singolarita dimensionale, part 9.2

the giant monster laughed a thunderous laugh then aimed his other hand at nordafet who had just been dealing with his own set of problems as ten thousand puppies with acidic spit started licking his legs. the deom looked up just in time to see chasms hand split open and reslease a tidal wave of angry nerds blogging away about the unfair treatment that disney would be giving marvel. “I HATE THIS PLACE!” he screamed in fury as he ripped off his own chest plates and flung them in a hopeless gesture. 

inside the readily crumbling castle of the former nightmare king, the spiders web of golden strands that crawled up the walls began to tighten their grip on the stone masonry. the golden strands that covered the clones sliced their unwilling prisoners into nothing more then glistening chunks as the voice of the chasm of non existence rang out true and ferocious. “HEED MY WARNING, DENIZENS OF THE DOOR OF EXISTENCE! I AM CHASM! I WILL TAKE NOT ONLY YOUR FREEDOM BUT YOURSELVES AS WELL INTO MY FLOCK AND TURN YOU TO NOTHING AS I HAVE DONE TO BARNEY FIFE!” the voice paused for effect, knowing that barney fife was an especially loved citizen of the old west themed turned cake factory town. “I HAVE DECLARED WAR ON THE DOOR OF EXISTENCE, AND ENDED OUR TEN THOUSAND YEAR TRUCE! MAINLY BECAUSE I WAS BORED, BUT THAT IS BESIDE THE POINT! GIVE ME YOUR COOKIES, AND I SHALL GIVE YOU NOTHING IN RETURN! FEAR ME!” chasm said in booming tones. 

all across the three dimensions people heard the voice of their common enemy, it was loud, demonic, numerous, and all knowing. the ten worlds in the dream, waking, and nightmare dimensions immediatley sent their best and brightest, as well as the runner ups to the singolarita dimensionale to discuss what they needed to do to combat this chasm. it took them weeks of arguments, in fighting, and several cases of lost contacts, before they all gave up and decided that whatever this chasm wanted couldnt possibly be any worse then what they each were dealing with. that is, until the creature was slammed through the fabric of the singolarita dimensionale and a small tidal wave of angry nerd bloggers slammed into him chanting the mantra “SPIDERMAN COULD BEAT SUPERMANS OFFSPRING AND I WANT TO DATE CHEERLEADERS! DAMMIT!” this of course made no sense what so ever, but they got the majority of the idea. 

doow spoke up. “i think we all agree that a tidal wave of angry nerds, is nothing to be concerned about.” then the massive hand of chasm borke through the hole. “but apparently, whatever that hand belongs to is… PANIC LIKE HELL! WERE ALL GONNA DIE SOONER OR LATER! AND I LOST MY CONTACT LENS… AGAIN!” as everyone was acting on the preffered method of panic, which they all voted on was absolute chaos and unorganized rioting, the hand of chasm slammed them al six feet under the ground. which partly made the creature happy until he saw that their were hundreds of crushed contact lenses. instantly his eyes shot bulldogs on skate boards back at the hand as it was closing in on him. “I DONT HAVE A NAME FOR THIS MOVE BUT WHAT THE FUCK EVER!” he shouted as in a single instant the thing that was holding the three dimensions together was shattered in a heart beat, the creature falling into the ever engulfing nothingness faster then he thought possible.

chasm laughed an insidious laugh. “there is none greater then i, everything that is born from non existence, is fated to return there with out fail…there is one who alludes me, but he shall die soon enough.” the hand retracted and the singolarita slammed together, the once singular plane slashing through itself and a twisted variety of ways until it resembled a massive, twisted, unrecognizable house of razor edged mirrors. “my golden strands shall break you all into nothing, and from nothing you will all grow stronger… my chil-” chasm was interrupted by the one person who survived all the destruction. brian the q. “WHAT!? THERE IS STILL ONE WHO SURVIVED!? IMPOSSIBLE!” the q floated silently as its red glowing orb orbited violently. “if you are nothing, and you return to this plane of existenc,e then you are something. but as that something… CAN YOU SURVIVE THAT WHICH YOU CLAIM TO DESTROY!?” the red orb glowed violently at first, but the creature gave brian a hellish kick that sent him flying into the distance.

“YOU FUCKING RETARD! WHAT HAVE YOU done!?” the q struggled to shout against the wind. “im gonna beat the hell out of this thing, NOT YOU!” the creature was corrected once again as chasm slammed him into one side of the plane and amny creatures popped out of multiple other angles. “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST DO TO US YOU FUCKING BASTARD!?” the creatures screamed in unison. chasm laughed and from his hand shot forth a tsunami of golden strands that quite frankly made the creature shit himself. as large numbers of bolts, screws and nuts came pouring out of the creatures backside and ended with enough bricks to make a house, a thought had popped into all the creatures minds.

“there is nothing you can do creature, you cannot return to one body, you cannot exist out side of the molti parteggiano la dualità. in fact… i think ill go kill your creator right now!” as chasm left, many of the creatures tried to leave the molti, but exploded violently after wards, leaving the remaining three alone in desperation.

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