sogno della dinistia: singolarita dimensionale, part 1

as the god of terror resaec flew calmly down the hole of the screaming shadows, one thought and only one thought came to mind. ‘i must be rid of these two… everytime i am close to acheiving my ultimate goals, they appear and all has gone to waste. more importantly, this rainbow colored clown wige does nothing to improve my fear inducing levels… i must be rid of this contraption once and for all!’ he rocketed towards an unknown destination as his thoughts become clouded with thoughts of vengeance and better fear inducing clothing.

caasi gavin fell a little more ungracefully then she had expected, but was releived as morgan caught her hand the the walls of the portal reached inwards and swiped at her ankles, missing them by only a few inches. “ive got ya!” morgan said as a shadowy fist passed through his head, messing up his hair slightly. his mind still torn over the loss of his friends, and his mind dead set on destroying the overlord of the nightmare dimension that had set this whole sceme up. “i dont know what hes after, but were going to put a stop to it, once and for all!” caasi looked back up at her husband with a little hint of nervousness in her eyes. resaec had done something to her mind, something that couldnt be undone.

as they flew through the twisting and constantly forking portal of screaming shadows, morgan was consistently annoyed at some of the lame insults the shadows threw at him. “YOUR FACE IS UGLY LIKE THE BACK OF MY MOUTH!” “wha?” morgan asked confused at the whole thing. “I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHY AM I!?” again, morgan could only looked confused as he saw the familiar shape of a monkey furiously typing an angry letter to his local congressman about the rapid decline in banana imports. “and furthermore, i hate you because you hate bananas! signed, earl t. monkey.” morgan was even more frightened by the sound of a green blobish thing jollying its way towards them.

“I WANT PUDDING!” even caasi had to question the sanity of the shadows who were supposedly trying to scream. “where are we going?” she asked, ignoring all the lame insults being thrown their way. “i dunno, but i can feel a strong pull towards the center of this portaled place. how are you holding up?” morgan asked his wife, never letting go of her hands. then he suddenly got a bright idea and slung her up on his back and slamming his face into the wall of the lame shadows. 

“YOU-“”ARE-“”A-“”UGLY-“”NEWCASTLE BEER!” morgan couldnt take the rampant idiocy in the tunnel and increased his speed drasticly to get to the center of it all. “oh my crapping angry concerned typing monkeys…” morgan said as the end of the tunnel opened up to an empty space four hundred times the size of the sun.  in the center was resaec, the god of terror, the overlord of the nightmare dimension, the terrofying wearer of the rainbow clown wig. “i see that you have passed through the portal of the screaming shadows alive… but not unscathed.” morgan was more angry then annoyed at this point. “WHY THE HELL DID YOU DESIGN IT WITH LAME INSULTS!?” morgan wanted to know that single fact right off the bat before he pummeled resaec within inches of his life yet again.

“that is not important, lost wolf. what is important is what i am about to do to you and your… wife. you see, this place is the singolarita dimensionale, the place where all three dimensions intersect with one another. and at the very dead center of this wholesome little place where all the sleeping creatures of the multiverse pass through to get to their own dreams, nightmares, or comas… its unfortunate, but it happens…” “GET TO THE POINT!” caasi screamed with little patience for her former masters long winded speeches. “very well. this place, is in essence, a blackhole for the imagination with three very different white hole destinations. but you must first live with the enemies you have defeated on the battlefield in a world divided by three.”

resaec disapeared into the center of the blackwhole laughing the entire way. “this isnt goo-” morgan said, but was interrupted by and instantly intense pull of gravity. “HOLD ON AS TIGHT AS YOU CAN CAASI!” he screamed as he saw areas of the dream dimension made of gold and silver and diamonds that were being eaten by the truck loads, lands where fire hydrants and scratching posts battled litterboxes and chewtoys. places where barney the purple dinosaur ruled with an iron bloody fist as children were forced to sing lousy songs about the power of fisting basketballs.

scenes of degradation and decadance that were too horrid or strange to be described, flew past at an irrational pace until there was a giant sucking sound as everything disapeared. no light, no sound, no up or down, absolute nothingness. morgan felt caasis heartbeat against his back. he felt her breath on the back of his neck, but couldnt hear a single word she was saying. 

and then they both fell towards a brightly burning, brightly colorful, and powerfully sweet smelling plane only forty acres across. a house ripped up from the ground as they got closer and closer to it. the house then jutted outwards and upwards three hallways that exploded into three different and oddly shaped houses. the first was nothing more then a complex and confusing array of staircases and rooms that defied all reason or logic. the second house was nothing more then a mindbending optic illusion that disoriented the senses and even more so the sense of dirention. the third house was the most curious of all three.

it had a cartoonish look to it, brightly colored, akwardly designed, and strangely constructed out of springs, gears, bars, and food.  “YES! FOOD! IM SO FRIGGIN HUNGRY!” morgan screamed in joy, some how, caasi knew that was going to be his first reaction. 

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Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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