singolarita dimensionale, part 8

caasi looked out towards the nothingness, the vast expanse of it scared her so much the blood left her face and shell oked pale as a ghost. “m-morgan?” the golden strands evoloping the nothingness seemed alive, pleased at the chaos they were causing to the three dimensions. “whats happened?” morgan stood still, his mind trying desperately to grasp the stark reality of it all. her husband had a look of concern to his face. “no… this is completely wrong…” nordafet said, a fury in his quiet voice. “all those poor dreamers, doem and rouge… al them.. turned into nothing ness by these sick depraved golden strands…” morgan was at a complete and utter loss for words. inside he felt an emptyness so grand and scary that it had paralyzed him in the totality of the golden strands destructive force.

“we.. we have to do this… we just have to do this…” was all he kept saying.  caasi slapped morgan across the face hard in order to snap him out of his funk. “MORGAN! in order for us to save the dimensions, we have to kill resaec!” “but the creature said not to kill him or something bad would happen…” morgan said. “i dont care what the creature said, lets kill him off beforeh e does any more damage to the dimensions then he already has!”

resaec looked out form his tower, his cold icy grey eyes scouring the scene in fornt of him. he saw morgan, cassi and nordafet staring at the nothingness in front of them, and was curious about the golden strands. “clone, i want any information you have conrenring those golden strands, and if they pose any threat to my rule!” he ordered. but no response came. he became furious, “CLONES! I DEMAND THAT YOU RESPOND TO MY COMMANDS AT ONCE, OR YOU SHALL DIE PAINFULLY!” the only response came from a masked figure in the distance. “they aren o longer yours… my lord.” resaec turned around, his face already contorting to his godo f terror form. “HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME THIS WAY! I DEMAND TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE!” the masked figure slid towards him with disturbing movements til he was close enough that resaec could smell the scent of then othingness in its breath.

“remove your mask, so that way i might see the face of my enemy at once.” he commanded simply. the figure removed his mask, revealing that it was resaec himself, his entire body covered in the sickly spiderweb of golden strands, his eyes nothing more hten black orbs with golden irises and blood red slits for pupils. “my lord… would you like to ascend to a higher title then god of terror? to feel everysingle movement of the three dimensions at every second? to know no limits in the power of the chasm of non existence!?” reseac back off a few feet and six more hands that ended in sharp ten foot long claws sprang from under his cloak. “you are a threat, to my kingdom!”

“what kingdom is that?” another resaec clone said, also covered in the same golden strands as the first. “you killed your father, stole his throne, ended your siblings lives in the simple act of a thought. you ARE THE NIGHTMARE KING AND THE GOD OF TERROR! and yet, with all your power, with all your strength, you are unable to end one single life!” the clone stated, his voice a combination of the nothingness and resaecs. “i can show you truest power, the power to make existence into non existence! to be able to weild the power of the golden strands!” resaecs mind began to cloud with the thoughtso f truest power, but then his pride became his shield.

he attacked, his claws slashing against the clones. “did you forget already that we are the exact same replicas of yourself? that WE  ALSO ARE GODS OF TERROR!?” resaec smiled and ten more hands slid fro his cloak. “no, but replicas arent as fast or strong as the original. did YOU forget that?” the figures dissapeared in clouds of smoke, and resaec found himself wrapped in the golden strands for an instant, and in the few seconds, him mind expanded far beyond what he thought was possible. the strain of the immense amount of information that was being slammed into him mind almost tore it apart. “cant… take.. musch… more…”. the taste of power dissapeared almost as fast as it had started. the voice of hte chasm grew to immense volumes and resaec fell to his knees. 

“YOU WILL KNOW THE TRUEST POWER OF THE NON EXISTENCE! YOU WILL FIND TRUEST LIFE IN DEATH! AND YOU WILL KNOW MY WILL!” it laughed at him, seeing how easily he could topple the god of terror itself. “I WILL SHOW YOU MY TRUE FORM RESAEC DAZZLE, THE SO CALLED, GOD OF TERROR!” with those words, the chasm of non existence flooded the room with its twisted clones of reasec, each armed with ten robotic hands that ended in three pronged claws. “you will find that the god of terror is more powerful then you think!” resaec said as he rushed into the fray, his pwer as the godo f terror coming into full bloow as the room instantly filled with absolute power.

morgan sensed the god of terrors power near by ad hastened his search. but was interrupted by a powerful urge to call out alpha and omega. ‘DONT DO IT!’ reasons voice shouted in his mind. ‘theyve become twisted by some sort of demon, the creature fighting itright now!’

inside morgans mind, the creature was being punched and kicked so hard that dents appeared on the other side of his body. “that wont stop me! I AM THE CREATURE! AND NOW I SHALL SHOW YOU MY TRUE POWER!” he raged as lightning enveloped his being and spikes shot out from every imaginable place. “oh.. thats original,” twilight taunted. “what next? a cape?” the creature shot towards twilight with the force of a nuke and slammed his fist through the skeletal angels head. “wow… that didnt even tickle. are you sure your as strong as morgan makes you out to be?” twilight said as it simply removed the creature hand from his face and healed instantly. “you know, i think its time i showed YOU my true power!” twilight cackled in glee as it divided itself into three, then nine, then twenty seven copies. each baring six arms holding double bladed, rocket launching scythes. “DEMANDA MASIVA DE LAS MUERTES!” twilight screamed as all twenty seven copies sliced began slashing through the creatures body with twice the force of the creatures punches. 

“oh no the fuck you dont! Specialspalte” the creature split into three. “milione pugnalate di velocità!” instantly, it was a downward battle as the twilights and the creatures slammed and stabbed eachother, the twilights over powering the creatures as arms were slashed off and shells were peirced. “do not think we are weaklings, we have the power of the golden strands at our command, the power of non existence is mine, as i am the chasm of non existence, and all will fall before the power of the nothingness of my beutiful golden strands!”

the creature was in a desperate situation, and in dire need of help. then he heard morgans voice, “SCHWARZER WALD DER DORN: ERWEITEN SIE!” the room became a vast and thick forest and vines shot through the copies of the former skeletal angels as they howled and raged. “the nothingness will claim victim over the god of terror, and then the war of existence and non existence will be in the public eye! NOTHING WILL STOP ME, NOTHI-” the vines wrapped themselves around the bodies and faces of the copies, shunting hundreds of hail stone sized vines down their throats.

“not if i have anything to say about it.” morgan said through the creature.

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Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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