singolarita dimensionale, part 7.8

the creature looked up at morgan with a suddenan instant fear in his eyes. “WHAT EVER YOU FUCKING DO, DO NOT KILL RESAEC!” he practically screamed in morgans face, the creatures metal teeth clanging together. “im serious! do not kill him morgan, if you do, something unexplainably terrifying will happen! theres a war going on, between something we know, and something we dont know! ive seen the golden strands that are killing the htree dimensions!”  the creature rambled on and on while caasi finished off the rest of the purple crabs that had been sent to kill them. “whats he talking about?” she asked with a slight sense of intamacy, the creatures glass eyes shivering in their sockets. “barney fife! barney fife is the one who told me!” the creature panicked again asm organ bent down on his knees and lifted the creatures head up to meet his. 

“its going to be ok, this is the dimension of nightmares after all, and were all back together again, im so proud of your decision creature!” morgan said happily. “and of course we are at war, were at war with the god of terror, resaec dazzle himself, the one who is corrupting the dimensions.” the creature knew he didnt understand the magnitude of the maount of danger they were all in. “im telling you! DO NOT KILL RESAEC! THE NEXT TIME YOU DO THERES GOING TO BE A LOT MORE THEN THE NIGHTMARE DIMENSION TO WORRY ABOUT!” morgan couldnt understand the creatures sudden burst of fear and determined it to be a faulty wire or something else he couldnt be sure of. “at any rate, were within striking distance of the god of terror, and im not going to waste anymore time waiting for him to come to us.”

the creature watched in absolute terror as the future that barney fife predicted was coming true. “morgan… what have you become?” he said sadly, then with a ready determination, he ran after morgan with a determination to save the god of terrors infiite number ofl ives by any means available. “i sure hope this works.”

the door of existence and the chasm of non existence glared at each other, each unable to speak to the other, and only through barney fifes body could they communicate. the humans mind had been ripped to shreds, and only left ab abbling idiot in between the two godlike forces. “so, this is what its come down to?” “i will make everything you have created into nothingness!” “and i will continue to create everything from that nothingness old friend. why do we have to fight?” barney fifes body became twisted and decrepid, his face wrinkeled into a snarl. “BECAUSE YOU ARE MY POLAR OPPISITE! THERE CANNOT BE NON EXISTENCE, WITH OUT EXISTENCE TO CREATE TO FIL THE VOID!”  his body became wisened, stood straight and stroked his chin calmly. “that may be, but are you not curious as to how this ones plight will end?” 

“end? end to nothingness? to end the life of one who is following his ambitious fathers footsteps? you must become nothingness to truly understand disparity and rage, to feel that need to destroy! the golden strands of anti existence wil slowly poison the three dimensions, and all will become mine to turn into nothing!” the voices quarreled on and on, there discussions both grand and exquisite, but the body of barney fife was becoming weakened from the strain of the forces at work. slowly his body became bruised and cut, his face torn and his eyes slowly became white with blindness. until at last his voice was the last thing to go out. the last words of anti existence still hovering in the air, “mark my words door, nothingness will win, there is no greater power!”

inside morgans mind, the skeletal angels and reason were gathered around a large round table, at each seat there was a list. at the center of the table hovered a crystal orb four feet in diameter that spun silently. erde, schwarzenfeuer, licht, shhwarzen and reason had all taken their seats while alpha and omega took their time getting into theirs. reason was the first to speak. “im sure that you all have seen the devastation that resaec has caused to the three dimensions from various reports from the other two represenitives?” there was a general agreement amongst the angels. “then you all know that if what the creature said is true, then morgan is not to kill resaec… which is somethign that im a bit confused over… what are your thoughts?” 

licht was the first to speak up. the bandages covering his eye lowered a bit, revealing a starkly balck eye that had a red x in the center. “i still think we should follow our masters wishes, though i dont think killing off resaec ANOTHER time will solve much. we all know that the master is dead set on this, but i also think he should help us in our unfinished journeys as well.” schwarzung held her loves hand in agreement. “we still need out respective clans to aknowledge our love, we have been in pain so long from how we died… over something such as love? unthinkable…”

erde had a slightly contrary veiw, the roots that made up his arms squirming with life and vitality. “we should follow the creatures advice and not kill resaec, in all my time with morgan, even back when the creature was still the beast, i have never seen that thing so freaked out! doesnt it concern you that this sudden burst of fear is jsut a little out of character for him?” erde placed his hands on his face and the bandages that covered his arms and legs glowed passionately. sschwarzenfeuer spoke up, his voice a duet of waassers light and airy tones, and feuers crackling fiery voice. “we are all just as concerned about the creatures change of charactr as you are erde, but these bandages will only let us do as the master commands when he commands it. in here we are free to go where we please in our respective areas… but i sometimes think that our own judgment is better then his.”

reason looked towards the most powerful of the skeletal angels with a slight fear of their maniacal faces, the only spot on there bodies not covered in heavy chains and bolts were their mouths. they spoke together and as one, though reason had heard them talk seperately on different occasions. and it scared him shitless. 

“we think the master should kill off the god of terror and let the war happen, the war between existence and nothingness will test our masters strength of character, his passion of will, and the totality of his mind. the golden strands are already eating away at the dimensions, their beauty only hiding the stark reality from those that are blinded by their own greed.” the table was silent as the skeletal angels were outraged at what they were hearing.  “ALPHA AND OMEGA! HOW DARE YOU SAY SUCH A THING!?” reason screamed, almost reaching across the table to punch omega in the face. “what i.. we.. speak, is the truth. a stark reality of the nothingness that will consume our enemies and turn their existences into non existences…”

the skeletal angels and reason were silent, listeneing to the duos every word with as much anger towards the speakers, conern for their masters well being, and fear of their very safety. the duos head twisted upside down, the chains that once held them down turned to nothing as their voices became ghostly and malevolent.

“why do you run from the inevitable?”

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Author: Morgan James Gavin

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