prenup with out having your ugly wrinkled ass bitch at him, then thats his business.

latley i havent been doing many youtube videos, though id absolutley love to go on a video spreee blasting the crap out of the fat guy who gets pissed easily because his chicken wasnt served to him  AT A FUCKING WALMART! fucking assmuncher! thats a brilliant plan master cheif!

so for those of you who want to scar your children for the rest of their natural lives, just do the following: force them into situations where fat people are always complaining about why their lives suck, and more to the point, WHERE THE FUCK THEIR HAPPY MEALS ARE!?there arent very many oppertunities to get something golden on film… you know, like family moments, summer vacations, trips to grandmas, setting yourself on fire because the devil told you to do so? so why not take yourselves of the inelligent list at club life, and check yourself into the fucking insane asylum because apparently, thats where hollywood is heading.

im not one to complain (oh yes the fuck i am) about problems that arent my own, but since when did getting a happy meal, or even more to the annerexic point, getting something that tasted good ever become a crime? im a thin guy, and when i want to munch down on some good ol fashioned ground up cow between two paltry servings of wet fried wheat… i have to check the serving size on the menu because i would want to upset the FTA or the food tyrants of america, to think i was being unpatriotic. in fact, i think ill commit some FTA treason and wolf down a whole fucking box of cheetos because i fucking deserve that shit, and THIS IS FUCKING AMERICA DAMMIT!

so what have we possibly learned from all this:

1. beauty pageants are for the sad depressed parents who couldnt find a way to fullfill their dreams, so they took their mountain sized hairdos and the four year olds, and became tyrants of the stage. “remember, smile!”

2. JOHN AND KATES UGLY DIVORCE, IS NOT AS UGLY AS THE SKINNY UGLY AND FAT RETARDS IN “really disturbed housewives of atlanta” cause we all know that when it comes to top notch class, atlanta black women have got just enough to call the bumps on their chests breasts. lets just call them implants. their all flat chested she bitches from hell anyways. i mena, come on! look at the size of those fucking fake bright pink finger nails lashonda, tawniqua, and rashell have on!!!

3. the balloon boys parents are fucking brain damaged storm chasers whove had their heads stuck in the land of oz for far too long to realize that maybe having their kids near somethign that would in fact cause a stir, and have media draw their gaze towards the attention starved step children of a second rate reality show… justm ight not be the greatest thing ever.

4. kanye west is the king of douches, and brian “swine flu” q, is the shemale attention stealers bitch. nuff said.

5. angry fat people in a walmart mcdonalds are fucking funny when they done get their chicken strips.

6. the FDA are kinda like ralph lauren when it comes to food. everythings ok until someone gains a pound. and then their fired.

so until the next time i feel the simple need to spill my guts and annoy the crap out of several people, i bid you all adue, and highly encourage those that enjoyedm y rant to spread the link to this page aroudn. also, subscibing to my blog is a good thing as well.



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