singolarita dimensionale, part 7.7

“welcome to the plane of reality where the battle between the door of existence, and the chasm of non existence will take place creature.” barney fife said as they entered a place where the ground was flat and smooth, and the sky was pitch black. “is this place a planet of some sort?” the creature simply asked, his mind still getting used to all of the feelings nad sounds his body was making. “no… this is a plane, a plane! at any rate, on the exact oppisite sides of this plain are the door of existence, and the chasm of non existence. anything that IS exists, and anything that ISNT is non existent.” barney yawned, he was anxious to get to morgan before his worst fears came true. 

the creature started thinking about it for a second before realizing that most awful of truths. “so that means… everyone that alpha and omega has nothinged… is on the side of non existence! but wait a second… if something goes from existence to non existence then wouldnt that mean that thing doesnt exist any more?” the creature questioned with out really thinking things through. barney fife stood there quietly, lettign the creature talk his way through it, not really knowing the answer to anything at this point.

“i mean think about it, if something where to stop existing, and then dissappear completely, then they wouldnt have a single atom left over. not one… so how can we fight an enemy we cant see, hear or feel coming towards us?” barney fife smirked. “thats just it creature, we cant see, or hear, or fel them. we dont know which way theyll be coming, or how many of them there will be… all we known for sure is that if the non existent win… then there wont be anything left to celebrate.” the two stared at the white plain for the longest time, wondering if theo ther would try to come up with a theory or at least how to combat an unknown enemy.

“well, youre right about one thing barney… we have to get to morgan before its too late. i know a shortcut.” the creature shouted as he barreled into the door of existence while barney fife raised a hand in warning. but it was too late, the door had swallowed him whole, leaving barney fife on his own, with a terrifying knot of doubt rippling through out his body. he stared at the other end of theb attle field for the longest time, hearing the rumblings of an ever growing chasm of anti existence, watching as an unseen light bathed upon him. “you wont win… i wont let you.” barney said as he prepared to fight.

the creature was shot out at a random location in space and time, and beheld what would become if the war with non existence was lost. he was floating in space, no it couldnt even be called that. it looked as if there was nothing. absolute nothingness. it looked as if colossal claws had shredded existence as f it were a painting, and revealed what truly laid behind the very veil of reality. shimmering, gleaming, twisted anti existence had pushed its way through. the creature couldnt even be sure that it could be even called an it, or even a what for that matter. it had no soul, no heart, no exact form that he could even describe.

“I AM THE VOICE OF THE ANTI EXISTENCE!” a voice erupted inside the creatures being, it was as if the voice were a prerecorded tape, playing over and over in his brain like a emeory of something being said, just barely on the cusp of his memory. “HEED MY WORD, CREATURE THAT EXISTS! THIS IS YOUR FUTURE! THIS IS YOUR WORK! YOUR VERY BEING HERE HAS BECOME THIS TIME! YOUR VERY EXISTENCE, IS THAT OF NON EXISTENCE! YOUR MASTER SHALL DIE BY YOUR HANDS! YOUR CREATOR WILL FAIL AND ALL WILL FALL TO THE CLAWS OF THE ANTI!” the creature felt something, or had felt like at one point he felt something pulling him back through the tattered remains of the door of existence. his mind filled with doubt, his heart shaken by the words he didnt remember remembering, his thoughts only of the image he saw or remembered seeing.

the unseen force pulling him back, and whipped him into the randomness against his will, his being, and his very core, into an unknown destination, time, and place, all the while the creatures thoughts on finding morgan before it was to late. the chaos around him swirled like some sort of twisted painting, until finally it settled. he looked around, still disoriented by the trip, by the memeries and find himself staring at the back of morgans head. “caasi, would you do the honors?” the human said with a smile. 

the creature looked at what lay in front of him, and found that the four of them had been surrounded on all side by what looked like purple crabs with poodle missile launchers with top hats and monocles. “pi pip cheerio!” a purple crab said behind them. before it had a chance to act it was peirced through the middle by a giant katana. “SCATTER STAB!” he heard caasis voice say. 

morgan turned around and saw that the creature had returned to him, but something was wrong, something was very, very wrong.

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Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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