singolarita dimensionale, part 9.1

the nine golden balls slung blue strands of energy to each and formed a massive body. each golden ball of strands was the size of a small moon, this kinda bothered the creature a little bit as chasm stepped on both him and nordafet without a second thought. “I AM CHASM! HERE ME NOTHING!” chasm felt the slight movement under his might foot as it became covered in metal plating. “you know… for a guy thath as all this power? you sure are weak. nordafet, are you sure that this guy can take us?”  the deom slipped over the foot of chasm and flashed a thumbs up. a nearby TGI fridays where the scientists, the fat person, and the giant metal cheese wheels were all having jellos shots was crushed under foot by chasm.

“i hate jello shots.” chasm said in a slow monotone voice. “i hate them a lot.” the creatures eyes began to water out of pure hate. “i LOVE jello shots. you fucking dick! youll pay FOR THAT!” the creature screamed as he bolted up the left leg of chasm who simply swatted him out of the air mid-jump. “you arep athertic, clinging to this thing you call life, to the thin viel of reality you call existence. all is nothing, all is non existence made so by the power of the golden strands! I WILL SHOW YO UTHE POWER OF NOTHING!” this conversation slightly confused nordafet, who for thel ongest time, had thought the term ‘nothing’ implied no power what so ever. he was dead wrong as he was stomped on one hundred times, each time upheaving great chunks of earth. the creature simply laughed at nordafets pain as he flew away at lightning speeds, richocheting off off a nearby rubber asteroid belt and then finally shutting up when he slammed face fist into a randomly placed, outstretched fist. “OH YEAH, SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM!” the fist said before dissapearing in a cloud of golden strands. 

“NOW YOU SE THE POWER OF THE GOLDEN STRANDS AT MY COMMANDS!” chasm bellowed as the rest of his body became covered in the metal plating, his features became more and more apparent. “what the hell are you!?” the creature said as he launched fourty miniture black holes into chasms body, but they did nothing. “YOU FOOL! WHERE DO YOU THINK ALL THAT STUFF GOES!? INTO ME! RETURN FIRE!” the creature was pummeled into the ground as hundreds of light posts with thosel ittle annoying gas laterns atached to them flew out of chasms hands and impacted the creatures face. “that… really… HURTS!” 

Posted via web from Sogno Della Dinistia

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