singolarita dimensionale, part 8.5

the door of existence stood several miles apart from the chasm of non existence with the body of barney fife of equal distance between the two. the chasm glowing red as spurts of black lightningshot out from it. the door knew all too well what was transpiring in the dimensions, and it did notl ike it at all. 

the creature acted as morgans body inside his own mind, and obeyed every neural command that morgan thought. spoke every word that morgan spoke, and it enjoyed the experience a little too much. “twilight, we know who and what you are, you are the agent of the chasm of non existence arent you?” the partially alive twilight nodded slowly as his energy was pulling pulled from him. the body halfway devoured by the carniverous vines from the inside out. tears of pain dropped from twilights eyes. “have mercy on us, we were only doing as the chasm told us to!” the creature laughed heartily.

“sure ill give you mercy, ill kill you more slowly with a single word. but first, i want you to tell me one thing. what is the one thing that will prevent this war between existence and non existence from happening?” the creature spoke affluently, smoothly, and as cold and void of emotion as a machine could get. the skeletal angel shook violently as it mind was slowing down to a grind halt. “we will never divulge the secrets of the chasm! in fact, resaec should become a part of the chasms great war machine very soon! and if hes infected with the golden strands like so much of the dimensions are… the only way youll be able to save him, will be to kill him… AGAIN!” the vines tightened their grip around twilights neck. “what do you think reason… should we keep this traitor alive? or kill him and let the other angels devour his dust?” the creature already had made his mind up about the whole thing, but it wasnt his call. 

reason paced the room, unsure of his feeling towards the situation. “on the one hand,” he walked slowly towards the skeletal angel, its face turning blue from the lack of mental energy it needed to breathe, “on the one hand, we could keep him locked away in the core of your mind, but that place is reserved only for the creature IF his behavior becomes too irratic for my liking..” the creature growled a little at the mention of thatp lace again. twilight cackled weakly as the last of its strength was sapped from his body. 

“the non existence, the chasm will win… nothing can escape its depths…” reason smiled at the creature, and turned to the dying twilight, his mind racing with rage. “what? you expect me to take pity on you after youve killed licht and schwarzung!? KILL HIM! but before you do… ill be taking those weapons of yours… morgan could use them.” the vines snaked across any remaining open areas on twilights body and constricted slowly. “what are you doing to me?” he asked weakly.

“im going to keep killing you, and then reving you and killing you… over and over again till your body bursts into lifeless dust for the final time. you deserve nothing less… better yet… erde, stick those seeds into his blood stream… you know the ones.” reason said coldly. “i dont want you getting any ideas and trying to escape.” reason said with a glare of hate flashing across his face. ‘morgan, where are you now?’

morgan and caasi had been staring into the nothingness, the golden strands slowly devouring the thin viel of the three dimensions away. morgan could already see the university where sarah and kim were busy studying under the tutalge of one of resaecs clones. he could also see the singolarita dimensionale  as well, the residents, doow and brian, worried sick as they franticly tried to contain the situation. 

“something tells me that this war is going to happen whether we like it or not.” caasi whispered into her husbands ear. “all we can do is prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.” morgan replied quietly with a grimace on his face. “hope being the key word.”

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