singolarita dimensionale, part 5.5

the tornadoes closed in on the creature, tearing him limb from limb and particle from particle. morgan wept in fury as he was forced to endure the slow death the reborn creature, and suffered through the pain staking process of rebuilding him from the ground up once more. he had become obsessed with the creature, knowing in his heart of hearts that it would be a futile process to try and reason with the creature. “screw this… ill just put in a evolving program to learn for itself with the same skill set that the creature had…. i have to leave this place soon.” as morgan truned away to walk through the open door of existence, he shunted all of the dark blue energy out of his system and walked away. “give it life, give it free will, make it strong and smart, give it guidence and hope and the pure rage that it was built for. good bye creature.”

the door closed behind morgan and he was beside caasi once again. “did it go well this time?” she asked patiently, but one look at morgans face told her all that she needed to know. linheber chuckled a little bit before egging morgan on, hoping for some kind of reaction. “let me guess, you didnt like its answer? you didnt like the way it walked or felt, or how it responded to your presence? welcome ot my world… bit-” morgan wasted no time in punching linheber square in the forhead. “im not in the mood to fuck around linheber…” morgan, caasi, and linheber walked through the white hole, a veritable vortex of random images, feelings, thoughts nad histories. time seemed to spill through every atom of their being as they travleed through it many corridors and twists.  after a few hours they each felt a pulling sensation that dragged them towards the event horizon. 

caasi felt unsure, she felt uncomfortable, squished, and twisted, she felt a whole assortment of emotions that she wasnt able to comprehend. “welcome to your doom!” a twisted and dark voice said. “over there!” instantaneously the vortex spit the three of them outwards into a blindingly white plane that stretched the limits of their minds to the breaking points. the plane was littered with black spots of varying size and shape. “where are we? ITS TOO… TOO… PERFECT!” linheber shouted, which confused the hell out of morgan and caasi  since all he had done previouslyt was complain about every little detail about every tiny to large thing. but linheber joy was crushed in an instant when the whole cast of happy days jumped him and beat the crap out of him with bats and chains. “FUCKING DOUCHEBAG!” the fonze screamed in his ear as he gavel inheber a thumbs down. 

“ok…this is going ot be fun.” morgan said. “the god of terror officialy wants you to giveu p this hopeless persuit of defeating him!” reggie said as he brushed himself off and spit onto linhebers beaten and broken body. “thats a no can do, we have to defeat him in order to return everything back to normal.” caasi said confidently to the fonze who had at this point merged with his harley davidson and become the mecha fonze.

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Author: Morgan James Gavin

Author, Musician, Tarot Reader, Blogger, sex icon, all around chill guy. What's your dream?

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