singolarita dimensionale, part 6.4


the spark hit the ground, and at first, nothing happened andm organ became worried. “uh oh…” he said to himself, the screaming ninnies coming closer and closer as the giant boyband midgets thudded their way through the  forest. and then it happened, slowly at first, but then it exploded into a magnificent fiery mushroom cloud. “THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT!” morgan said excited that his ploy had finally paid off. the wave of fire swept through the oncoming army in all directions, the screaming ninnies falling as they burned to a crisp. “you guys want to know what makes this an awesome plan?” the skeletal angels overed in the air, their minds open, but remained unthinking. 

“this planet is only ten miles in diameter… so lets press the button a few more times!” erde struggled against his urge to slap morgan across the face. ‘doesnt he realize that we are the ones that have to do the hard work?’ erde questioned silently to the others. ‘oh you hush!’ licht said happily, ‘as long as im out here in the open with my love, ill be happy to serve the masters justice!’ morgan had been slamming the button for five minutes now in lightning quick hits. the skeletal angels shared a collective groan as they all heard the rumblings of billions of new enemies bursting through the ground, one after another. “YOU CALL THIS SMART! MASTER! PLEASE RECONSIDER YOUR ACTIONS!” morgan turned around, his eyes tiny slits as he flashed the goofiest smile and a thumbs up to erde. 

“this place is on fire remeber?” morgan said coldly, “the heat alone is enough to end their miserable lives once and for all.” erde did some thinking on this part. his plan seemed to make some sense. “so the question remains… how the hell do we get back to the nightmare dimension?”  morgan asked as the planet became engulfed in flames. “i think i can help with that answer morgan.” a familiar voice said through growling tones. “great, what am i going to have to do… fight you?” morgan asked curiously as he turned around and slammed his head into the stomach plating of something very very hard. “you might want to rethink that course of action morgan… after all… you did build me.”

morgan looked up to see something that resembled the creature, but he couldnt be sure. “who are you?” he askedout of just wanting to know. “um… youre serious right?” the being said. “yes im serious, i want to know who you are… that and why you had to be so fucking close to me when you answered my question.” the human said al ittle irritated. reason and caasi appeared by morgans side, morgans wife making sense of the whole situation. “morgan… its nordafet… or something resembling nordafet… where exactly are we?” she asked cautiously.

nordafet took a deep breath adn breathed out slowly. “we… are on a planet… on the other side of the white hole… apparently, this is where all the deom, rouge, and moed go when they die… took me a while to get my bearings when i first came here though.” nordafet said through the breathing apparatus on his face. morgan was even more curious now, but he had to kill resaec first. “not to burst your reunion bubble here old friend, but i have two questions to ask you. the first being why are you several feet taller then me? the second being how the fuck do we get the fuck off off this fucking tinderbo x before we become human jerky?” nordafet sighed and simply snapped his fingers.

“your in the dream dimension remember? you have the ability to change ocations any time you wish.” the deom said as the forest fire became a grassy plain filled with lollypop trees and gumshoes trying to solve the unsolvable. “as for your first question, this is my true form.” morgan nodded cluelessly. “uh huh…but… WHY are you taller then me?” nordafet looked at erde with concern and erde returned the favor. “has he been like this since i died?” the skeltal angel nodded silently. “good enough for me. so hows the beast doing these days?” there was a akward silence at the mentioning of the beast and morgan looked away.

“you dont remeber… do you?” morgan said sadly. nordafet looked blankly at the group as the skeletal angels fade back into morgan, one after the other. “of course not, the beast is still with us right?” nordafet asked again, not getting the point until morgan spelled it out for him. “nordafet… i dont know how to tell you this… but the beast…” it took morgan several deep breathes before he was able to sill the news. “the beast is dead… his replacement is the creature… or at least was the creature till he came after me.” the grassy plains burst away and revealed the sickly golden strands that had been corrupting the three dimensions ever since resaec took control.

“what? but, hes the beast! hell, even when we were inside of you, he fought bitterly against the moed. youre joking right?” morgan said nothing and turned away to embrace his wife. “hes been hit really hard by this nordafet… when we were in the singolarita dimensionale-” “you were IN the singolarita dimensionale?” “yes…” caasi said slowly, her hazel eyes darkening just a little. “morgan he- he became obsessed with getting the creature back to his side… it was all he ever did, was just build and rebuild the creature till there wasnt any parts left… managed to succeed one time when he went with the basics…” caasi gulped for air as morgan held her tightly in his arms. “he said that every single creature was sucked into the shell and the true creature emerged from the whole mess, violent, raging, ful of hate, wanting to destroy…” nordafet coughed as the scenery changed yet again to a maze of pipes and man eating flowers.

“the creature and morgan had some sort of conversation before morgan destroyed the creature with his own hands. he then left the disaster area and ordered his own energy to rebuild the beast with intelligence, strategic tactics, and a heart. we havent heard from the creature since then… poor guy… he hasnt been the same since.” caasi finished and for a while there was silence. and then they all heard morgan snoring. he had fallen asleep while she recounted his adventure trying to get the creature back. “WAKE UP!” reason shouted into his ear. “im up! im up! good to see you again nordafet… lets get out of this place before we all become plant food.” they were about to leave when caasi stopped to look at one of the plants. apparently it had learned to apply blush and lipstick horribly.

“dont.” nordafet wanred. “but why?” caasi asked. “trust me on this… thel iptick wearing ones are the worst. a moed tried touching that one in particular and it snapped him in four peices like a bundle of twigs.” “i thought you didnt like the moed.” morgan asked out of wanting to talk about something else. “i dont… but still… just.. dont.”


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Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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