singolarita dimensionale, part 6.1

resaec looked out the window towards his new chaotic kingdom, still struggeling to comprehend the magnificence of his plan. “soon it will all be mine, and not even my father could have predicted such a majestic clashing of styles!” he flipped his hair out of his face and looked upon his army of clone spies. “what news have you brought for me? it had better be good or you will all suffer the same fate as this one did.” he snarled in contempt as he ointed a finger towards a lcone that had been slammed head first into a pile of rapidly spinning drills and blades. “y-yes your fugliness.” the first clone said with the same amount of contempt as their leader. 

“well!? get on with it then or ill have you thrown into the incinerators like that last five hundred that failed to disclose their reports swiftly!” resaec said, his god of terror form showing through the half black half white strands of hair. “the progress of the lost wolfs group is as predicted but… their number has become the same number yet again…” resaec turned around with a flare shooting out of his left eye. “WHAT!?” he shouted as the flare slammed into the clone giving the report, setting him ablaze with out so much as a scream. the flaming clone continued his report calmly as the flames ate away at his being. “the creature has been rebuilt three times, and defeated yet again, then morgan left the rebuilding process to his energies and left to join his wife. it would also seem thatl inheber ed has joined their number…”

the god of terror paced up and down as the burning clone, or the bones of the clone continued. “but, linheber didnt last long on the other side of the white hole as he was defeated by the entire cast of happy days. and then there is the mecha fonze.” resaec raised an eyebrow with interest. “tell me about this… mecha… fonze.” the clone was nothing more then a pile of ash with a burning skull floating a few inches above it. “not much is known sire… but this is the otherside of the white hole we are talking about… so i have little doubt that mecha fonze with have trouble with them.”

resaec smiled as he walked slowly towards the crackling skull. its empty flaming eye sockets traced its masters every footstep. resaec looked down calmly and then with disgust, raised his foot and slammed it onto the skull hard, shattering what little life the clone still had in it. “I WANT MORGAN DEAD! NOT BROKEN, NOT BRUISED, BUT LIFELESS! IF YOU HAVE NAY CLAIM TO BE CLONED FORM MY BLOOD THEN I SUGGEST THAT YOU ALL FIND A WAY TO KILL HIM AND KILL HIM SOON! NOW GO!” the god of terror screamed as his full form dwarfed the clones by hundreds of feet. the two hundred clones shot from the window of the twisted castle like a thick swarm of bees towards the singolarita dimensionale.

the mecha fonze shot jukeboxes from his chest while hundreds of lasers poured like water from his upturned thumb. “you know what i always say? if it dont work after you hit it once, then hit it again, but harder!” morgan and erde dodged the jukebox but erde was cut into peices from the vinyl records that shot out in a thousand directions. “AGH! IVE BEEN HIT BY LITTLE RICHARDS GREATEST HITS! THE HORROR!” the skeletal angel shreieked and then instantly reformed his body. “SCHWARZER DER WALD DER DORN!” morgan called out as erdes eyes burned a bright forest green. erde unloaded his to twin barreled missile launchers into the mecha fonzes demonic group, creating a ten mile diameter forest planet in the process. everyone rocketed towards its surface as the atmosphere was created. morgan and erde crashed several yards apart while the mecha fonzes entourage slammed into the ground, one after another, their broken bodies impaling themselves upon the bones of the one beneath them. 

“heh! i dont need them to kill you off! THIS IS MY HOUSE!” the robotic fonze shouted in distorted tones. morgan got up groggily while sending erde back into his resting place. “SHCHWARZENFEUER, elektrische Taifunfeuerbomben!” morgan called out as a storm cloud of black fiery steam erupted miles above the planets surface. “binden Sie Ihre Raserei los!” the storm clouds burst and from them unleashed trillions of tiny raindrop shaped nukes all over the planets surface. the mecha fonze smiled in an attempt to call morgans bluff but was rudely awakened when peices of his face and shoulders were blown off from the force of the tiny explosions. “YOURE CRAZY! YOUD KILL YOURSELF TO KILL ME!?” the robotic fonze screamed in pain as more and more peices of him, both on the outside and in, were blown into hundreds of peices. “a slow death is all you will have… for you have threatened my wife…”

“that fat guy was your wife?” the mecha fonze screamed as teeth were knocked out of his mouth and even more from his legs and elbows. “no… i didntl ike him…at all… so i was cool with that.. but still… DIE MECHA FONZE! TODESGRIEFER: BLITZSCHLAG!” the storm clouds whipped themselves into a triple threat of tornadoes that ripped through the mecha fonzes body while slamming the rest of the mini nukes into him at a light speed rate. “alrighty schwarzenfeuer, you can go back to sleep now.” the storm clouds funneled back into morgans chest as he looked around at the destruction he had caused.

“damn! ten miles doesnt cover much does it? oh yeah… reason, you can give her back to me now!” morgan said without a slight pause in breath. caasi found herself fading from one place to the next. “well that was fun… did you two play ni… never mind… judging by the pile of scrap metal and the sounds of little richard playing in the background, im guessing you won?”  she asked with a little laugh. “yeah… it seems that way… anyways, im going to try and make this place a little bit more hospitable, your welcome to gather up linheber and try to set up a temporary home until we figure out a way back to our own reality.” morgan said as he wandered off into the dense forest, or at least, what was left of it.

caasi wandered around from a little bit until she got bored. ‘can i at least have some one to talk to?’ she asked. her question was answered as reason popped up from the ground like a weed. “here i am… morgan has the skeletal angels to keep him company, and i doubt that erde would make a forest with other creatures in it, so we should be safe for now.” reason laughed as he and caasi started to look for linheber.

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Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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