something awesome

i find myself wondering if this is just a dream, since its all so surreal, or if its actual reality that ive found someone so perfect that im so comfortable with. i dont know what challenges the future may present us, but i know that together we can get through them. ive lso learned that people hate what they do not understand to the point of out right rejection. maybe its because that my mentality is so far from those in the past ive come across that people feel the need to alienate me from their social circle. its an uneasy feeling ot be sure, but its one that ive grown acostomed to over the years.

i share these thoughts with you, not to complain, but to give you a deeper understanding of how my mind works, to open the doors to my inner sanctum just a little bit more so that way youll be able to relate to me more. 

i find every single thing of some interest to a certain extent. hell, the need to understand the way things work is in our very nature, to not want to understand things, so that when we find ourselves in a similiar situation, well know how to dela with it all the better.

i often find that most situations arent that hard to figure out. just find the basic need, and then fill it. if there is ever a situation where a thief corners you, its usually because they need money for food or a place to stay. so offer them just that for the night, forgive them of their faults and welcome them with open arms. but use common sense when doing so. if theyre trying to kill you, then either give them the same treatment as theyre giving you, or run like hell.

thats a bad example, but it stands to reason that the most extreme situations can often be narrowed down into three sections: supplies, shelter, protection. its pretty true for all things. well ive ranted enough, and taken too many random turns to actually make a point, but i think its for the best after all.

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