singolarita dimensionale, part 9.3

the three creatures looked at each other. the frst had red scars with zig zags going across his body. the second creature had green spots on his hands, the third creature had blue rings on each of his ribs. “what hsould i call you?” the first creature said to the second.

the body of chasm stormed through the three dimensions, unchallenged in his might. he tore through cities, crushed suburbs, and flicked peoples heads off because he could. “I AM NON EXISTENCE! AND YOU SHALL JOIN ME!” the resaec clone who had been teaching sarah and kim was now covered in golden strands, strechting his limbs in ways not meant to be stretched. “and now ladies… your final examination!” he cackled as he ripped through the walls. his teeth growing pointed andm ore jagged by the second. “whats going on here? i thought i was done with al this non sense!” kim said slightly annoyed that things had to go to hell in a handbasket right as they were finishing up the class.

“you first test! fight ME!” the clone shouted, his mind nothing more then an outlet for the mind of chasms rage. slaws shredded through his flesh as his body became twisted and torn. the tears of blood that poured from his eyes covered his face while he laughed. “THERE IS NOTHING! ONLY NOTHING WILL SAVE YOU ALL! FIGHT ME!” kim was the first to run out of the room, leaving sarah to deal with the bladed psycho that was now slasing through the walls as it circled her. “there is no way out of this is there?” she asked him casually, silently balling her fist. “not a chance, you see, sarah… ive been instructed by the chasm to kill you! rend you into a snack for the beasts return!”

the mention of the beast shot a flurry of memories into the humans mind, the image of the frightening beast, long since forgotten, now raged and tore through the walls, only to freeze and dissapate. “no… not him… your inner beast! your inner rage! YOU SHALL BECOME THE BEAST!” the resaec clone screamed in delight. “ive already injected you with tons of the poison credion made before her passing! it was in the papers ive given both you and that retched excuse of a student!”

there was no avoiding it, either she would become the new beast, or kim would. sarahs mind slowly began to twist towards thoughts of rampant destruction, but she fought it for as long as she could. “dont think youve won yet! the dimensions still have the lost wolves to count on!” the clone stopped, his eyes red and bloodshot green. “the lost wolves? i have killed the lost wolves.. the chasm has eaten the lost wolves and gained their power… you have no hope le-” the clone was dead wrong as morgans fist punched through the front of its head,. “yeah… theres me and my wife. hey sarah, all hells broken loose and im married now… so how are things?” he asked her with a goofy smile, sarah only glowered at him for a short while until all three of them felt the rumblings.

“ah! there he is! well i gotta go get rid of this jackass… then we catch up! caasi, i need you to take sarah someplace safe. if you can, take sarah to the creature… whats left of him, theyll know what to do with her.” morgan dashed off, changing into a white leather coat with razor edged hooks attached to thirty foot chains. “why do htey keep getting BIGGER! just once, id like to fight something thats knee high to me…” 

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Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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