singolarita dimensionale, part 7.6

the creature waited for the force of the explosions to hit him, but he found himself perfectly fine, time seemed to have stopped, at least, slowed to a halt. he could see barney fife walking towards him with a mencaing look on his face. my friend…” he began, heavily breathing, sumbling across as if some great realization had just crossed his mind. “i do hope youll forgive the theatrics, but i had to make the girlscouts of america believe i was on their side. in truth…” he leaned closer to the beasts massive head, the gleaming silver of the creatures teeth reflecting the bright orange skyline above them. 

“you have a much greater purpose.” barney fife said as he simply walked by. “this place, this dimension were in, is one of three in a greater war.” the creature struggled to move but his joints were fused together. “it isnt a war of good and evil, although it could be said that it is a WAR none the less. no, no, no… this war, is far more important then the impolite bickering between two sode of the same coin.” the creatures eyes followed barney fifes movements, not daring to look away from the molasses like momentum of the explosions or the frozen demonic faces of the girlscouts, still chanting their selfish motto. 

“you see, dearest creature. we are at war with non existence.” the human coughed a couple of times, looked up at the ragged remains of the girl scout, and then walked over and tapped the corpse on the head three times. the creature couldnt speak at all. “anti existence, if it wins, will do nothing. what i mean to say is… if non existence wins. there will be nothing, it will all end, time will come to a screeching halt, and then everything will dissapear in the blink of an eye.” this concerned the creature a litttle as he watched the ragged corpse stand up only to have its leg bones puncture through the skin.

“you see creature, morgan is a very special person, with a unique set of allies that reside within his very being. these two beings are skeletal angels, but unlike the more usefull ones, they to do nothing to their victims, simply put, they just make them into nothing.” barney fife jammed his hand through the ribcage of the corpse and ripped out her heart. the creature looked in horror at what barney fife had done. 

“would you relax! this… thing… is just a mailbox. it has no emotions, no soul, no pulse, and much like you, she is purely mechanical with just a spark of electricty running through her circiuts, keeping her moving. oh yes… i completely forgot.” barney threw the heart into the creature open mouth, pressed in one of his knuckles, and then snapped his fingers. the creature tried moving again and found that he could do better then move. 

his chest took in air, and he ofund it cold. he touched the dirt on the gorund and found that it was smooth, and siffed the air and found it sweet. “just… what have you done to me?” he said, still concerned for this drastic change in his structure. “we dont have any time to talk about that right now, we MUST find morgan before he reaches the nightmare dimension!” barney fife said with an intense look in his eyes. “if morgan reaches the nightmare dimension, before we are able to get ot him, then the war between existence and non existence will become visible to all three dimensions!”

the creature understood perfectly for a small fraction of a second before becoming totally aware of himself. “THE FUCK ARE YOU SAYING!? you mean to tell me that morgan has been tramping around with the keys to making everything nothing!?” barney nodded harshley. “are there any more pointless question you want to ask me before everything nothings?”  the creature looked around himself. the girlscouts were still frozen in place, the faces contorted with rage and fury that he wouldnt buy their cookie. 

“i have one more question for you.” barney fife looked the beast square in the eyes, and for a single fraction of a second, the creature wet himself, just al ittle bit. “can we finish off troop eight seventy five?” barney fife smiled and started to fade away while snapping his fingers. “as you wish, me and the mailbox will be watching from the side lines for your victory. but after five minutes we disapear and you fight everything alone, understand?” the creature nodded greedily as he readied himself for his favorite attack.

“do it. buco nero infinito.” barney fife snapped his fingers and time resumed as the creature unleashed his personal favortie attack. a microscopic red dwarf died, then an intense gravity well formed. “all done, this should take care of all those cookies… and that fucking explosion. lets go.”

the two leftas the fire, force, and the girlscouts and the soccer moms were all painfully sucked into the blackhole that led to an infinite path of increasingly tinier blackholes. 

in the singolarita dimensionale, doow and brian were chatting with the underside versions of themselves, each saying the same thing, in different ways, and none of them smart enough to figure it out. “what im saying is that weve been circling the same topic.” “we keep saying the same stuff.” doow and brian said collectively before a crystal shard appeared in the center of the plain, equal on both sides. “the war has begun between the door of existence, and chasm of non existence. we, the elders of time and space, require a hero that will step up to take the netire burden of winning this war, by himself. do you know any of that character?” adry and crackling voice said slowly. 

doow thought for a second before taking notice of the chewed up lifesaver whimpering in the corner. “i think i might have hust the guy youre looking for.” brian floated along side doow and said nothing. the q species didnt have any mouth to speak of, but he did have his thoughts. ‘the one youre looking for has over powered the mecha fonze. you must follow the trail of the creature if you wish to find him.’ the crystal shard said nothing in return, and the two of them waited for a response before going back to their pointles conversation.

morgan and caasi had traversed the deserts of the mindless, the sea of dimensions, and battled their way across many fights and wars. morgan barely remembered the normalcy of the waking dimension, nor could he fathom why he wished to do so. nordefet had taken up residence inside morgans mind as well but lent his physical form over to morgan as armor plating. caasi had become friends with treebeard after saving his life from a much bigger threat then he was. they had come to the nexus of existence, and there morgan beheld a sign.

“beware dreamer, for the place you now ponder entering, is the very place that shall become your tomb. enter if only your wish to see the great wonders in all of existence, throw away your life, and forget about eating for a whole week because we never have any left overs!” morgan was pissed off about the left overs, but he truly wanted to get back to resaec.

reseac returned through his fireplace into the classroom where kim and sarah were silently reading the books he had given them. it had been four weeks since she had come to this class,and sarah had yet to learn a single thing about the course she thought this was. she began shifting in her seat and glared at the clock. ‘this is pointless,’ she thought to herself. ‘i have to be at work by six thirty, and this class doesnt end till five twenty nine!’ she looked over at kim with a slight bit of interest. “so… ive been meaning to ask you kim… but how have you been since the whole dream thing?”

kim shifted in her seat, her blue eyes sifting through the pages like nothing was happening. “ive been… through a lot since that time sarah, it really hasnt been a fruitfull experience for me at all, but my minds opened up to a few possibilities, that maybe there are some interesting aspects to life that weve never thought about before. why do you ask?”

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Author: Morgan Gavin

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