like being mad at the moon
singing a song to make me mad
hoping the sun fades away into these after lights
I’m so full of angrrr
life couldn’t be much strangrrrr
seeing you so full of angrrr
makes this life seem so rich with dangrrr

but I’m not a bad speller
and I can’t help the way I feel
trying so hard not to tell her
that she just makes me want to squeal
like a piece of bacon on the
hot griddle stove
like everything else full of dangerous woes

and I’m so full of angrrr
I really am a strangrrrr
full of typos and idiots
looking like some personal obliterates
now I’m so full of anger
people might cast me off as a stranger

because of ever one else opinion
I feel like an onion
I smell bad
my skin falls off
I’m radioactIve
and I can’t help it

little bo peep
lost her sheep
and I ate them all up
so jack and Jill
went up the hill
but no one broke there crown
I kidnapped JIll and sent her to a mill
and I shot jack down
little miss muffet
sat on her tuffet
eating her curds away
along came a spider
who sat down beside her
and I sprayed both with raid

I’m so full of angrrr
this life couldn’t be stranger
I’m so full of angrrr
and I broke the magic mirror
I’m Disney worst night mare come true
I hunted down and stuffed
winny the poo
I had piglet for breakfast one time
and I blew the crap out of eor house
with a stick of dynamite
a stick of dynamite

brutal as that might seem
I’m the villain in the scene
killing bond first
then enjoy my desert
I’m so full of angrrr
this life couldn’t be stranger
I’m so full of angrrr
god my spelling sucks
worse then last nights hangover…

Posted via web from The mind of Morgan James Gavin

Author: Morgan James Gavin

Author, Musician, Tarot Reader, Blogger, sex icon, all around chill guy. What's your dream?

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