singolarita dimensionale, part 9

resaec slammed the claws against the wall, breaking them before the golden strands could cover his arm. “i will not allow you to devour my kingdom, chasm of non existence.” the clones shivered as their faces broke apart, revealing the sickening golden strands holding them together. “i will have you at my side whether you like it or not!” resaec smiled as snapped his fingers. “you may have taken over their bodies, but i controll who lives and dies by a snap of my fingers. i find this batch not good enough for my liking. die all of you.” the clones covered by the golden strands fell to the floor, dead before they hit the ground. resaec turned to survey the actions of his adversaries. ‘i have a sinking feeling that we may need to join forces to beat the chasm, no questions asked. the only thing is, will you be willing to accept such an alliance?’

the golden strands seemed to be binding themselves into a small tight ball, slowly at first, then faster and faster. caasi didnt like this one bit, the dream dimension was her home and to see it being torn apart like this was unspeakable. “morgan, i think its not possible to win this war… wen eed help, we need his help.” she pointed towards resaec, whos castle window seemed to be closer then either had previously thought. morgan walked over to the window and tapped on the glass. not sure of what to expect, he calmly explained himself.

“um… resaec? hi, its morgan…. apparently, wen eed your help against what ever these things are and-” resaec cut him off with a wave of his hand. “you just WALKED straight over here, knowing our history?” morgan shrugged. “it was either this or try stomping you into submission, i just chose the easier route for both of us you know?” resaec saw thel ogic inthis, and heartily agreed that the stomping into submission part wasb etter left alone.

after a few minutes of silence in which they stood and watched another fat man run from a giant cheese wheel, the two shook hands through the window, which seemed to be not filled in with glass, but it was. “its already started in my kingdom, quickly! we must get to the door of existence!” resaec said with urgency. “that place? but ive already been there like ten times already trying to put the creature together!” caasi punched him in the arm and gave him a dirty look. “FINE! ill go with him to the stupid door of existence…” resaec thanked caasi in her assistance in the decision making process and the fourstarted to walk when morgan had a great idea. 

“hey! this is the nightmare dimension right? why not just think a giant bat ihere to fly us to where ever we need to go?” morgan shouted after half an hour of walking. “because you simpleton, where we need to go is the singolarita dimensionale… again. thats the only way we can get to the dor of existence is through the house of the illogical.” caasi nodded. “i think that resaec has a pretty solid plan, but more important, how do we get… never mind!” resaec sank into the ground and motioned for therest to follow him. “uh- morgan? im going to stay behind and take care of something, is that cool with you?” nordafet said suddenly.

morgan shrugged, he would just see him in the singolarita if he died anyways. “sure thing, take the creature with you, im sure youll need the help.” nordafet sighed nervously, the last time he had spent some time with the creature, he died. painfully.  the deom saw the creature step out of morgans body like a cell dividing and wondered how something that big could fit into somethng so small. as if on que, the creature shook his head at nordafet. “just.. dont tink abouti t and everything will be al ot simpler. good to see you again nordafet.” the creature said with a smile. this would have brough nordafet to tears if the deom had any tear ducts to begin with.

“take care you two… and try not to kill each other ok?” morgan said as he sank into the gorund after his wife. “us? try to kill each other? look, i may be the creature, but i still have theb easts memories. well get along just perfectly!” he said with a smile. morgan shook his head. “thats what im worried about. later!” with that, the rest of morgan dissapeared into the portal of egotistical shadows. a much different expereince the portal of screaming shadows. one of the shadows managed to escape from the portal and promptly began doing what he was good at. boasting that he was better then the creature. “IM BETTER THEN Y-” the creature simply bit the shadow in half. ending its premature insulting life forevermore. the shadow then went into acting as a stunt double for people with no legs.

“well that was certainly strange enough.” nordafet said to the creature. “wow! you look different! your so shiny and… well, shelled!” the creature said rubbing his hand across the shoulder pad of the deom. “yeah… that kinda happens to us when we die… a lot. look at you though, so ive got some questions for you while we head to that ball of golden crap. the first being, how many creatures are you in one?” nordafet asked simply. the creature shrugged and decided to try and figureoit out. “wanna find out?” he said excitedly, “DO I EVER!?  nordafet said, just a little freaked out. the creatures arms, legs, torso, head, hands and feet opened up like a tool box as hundreds of mechanical hands and fourteen floating cameras flew around the assembly area. 

all nordafet could do was sit down and watch as ten more creatures wer made, each specializing in something unique. theo ne he liked the most was the creature able to make giant metal cheese wheels and fat people to run away from them, only to end up being run over and causing the same group of scientists from before to be dissapointed and go have jello shots at TGI fridays. “holy crap… have they been following us this whole entire time?” the creatures split face asked. “dunno… maybe. who cares at this point, we have that thing to take care of!” 

the golden strands had formed eight other golden strand balls which had connected to each other through green energy streams. “dont… cross… the… streams…” the golden strand monster said slowly. nordafet and the creature looked at each as the ten creatures became one, except for theo ne who made the gaint cheese wheels. he went after all the weight watchers clinics and the group of scientists follwed him, hoping for at least one successful trial.

“fuck that… lets cross those damned stream and end this thing. HEY! WHAT THE FLYINGH ELL IS YOUR NAME!?” nordafet asked the monster that was slowly lumbering towards them and growing larger with every step closer to them. “I AM THE WILL OF CHASM!” “so… chase?” “CHASM!” “charlie?” “CHASM!!” ” chasm?” “MY NAME IS CHIMPY!!! NOW DIE!” “chimpy it is!” nordafet said happily. “DAMN YOU TO NOTHINGNESS!” now it was the creatures turn to be annoyed.


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Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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