hear yee, hear yee, get a damned hearing aid!

ok folks! im back! i know you missed the goodo l ranting, raving, stupidaccusitory me, but im fucking back. andb oy do i have something in store for you all today! zales is having a 50% off sale! apparently thats pretty much what comes to mind. im not sure why though. anyways, my brians al ittle bit on the fritz for the same reason i keep forgetting to shave… because my beards fluffy and i like it like that. its kinda like im santa clause, but instead of giving me present, i give myself facial hair. really really fun.

well folks, that story ive been writing is up to 319 pages so far, and im only on the 6th chapter! but rather then yap about that for an hour on end, im hear just to let goodo l treebeard enjoy what he likes to call “crack head chronicles”. I CAN PUT AN AWESOME SPIN ON ANYTHING BITCHES! MUA HA HA HA! ok, evil laughter over with, lets actually see whats going on in my head, because i for one love making peoples paradigms shift with out using a clutch! 

outside of the normal rantings i usually give, im happy to announce to the WHOLE FUCKING WORLD, that i, morgan edward james gavin, am going to figure out someway to propose to caasi and make it a surprise. lawn gnomes that shoot fire? no. tap dancing lobsters? nope… too delicious. laser tag? no. using the force? nadda. throwing the ring into the fires of mount doom? possibly, but im going to aim for osmething a little less…lavaish. weddings are fucking awesome. there is cake AND EVERYONE LOVES FUCKING CAKE! even the crazy homeless guys in new york who actually have confectunal relations, love fucking cake. i should probably rearrange those words… but im not oging to… because people minds at this are going nuts…

folks, i have one major announcement to make: do to the lack of paperwork recieved… or not even sent to my house, i have NOT been banned from the campus. the scary lady with the acne problem just decided to say what ever made her feel good at the time, andn othing i couldve said at that particular point in time couldve swayed her opinion. but heres an intereting little factiod, that little wild west stunt she pulled, doesnt even really count. 

the only person who actually has any authority to ban people from the campus is the president of the colledge. so why does the rent a cop think she has any actual authority over me when the incident in question did not even take on campus? i dunno, i just said whatever i thought would get me the hell away from her the fastest. thats my point of view. 

but heres the fun thing, here it is! ok, and im going to spell this out in all caps, so that way those of you people who are hard of reading can actually see.


im not writing this to be a dick… ok maybe just a little bit. but think about this folks, i get in trouble for writing something online, but the guy that was being belligerent out in public, in a place of learning, doesnt even get a slap on the hand? wheres the justice there? honestly? look, i may write things that offend people in one way or another, but to actually shout in my face profanity, when i have done nothing on that particular day to provoke him… he should be arrested for belligerent behavior, no questions asked.

but then again, certain people have always taken offence to me because im not up to THEIR level. which isnt surprising to me in the least. so let me get this straight:

if i get labeled as 5150, i can yell at people anytime i want to and not get in trouble for it? but, i cant express my freedom of speech? lol, pathetic and laughable. the truth of the matter at any rate, is theyre sick of me there, and i in turn, am not very fond of the memories that stand out whenever i think of victor valley community colledge. you see, i have my share of good memories, and bad ones as well. as much as id love to say that the good ones outwiegh the bad, it can not be truthfully said.

on more then one occasion, ive been harrassed, picked on, insulted, beat on with out any actual reason for it (im talking about that one day where everyone thought i said something stupid about jen, and i really didnt, and i had to take the hit anyways.) victomized beyond belief, accused on more then one occasion of being something i am most defenatley not. 

oh yes, i remeber it all, im not afraid to admit it. ill also admit that i have on my end, written some stuff which has caused several people alarm even though ive stated repeatedly that their claims were false, that they had no reason to fear me. that colledge, has caused me more grief then i care to remeber, and theo nly reason i continued going to that fucking egocentric place was because it was the closest campus that i could walk.

in a way, im glad that the asb is in danger of being dismantled because the current council isnt doing their jobs. ITS THE ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY! not the “lets plan the same crap weve always done” body. look, if i had won the presidency when i ACTUALLY had interest in the going ons of the campus, i wouldve gotten everything straightened the hell out.

you people are supposed to be representing the students, and so far in my experience with you all, all ive seen are ego driven dramas of stupid blind fear and anger at people whove not really any actual involvemnt in what you do. kinda makes me wonder why i ran THREE TIMES in a row. 

in light of everything, im just glad to be off the campus. ive not suffered any mental angiush, or suffered humility, or experiencedany sort of negitive reaction from the event. in fact, ive become a little stronger because of it.

so what? itsn ot like vvcc is the only place i can go to get an education in the high desert, and its not like my fate was sealed when rent a cop tld me to get lost. because in essence, that is all she really did. she couldnt do what she WANTED to do, cause then i wouldve probably sued the colledge for police brutality. plain and simple.

things went the way they did, because it was planned that way. you heard me, PLANNED. yes i am a bit annoyed at this, but thats about all. i know my rights, i know my freedoms, and i know when to play mr. doormat. because im a fucking genius, and thats that.

scooby dooby mother fucking doo. go eat your scooby snacks.

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Author: Morgan Gavin

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