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From: “Menglei Import & Export Co, Ltd.” <info@yahoo.com>
Sent: Mon, November 2, 2009 1:03:35 AM
Subject: Hi,


Zhejiang Menglei Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Menglei Import & Export Co, Ltd.
132 Wuai Road,
Yiwu City,
Zhejiang Province. China

Hello Sir,
Compliments of the day, and my best wishes to you. I am Mrs. Janei Kong, The Public Relation Officer (PRO.) of  the above company. This company is into the supply of Home Textiles, Engine Parts, Stationery and china wares.This company was established in 2004, under the Company and Allied Matter with the Corporate Affairs  Commissions of China. 

Having gone through a methodical search, I decided to contact you hoping that you will find this proposal  interesting. we are interested in employing your services to work with us as a private payment agent that can help us establish a medium of receiving payment for goods that was supplied to our customers in your  location,as the company is already experiencing difficulties in receiving payments from them.

Most of our customers pay out in cheques and money orders and we do not have an account in your country that  will clear this money. It is upon this note that we seek your assistance to stand in as our representative in your  country. It is important to let you know that, as our representative, you will receive 5% of whatever amount  you clear for the company and the balance will be for the company.
Please if you are interested to work with us in good faith and honesty, Contact  Mr. Wu Fubin the Chief  Executive Officer (CEO.).

Through this email address : yiwu_meng019@yahoo.cn

Endeavor to let him know that I directed you to him; Please let him know your decision rather than keeping him  waiting because I will inform him about my contacting you.

The CEO. Will tell you more on receipt of your response. If you are not interested, kindly pardon me for  contacting you. Thanks for your time and remain blessed.
Very Respectfully,

Mrs. Janei Kong (PRO).
Menglei Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Goods for Import,
Freight Fwdg. Svcs.

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