singolarita dimensionale, part 6.3

the skeletal angel looked at the strange device with a morbid sense of curiousity. “nien master, i didnt put this here… it must have been one of mecha fonzes cronies. would you like me to purge this place of any lingering undesirables?” morgan smiled al ittle before yawning. “ERWIEITEN SIE!” erde smiled as his eyes glowed a furiously bright green before shunting all four barrels into the ground and pulling the triggers, causing huge torrents of thick wooden roots to sink deep into the ground. “we should be hearing some sort of screaming anytime now.” erde said compassionatley. 

morgan yawned as trillions of tiny root like spines shot passed him and erde temporarily blanketing the small planet in eternal night. “ok… that was fun… anyways, you want to press the button or should i?” he asked casually. the button itself was floating in mid air, and like all dangerous not to be pressed buttons, it was a bright flashing red. which made it all the more tempting for morgan to press. “master, i dont think we should press that!” erde saidwith a sudden instance of urgency. “we really dont know what could happen! DONT PRESS THE BUTTON!” morgan wasnt listening, the bright flashing red thing called to him like a whole freezer full of deep dish pizza and a bag full of cash. 

“oh im defenately pressing that thing.” he said with a finality that erde knew he couldnt dissuade. “ok… whats the worst thing that could happen?” morgan pressed the red button, unaware of the trap that was in place by resaec. with a simple click, nothing happened. the two waited with high hopes that at least something would happen, but after five minutes they were sorely dissapointed with only a sign that pointed downward stating that they shouldnt press the button again. “there is no way in hell im stupid enough to fall for this trap.” morgan said calmly as he pressed the button again. “ER ERKLÄRTE IHNEN, DAS VERDAMMT KNOPF-ARSCHLOCH NICHT ZU DRÄNGEN! ZAHLEN SIE JETZT DEN PREIS FÜR IHRE DUMMHEIT! SCHNELLER STOSS!” came the roars of one hundred fifty foot tall midgets that looked like boyband rejects. “WED LIKE TO THANK ALL OUR FANS AND GOD! NOW KILL HIM!”

morgan could only be slap upside the back of the head by erde who gave him a dissapointed look. “what? it was shsiny and i wanted to press it again!” the skeletal angel muttered something under his breath and returned to morgans mind to warn the others of what was happening. “WASSER, LICHT, SCHWARZUNG AND YOU TWO! OUR MASTER IS A FUCKING IDIOT!” wasser looked back at erde with a slight bit of confusion. “and?” licht said as his wife laid beside him creating tiny blac holes in the palm of her hand and dispersing them. “HES UNLEASHED GIANT MIDGETS! AGAIN!” erde said wildly while the others still did nothing. “AND?” schwarzung asked impatiently. “THEYRE FUCKING DRESSED LIKE BOYBAND REJECTS!”  everyone stopped what they were doing at that point in time. there was a seriousness in morgans mind that everyone felt, and they knew that this time it was serious. they knew the dangers of male haircare products, high nasaly voices, and emo looks. they knew the dangers of millions of screaming tween aged girls with their homemade signs.

“THEY ARE GONNA DIE SO FUCKING PAINFULLY!” everyone cheered and their eyes burned with a deadly ferocity that they had only felt one before. “I HAVENT BEEN THIS PUMPED SINCE I LEARNED THAT KAYNE FUCKED UP TAYLOR SWIFTS MOMENT! LETS TEAR THEIR SOULS IN TAIWAN!” “you mean twain.” “what the fuck ever!” morgan felt a surge of strength, and he knew that everyone was ready for a tough fight against the giant boyband midgets and their army of screaming ninnies. 

“TODESGREIFER: BLITZARMAGEDDON!” morgan shouted as the earth cracked and the six skeletal angels, looking like the very epitome of terror and punishment as their black rune covered bandages loosened and tightened with life giving energies, rose slowly from the ground, their minds blank, their thoughts an empty viod of death and vengeance. their enemies would soon rue the day they crossed paths with the now six skeletal angels of the seven elements of existence.

“schwarzenfeuer: brennende Tsunami” morgan said with out a hesitation. the first skeletal angel gapsed for air as it stretched out its burnt ans dripping wet arm, the double barrled missile launcher, became a blazing inferno as the turrets extended while energy was sucked into a tight nit ball. “FEUER!” morgan commanded and the shot was unleashed, the giant boyband midgets not heading their way, the screaming ninnies following them, becoming airborn hellbitches with homemade signs of love and peace. “this is going to be fun!” morgan chirped happily as a tidal wave of tiki torch oil three times taller then the tallest of the boyband midgets, rose above them and then slammed into the ground, creating oceans that were highly flammable at even the tiniest spark.

“OH LOOK! A KNIFE AND A PEICE OF FLINT!” morgan shouted on purpose, and just because of the situation, the skeletal angels joined in the taunting while the skies darkened with the innumerable amount of flying screaming ninnies about to assault them with carboard signs of love and peace. “THE ROOF! THE ROOF! THE ROOF IS ON FIRE! LET IT BURN MOTHER FUCKER! BURN!” in the distance caasi could be heard giggling as she was once again inside of morgan mind, mind he sent a single spark into the oil soaked ground. “burn…”

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