singolarita dimensionale, part 9.4

because morgan wished it, a knee high sized baby body of chasm was shot out at him full speed, and it still had the same effect on morgan when it hit. it knocked him through several feet of thick steel walls, which sarah hadnt noticed were there before. “FUCK ME! WHY!?” was all morgan was able to scream in pain as he slammed through wall after wall in various positions. then ee high chasm laughed hysterical, but then was kicked in the face relentlessly by the giant metal cheese wheel creature. “HA! YOU THOUGHT YOUD GOTTEN RID OF ME DIDNT YOU! EAT MY FUCKING CHEESE WHEEL YOU JACK ASS!” the creature brayed before he was kicked the face relentlessly by the regular sized chasm and smashed into little peices. “yeah… that was inevitable.” morgan said as he clambered out of the wreckage.

sarah could feel the change happening to her faster then she could controll. “no… it cant end like this!IT CANT END LIKE THIS!? she screamed as the metal wiring flowed through her body painlessly, her ace became like a ceramic doll, little cracks appeared at first, then it spider webbed outward till it covered her whole body. “morgan-” she reached out and called to him as he ran towards the body o chasm, resaec trailing behind him in his god of terror form. “TODESGRIEFER: BLITSCHLAG!” the human screamed as the blue magma crawled up his legs and jumped onto his arm, then shot three giant streems that whipped themselves into three tornadoes. 

“ha you really think that puny attack of your will have any efect of the body of the chasm o non existence!?” the monster screamed as it burned the atmosphere with intense heat. the golden strands straining to hold back the power that was building with in it. “nope, im going to overl oad you! BLITZSHLAG! BLITZSHLAG! BLITZSCHLAG!”

the door and the chasm watched in silence, neither able to express their thoughts, neither able to expresses their feelings, the vast white plane between them seemed to populate itself with creatures and beasts o every imaginable shape and size. they stood their like demonic puppets, awaiting their masters commands. the elders watched these two powerful forces at work, their only true purpose known to the five elders of the once proud three dimensions. “it must happen like this in order for the truth to be found out, for the lost wolf, the last two lost wolves to find out the truth about everything theyve been through!” the first elder said as his green robe lfuttered in the non existant wind.

“yes, they must find out about the uneding strie in the remaining two dimensions, the waking, dream and nightmare are only the tip of the ice berg. if either the door of the chasm are to win this epic battle, then they must face which ever reality, the door or chasm choose. niether will be pleasant, but neither will be too bad either.” the second elder said as his gold and black robe stood still, the patterns moving by some unseen force. the other three remained silent, for their jobs had been done long ago, and their minds were sucked away as their dimensions became destroyed. “only one can win. either non existance, or existence. their alliances will be tested though…” all three said in unison.

resaec got the clue right away and pumped all o his energy into the body of chasm, the golden strands which bound the monster together, now visibly straining themselves. “this.. power… is too much… MORE STRANDS!” millions of fillament like strings wrapped themselves around the monsters, but even those were too weak and easily broke. “they dont make villians like they used too anymore do they?” resaec said calmly as he unleashed a giant energy blade and slashed the body of chasm into quarters, but even that seemed to make matters all the more dire. “i cant beleive instead of just one… you made four… are youTRYING to get us all killed resaec?” the god of terror smiled slightly but shook his head.

“no morgan, my kingdom is in danger of being devoured as well, all my clones and all my minions have been eaten into nothing by those horrendous golden strands. i saw the devastation myself.” the look on resaecs face was priceless to morgan, but he had am uch, much bigger problem to worry about then how to poke fun at their current situation. “damn it… i wish the creature… the OTHER creature was here… sarah!?” morgan finally noticed that sarah had been chipping away, or something was clawing there way out of the form that used to be sarah, raging and screaming things that were too vile for even the godo f terror to hear. 

“oh great.. now IVE got to fight a beasty… this is going to be fun… but, lets hope she can do something about this…HOLY CRAP!” and he was right, the lost wolf and the god of terror both were covered in pieces of crap with angelic wings and halos. so their predicament wasnt that far from the truth. “BLITZARMAGEDDON! erde! do something about this!”

 the two elders, unmoved by the peoples plight, watched with little emotion, the three elders grey robes, now falling to ash as they voiced their last thoughts. “i wished for us all to be together and well when the cerimony of the nine moons came together… that perhaps was foolish of m…” said the first, unable to finish his thought as heb ecame nothing more then a pile of dust, which flowed into the second of the three. “i have no regrets. this was the best experien…” the second one aded into dust too before he was able to finish the sentence. provoked by nervousness, and a sense of urgency, the third elder in the grey robe spoke quickly. “YOU BOTH OWE ME TWELVE BUCKS! I WON!” and then he too, fell to the ground. the dark, sparkling dust swirled into a pillar with scratches, cracks, and drill holes that continued to spark with life, even though the three no longer had any.

“well shall see who shall witness the rebirth of the five dimensions…”

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Author: Morgan James Gavin

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