stalker # 4: bill

hello my fellow readers, blogstalkers and other people who enjoy my content. ive discovered something rather innocuos, and whether or not ive spelled that word right, does not matter to me in the least. today, im gonna talk about things that matter to me, and youre all addicted, so i shouldnt see any problems.

you al remember that fiasco with the picture way back when? the one where someones little brother got all psycho on me and thretened my life or some other fke bull, becuse ive confirmed it myself, tht ll he relly ws going to do if i didnt comply with his net bully threts ws bet the hell out of me. now that this guysgone and doing his own thing, i now hve nother problem. bill. bill, bill, bill.

dont know him, dont wnt to… nd mybe i do nd ive forgotten ll bout him? who knows. ll i know now is that this idgit is tking over for twisted wood. which i might dd might be  good thing, or a bad thing. i never know at this point becuse there must bethis little coven of blogstalkers (bad ones at that) who just keep checking up on me and seeing if ive posted anything embarrassing that they can take advantage of. and i miss hauptman111. i do! i check out his page every once in a while just to see if hes updated anything, and he hasnt. this makes me sad… just a little bit sad.

because ive gone from hauptman11, to twistedwood (who actually knew what theh ell he was saying compared to hauptmans so called stalkerblog), and now i have bill. so… im confused, because ive been dumped by two stalkers, and i dont know if i can handle  third stalking break up… oh wait, the first one was mr. growley… they say you never forget your first. and this guy was a fucking genius… in that “shove a cheerybomb up his ass and light the fuse while thinking happy thoughts” way. his true username was kornfreak. i miss him.

you see, unlike mostpeople, i enjoy the time i have, however long that may be with my stalkers. ive had conversations with them, shared a laugh, and even talked about eating tacos together. because all stalkers really are, are people that want to be friends with people that dont. or maybe they do… its a weird vicious cycle that will someday come to an end. and i will be happy when that day comes. untill then, ive got to enjoy every minute i have with bill.

oh yeah, heres his first attempt at riling me up:

bill said…

I am married you dumb SOB, but your girl going to leave you.. and it going to be a big kick in the balls. she been wanting to leave you for awhile can she can’t come up with an excuse. and yes I am evil. and yes i am dick and a bastard. you little pussy fuck you hide behide a computer and attack people. and you say I have no respect. son go look in a mirror.. you wannabe pecker wood.”


i think hes insulting twisted wood with that last comment, but i cant be sure.

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