for twistedwood, because you just want attention. and so you shall receive it, a lot of attention.

folks, ive done my part in leaving twisted woods big bro. out of my posts, and for good reason, his little brother has threatened to kick me out of my dads house. now, mind you, i dont live with my dad, just my mom, so that being said, the worst ill get is an angry phone call from dad stating what the hell am i thinking. so, like ive said, ive left him alone, and did my own thing. because there is nothing id love to do more then annoy the crap out of psychopathic little borthers with rap sheets, ESPECIALLY those who get people kickedo ut of their dads houses, who dont live with them any more. so, now hes back, harrassing me like never before! taunting me into giving him what he wants:


so, im more hten happy to oblige him, so for your information and awesomeness, you have just become someone in the public eye. because i want to keep this short, heres his face book page:

i dont care about this guy, he threatened my life, hes an exconvict, thrown in jailing for bombing a schoollbus full of orphans. nah… as much as id like to leave that there as truth i cant. the stalker would just get a little pissy, he wants the truth. he was thrown in jail for assualt and battery on people he finds “distasteful” or insult his bigger brother. so ill just leave it to that, and get on with my writing.

remember twisted wood, you asked for this. and so you shall recieve.

Posted via web from The mind of Morgan James Gavin

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