singolarita dimensionale, part 6.5

resaec waited in his throne room silenlty, his hand gently lifting a wine glass full of the finest wine that his imagination could conjure up. his dark eyes gazed into the flames of the fire pit where even his most loyal subjects were burning while they held an office meeting to discuss productivity levels. “we could try getting out of the pit of burning death?” johnson from accounting suggested. “the poor fool.” richards siad. “he doesnt know what hes in for.” resaec stood up calmly and looked at his burning cabinet of employees. “no… i think johnson is right… there for… its the bottomless pit of things that bite you in uncomfortable places… enjoy your flight.” he walked away as the entire cabinet, fire, johnson and all, dropped to their screaming and uneventful fates.

“im bored.” resaec aid uncomfortably as he sat down in his bone throne, gently tapping his fingers on one of the skulls that made up his armrests. “and when im bored, i need to be ENTERTAINED!” suddenly, in a burst of smoke, two clones appeared, waiting for the overlord of the nightmare dimension to command them. “you… hit him in the nuts… with that nail bat.” the second clone looked extremely nervous, and as the first was about to do as was asked of him, he made a suggestion. a stupid one, but a suggestion none the less. “excuse me my lord… but wouldnt give you greater entertainment value if i was to be ripped apart by a vicious pack of wolf men, and then stabbed in the heart by a clwon wearing a cowbell?”

resaec thought on this while the first waited for further instructions. “no. you may proceed. nice suggestion though!” resaec said as the first clone slammed the second one as hard as he could in the crotch with the nail bat, sending him screaming in agony into the pit of things that bite in uncomfortable places. “hm… on second thought maybe i shouldve gone with his suggestion. you may join him.” the first clone oblidged and jumped into thep it as well.

the god of terrors mind was distracted by thoughts of complete domination when he recieved word that morgan had survived his encounter with the mecha fonze. “what!? NO ONE CAN BEAT THE MECHA FONZE! NOT EVEN ME!” he instinctively shouted, causing the messenger to turn into a flaming poodle strapped to a fire exstingiusher. “ill have to remedy this.”

he got up slowly, his skin tight cahin mail causing him purposeful discomfort. the bone throne then changed into a royal gaurd of skeletons that surround him. “my pets, i have a task for you… there is a man who will disrupt our plans to take over this disturbingly delightful place. i want you to kill him off. permently.” the overlord laughed as the skeltons faded into the ground, willing to do anything for their master at the moments notice. “i will wait for the news of your demise, but just to be on the safe side… it always helps to have spies in good places. creature?”

the creature shambled forward disjointedly, its frame squeaking and shaking with every movements, not from fear, but from lack of lubrication. “yes? i want you to join with your old friend, the lost wolf, and report to me silently every movement he makes. im sure this will give him reason to be more… active in his persuit of me. go now.” resaec commanded with authority. the creature oblidged grudgingly. “you know… i really wanted nothing to do with him.” “are you questioning me? you remember what happened to your… other self.” the creature shuddered even more, his mind already regretting joining forces with the god of terror.

“of course i remember, you tore him out of me, then made me watch as you took him apart with a single screw driver to the head. he never had a chance.” the creature said, discomforted by the fact. “and neither will you if you dont hurry along. i have plans i need to make and implement should you fail. and creature?” the creature stopped and looked back. his glowing red and black eyes meeting resaecs ice cold black ones. “act like the beast. friendly and with a smile!” resaec added cheerfuly.

half an hour later, he walked through the doors of his castle to get a look at his mighty empire. he stepped out on to the bright green grass and looked into the cheerful looking sky while the birds played and chirped happily. a rabbit hopped beside him with big brown doe eye and nibbled on some grass beside him. he disliked everything about it and pointed and single finger upwards. “this is MY kingdom. no more being cheerful for you.” a single black blood covered arrow later, and the ultimate nightmare landscape had been created. the grass was dead and dried, the once bright blue sky, now stormy and dreadful.

the birds that had been cheerful and playing had turned into fox news reporters and were attacking the balloon boys father, whie the rabbit turned into carrot top and began scaring little kids. “much better.” he thought to himself and returned indoors to plot some more.

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Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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