yay! two stalkers!

twisted woods back and heres what he had to say! THERE IS A COVEN OF BLOGSTALKERS!!!! THAT IS SO FUCKING TRIPPY! i wonder if theyve got a weird kinda club going on?


anywys, heres his comment:

twistedwood said…

well I thought I got everyone but bill is a friend of mind over seas I have ask him to back off you.. we shit the shit sh8 so morgan please back off. please.. and if you want to bring me back into this so let be it. you can’t handle want i got in storage for you. I made you famous and i can do it again. I don’t think you realized how many friends i do got. compare to you. so if you want to hide be hide a pC and talk shit so let be it.. if you want to end it like i do.. let be men and handle it like men and End the BS. you can attack everyone you want but not me or my family.. if my friend s are getting on you i ask them to back off. it alot of people I know that over sea that are in action duty. in our arm sevice and when they take there leave they will attack you. so i have ask that last 6 people to back off and let the shit rest. so let call it a End of this Bullshit. if you want to hide behide a pc and talk shit.. then I will pull out all the stop and let my friend have at you.

so it your thing. and son I no pecker wood last name is wood I am only half white. so how can i be a pecker wood. but I have friends that are IE pecker wood. and bill one of them. so I guess he call you a wannbe white boy. which I am lmao. so leave me out of it.. so i am going to keep my word to not attack you. but if you start the shit back up again then I will keep my promise to u. and you know what it is. so let end this Bullshit. like men. I ask bill to back off. this is not a threat. morgan I just want to end the shit. morgan I know you want to end it just like I do. so let do it. I will blog on my site to stop the attack on you the shit has ended.. so good luck with you wedding plan.

you going to need it yes it alot of work. to make these plan.. so don’t get cold feet this girl you so madlly inlove with I hope long life for both of you and best wishes it time to end the childhood shit and become men instead of little boys talking shit on the web. is childhood shit.. and will be treated like childhood to me. but hey I give you a call one of these day when i not busy with my life. I sleep most of the day and work all nite. I don’t have the time for this shit no more. it the holiday season. like to move on and take care off want need to be taking of for the holidays.. ok morgan OI am out got to go to work. cars don’t fix them self. I wish they did but then i be out of a job. and I laugh my ass off wannbe pecker wood lol that funny shit.””

ok… ive just got to get this out of the way…. but somehow, this guys is fucking awesome!

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