ripping hollywood a new one

or something close to the ramification, where all you see is john walshes head peering out from mr. rogers ear. and john walsh? he scares every one. to death. AND BEYOND! look folks, todays been really freaking traumatic for me, mainly cause ive been put through the ringer emotionally, doesnt mean i cant rip up a few good jokes everynow and then right?

where the hell to start? first off theres the ever important idiot fest known as the oscars, as i stated in a previos blog, ive got less regard for the sick psychological thriller known as the awards cerimony then i do for the upcoming or already cursing theatres everywhere movie musical about high school. god damn it! i hate it to death! and no…. if they follow this up with a new series called colledge musical, i will literally  go to every movie theatre and destroy there copies of the movie. i reaaaaallllly dont care for the series, and i could care less and less for its feel good movie of the year. hell when i was in highschool, i still didnt like going to see musicals. of course, then came phantom of the opera.

and thats the only musical ill ever watch, and be man enough to cry about it.

and of course, we got the econimy to worry about. oh my fucking god, the damned econimy. fuck it, i wrote my ass off about it yesterday or the day before, im not going off on it again. but i want to get across one thing. no i was not put through an emotional ringer. that was keanu reeves. and hes got the emotional range of a tree stump. cause thats where all his acting talent comes from. the earth. he will steal the planets life force in order to get him a nomination for a little golden plastic man! hes…. sephiroth! instead of a giant sword, hell use a giant something else. stephen colberts ego. ha! fooled you again didnt i?

foks, let me tell you something here. it feels good to be bad and bad to be kermit the frog. he has no balls. the puppet has no balls andl et me tell you something else folks, his life force, the one yoda crammed down his little froggy throat, it will not die anytime soon. and the tvs frank show will see to that as the will of god. why did i compare the iwll of god to a great shows lousy character?  BECAUSE I COULD! MWA HA HA HA HA!

all that aside, i think the days of our lives should be considered a great break through to prevent blow job cancer. yes blowjob cancer. you heard right, and i write it again, just for the sake of writing the words “blowjob” and “cancer” together in the same sentence. blow job cancer. yes…. i know… take it in for a minute, breathe in… breathe out…. breathe in…and shake it all about. the wonderfull fact about blowjob cancer is that blowjob cancer can come from any one. yes even you fox news channel, the bush administration, and jay lenos chinny chin chin. god i have never written the word blowjob cancer so manytimes. but just to piss the masses off here we go! jenny gave blowjob cancer to kieth richards, who then gave blow job cancer to sarah, who gave blowjob cancer to smith and then gave it to weston who in turn gave it to jenny craig, who gave it to the leage of lazy fat people of america, who gave blowjob cancer to jenna jameson, who gave blowjob cancer to the colledge kids addicted to porn. and among those few lucky people smart enough to get blowjob cancer. they get handjob cancer. HA! and double HA!

that should satisfy the need to say the words blowjob and cancer too many times, and enough to make me sick. god im getting a bit depressed again… i hate this! i fucking hate it! first im hyper, then im depressed. then im a bunch of different moods….. HATE IT A LOT!!!!!!!

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Author: Morgan James Gavin

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