some interesting thoughts, about things… particular things.

hello blogstalkers and fellow readers alike, today is intersting because of a ot of things happening all at once. which im sure is happening alot, but lets focus in on a few minor…fucking chat…anyways, as i was saying, i dunno what i was saying. the main thing is the weddings, which were hoping to hold in november, and i could sure as hell use that job at  kmart to start saving up for one of those forclosed bank owned homes… that would help out a lot!

then theres the wedding itself… which is really kinda worrying me a bit. i dont know if those of you that are married have been through this in the early stages of planning, but the thing im worried about is the music selection getting screwed up by the dj…. why they seem to think that playing the chicken dance at EVERY SINGLE FUCKING wedding is beyond me. but hear me well on this. THERE SHALL BE NO FLAPPING OF THE WINGS AT MY WEDDING RECEPTION! NONE SHALL FLAP!  other hten that, WE just have to figure out what songs are gonna be played. i was thinking one of em should be “always be my hero” by that one chick, but then again… im more into happy music that doesnt end up with people bawling their eyes out at the end of it all. although crying is permitted.

ok, im back, sorry folks, had to deal with a tiny spider that kept on biting me on the leg… drowned that sonovabitch right quick. back to weddng plan worries. another thing is the seating arragments, which is also somewhat fun… but now im thinking about the dog barking his flippin head off… i get distracted easily by the little things. i think i need to focus more on the important things, and not so much thep etty coments of angry people who think they know better. which they dont, and neither do i. but obama does. which is why he got the noble peace prize.

weird how that last paragraph turned out aint it folks?

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