a shouto ut to my canadian readers!

there you go folks! a new, holy crap ridden blog about anything, everything, and somethings not worth mentioning twice in the same sentence. like my dear, dear, obsessed stalker man, brian, whom you can find defiling my picture at this site! 


because im in such a loving, giving mood, i just want you canadians to know that brian here thinks that canada is the worstp lace on earth, he doesnt really care for the fact that YOU of all people, should get healthcare, in fact, brian beleives that all french people are like the australians, they were sent here like prisoners, and then devoloped into a country. but i think you people rock, you have the best of both worlds, fine quisines, and great health! but brian there doesnt. so why not show your appreciation for him by telling him your utmost feelings. 

brian also doesnt like hockey, or that sport where you use a broom, or the royal canadian mounties… which he just refers to as “those moose humping jackasses” his words, not mine, by all means, forward this to your officials, because overheard him plotting to assinate your beloved leaders and defile their corpses in the worst ways imaginable. you can trust me canada, i wouldnt lie to you about something like this.


Posted via web from The mind of Morgan James Gavin

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