16 random thoughts

1. if there is a god…does he have an annoying step brother?

2. if there is a fruit of the looms… then who put thread on those said looms?

3. did manson drink water?

4. if there are quarks in the universe…do they get rejected for dates?

5. emo people would make great lawn mowers.

6. lawn mowers would make great emo people.

7. is dick clark a robot?

8. if fox news is in reality a syndicated childrens show… then shouldnt we blame time warner?

9. if youve kept reading till this point…you get a cookie.

10. energy drinks, viagra, coffee, crack heads and cocoa crispys are to blame for todays econimic status.

11. im starting to run out of things to write.

12. if cats have nine lives, do they trade them every once in a while for catnip?

13. in something wicked this way comes, you can actualy hear the best scream in pain.

14. however, coincidently, in star trek 4, you can hear kirk screaking as well.

15. is it true that people with big ears can fly like ben stiller?

16. i miss bambis mother.

Posted via web from The mind of Morgan James Gavin

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