singolarita dimensionale, part 6

mecha fonze was cooler then regular fonze and twice as suave which bugged the hell out of morgan. “TODESGRIEFER:siebenundzwanzig BLITZSHLAG!” he calledo ut as he felt the familiar rush of the fight coming back to him. “caasi, im going to need you to hide in me while i take care of this!” “HOW DO I DO THAT!?” caasi yelled back amidst and roaring sounds of thousnads of peices of shredded metal lcinking together. “REASON HELP HER OUT!” in a rush of wind, caasi was inside the mind of her husband, still in shock and awe at what had just happened to her. “hi! im reason!” a voice said from behind her. she squeaked out of fright and turned around to find herself looking at morgan. only except this morgan was colored the exact oppiste of her morgan. “yeah… thats going to take a while to get used to.” he mumbled. “anyways, let me show you around!”

caasi tried speaking to him normaly but found that her words came out garbled. “you need to think to me. thats how morgan usualy does it.” morgans wife did as instructed and found it to be a pleasant experience. “so… this is the inside of morgans mind huh?” she questioned as she looked around. it was cavernous, smooth and brightly lit with many corridors and unnels leading to many different areas. she had thought it would be chaotic and wild, things happening at all times with no real pattern. “yep… well the top layer of it anyways, the lower ones are the layers you dont want to go to unless you like random things happening.” reason said with out the slightest care. she liked it here, she found out. but there was one thing that she needed to get out of the way before continuing. 

“i want to see the skeletal angels reason, do you think thats possible?” reason nodded in approval before snapping his twig like fingers together. “erde! you have company!” all of a sudden a giant black and grey tree three feet thick sprouted from the gound. its roots forming a simply body while tree sap formed the eyes and mouth. “AH! good morning caasi!” erde said in a light airy tone. “welcome to his mind, im sure my master will be pleased to know that you are safe! oh duty calls!” as quick as erde appeared, he sank back into the ground, leaving only the tree sap eyes behind. “what happened?” caasi asked curiously. reason smiled, “oh not much, morgan just summoned him into battle. shouldnt be too long if he uses the same move on mecha fonze that he used on morgans depression. anyways, where to first?” reason smiled as he tok a hold of caasis hand gently and vanished in ap uff of smoke.

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