singolarita dimensionale, part 9.5

the three creatures had been named. the red one cris, the blue one jon, and the green one jim. they wandered amilessly on the molti, not knowing where to go or what to do until jon erected a massive army and sent them to attack cris and jim on two other sides of the molti. “THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE”  jon said with a rage boiling in his gut, but thatm ightve been his taco lunch finally acting up again. jim countered by launching archers firing arrorws at the army of jon, his mind focused and calm. cris woever, panicked and ran like hell away from jons army, knowing the dangers of being hit hard enough. and then he jumped off the molti and landed right behind jon. “you do know that this will never solve anything right?”

jon snapped his fingers and the army dissapated. “i know cris, but still… we need to figure a way to get out of here and help morgan and the guys. ” jon said, contemplating the incoming volley of three billion arrows. “this… is going to hurt… isnt it?” cris said as he sat down with jon and enjoyed some tea that had appaeared the instant they realized this place was now more insane then the dream dimension. “yup.” was all jon said before he heard the arrows change into exploding sheep. “weve defenately got to find a way to get out of here.

jim saw the explosions and braying in the distance as his flying archers shot round after round of exploding sheep till he got bored. “youre not dead.” he said matter of factly, but decided to join the tea party already in progress. “you know what i dont get?” cris said as a sheep impacted the back of his head, knocking the drink out of his hand. “OH COME ON!” cris looked at jon and then to jim, but sighed in resignation. “we really need to find a way to get out of this place.” jon muttered as jim shot a sheep a couple of miles away with a blast from his pinky. 

a few minutes later, an elderly man in a black and gold robe faded into view in front of the three creatures who were now enjoying a lovely game of twister. “enjoying yourselves while your creator is getting pummeled?” he asked calmly. “not much else to do here old man… all the other creature have died trying to get out of this place. and thanks to the chasm, we cant leave or we will die. simple as that. right hand red.” cris said non chalantly, but recieved a single poke in the back of his head from the elder which sent him careening into the distance and that slammed into the ground from behind the elder. “see what we mean? trust me, weve tried. so whats the plan old man?” jim said as he fell on top of jon.

“the plan…” the elder said as he removed his hood, revealing his face to the three creatures. “is to fucking kill the chasm. you have a much grander role then you think in this war. and in a few weeks, the cerimony of the nine moons will commence and a threat far greater then the chasms four golden balls slamming together-” the three creatures couldnt help but giggle at the thought. “AHEM- will rupture the very fabric of our reality. three of our order have already perished… and i also lost twelve bucks to one of them. but thats neither here nor there… lousy bastard.”

the elders face was partly mechanical in appearance. his left eye was nothing more then a black orb with a red, blue and green stripes pointing towards the center with a single bright dot in thecenter. his cheeks were worn and leathery and had the look of a wet paper towel left out to dry for way too long. his right eye was a bright flaring black and white spiral. “what? youve seen stranger then me here.” the three creatures had to agree, what memory they did share from the original creature was strangley filled with sights of fantastic monsters and fights that mightve driven them insane had they been organic.

“so let me guess, youre just going to snap your fingers, and well be… oh we are in the thick of it already…bastard.” jon said as one of the golden orbs, which had now sprung three one hundred foot long arms that ended in four hundred gatling guns each. “YOU COULDNT HAVE MADE THIS SIMPLE FOR US COULD YOU!?” jim said as his pinky glowed a bright purple. resaec stopped to give jim a curious look. “DONT JUDGE ME!” jim panicked as the stream of energy he released from just his pinky sent the orb of chasm rocketing off into the distance. “BEHIND YOU, NOW JON!” jon grew forty scythe like appendages and launched them directly behind him and the orb was instantly covered in lethal cuts. it impacted the ground, exploding into a shower of peices of the golden strands that had held it together. “GREAT FUCKING GOING ASS HOLE!” morgan screamed as loud as he could while launching schwarzenfeuer at the orb he was fighting. “now whos going to clean that mess up?” resaec asked quietly as cris popped his chest open and unleashed a tidal wave of pure acid. 

“yeah… we can do that kind of thing now… its weird.” jon said before having twelve hundred round slam into his body. jon taking the full brunt of the concentrated fire with out really noticing. “JON!” jim shouted as he shot black wired hands out of his back to try and peice jon back together. resaec finished off his over sized enemy before helping morgan take care of his problem.

caasi watched from a distance as she chanted spells of binding to keep sarahs inner beast in check. “there is nothing you can do… my darkness will grow in strength as your light weakens.” she said in growling tones. “my black void of a heart will suck out yur very heart, and i shall devour it slowly whilst you feel every-” the innner beast was interrupted as a peice of one of the orbs slammed her ten feet into the ground, upheaving chunks of the ground. caasi now realized the delicate state that the three dimensions were in as thousands of golden strands hung like cobwebs in intricate patterns. she noticed that upon closer inspection that they were not strands like morgans originally thought, but millions of tiny parasites drilling through the dimensions existence. “not good…” she said. “i dont know who you are, or what your intentions are as soon as your free, but right now, the three dimension, one of which you were born from are slowly being eaten away by the chasm of non existance…” morgans wife saw thei nner beast stretch out a hand, clawing at the gorund to get out from the immense weight of the slab of orb that had began slowly eating away at her new form.

“help me… and i will be in youre service for eternity!” it said to her, its body slowly starting to fall apart as caasi watched in horror. “i will become your armor, anything, JUST HELP ME! PLEASE!” caasi couldnt help but notice that beneath the growling, mechanical tones, there was a defenate soul inside that thing. “alright, ill help you, but youll have to do exactly as i say!” “done deal, now HELP ME OU-” the inner beasts throat fell off. caasi didnt have much time. 

jon, jim and cris were back to back to back with morgan and resaec. the had defeated three of the four golden orbs of the chasm, and the htree creatures were still giggling over what the elder had said to them. “i still can beleive he said ‘a greater threat then the four golden balls of chasm slamming together!’ that was fucking hilarious!” jon said as he slashed away at the incoming tentacles that surrounded them. “oh yeah, morgan? the todesgriefer thing you do? heres an upgrade!” the forty scythe blades slammed together, end to end, and wrapping around morgans arms, and chest. “how do i summon these?” the lost wolf asked, now curious as o this new ability. “dont know, youll just have to come up with a move. caasi has the same ability, since both your hearts are linked.” jon said smiling.

jim started to say something but a hooked tentacle hooked itself onto his jaw bone and tore itself dowward. “JIM!” “oh hell be fine…” cris said calmly, and morgan was surprised that he was right. “duh.. we were part of the creature at one point.

the voice of chasm shrieked out wards as the remaining orb grew hundreds of giant, razor drill teeth lined mouths. “oh my shit. were going to die.” morgan said with out emotion. “YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO MY BODY!”  the voice of chasm sounded a lot like treebeards voice to morgan, except twisted and mutated. “I BELEIVE THE POWER OF NOTHING TO BE THE ULTIMATE! NOTHING WILL DEVOUR YOU ALL!” resaec sighed. “thats a relief.” “EXCEPT ME!” the three creatures had to think of something fast before they all wound up in the clutches of the chasm.

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Author: Morgan James Gavin

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