fun day.

 “as i recall, you wanted attention so i gave it to you.” the mans words in the dusty bar echoed through the empty halls. ” plain and simple,” he continued, “stop commenting, and ill stop paying attention.” there was a slight sense of panick in his voice, a hint of anger, and a smidgen of urgency. “no need for face to face, i dont live with my dad, and im not going pay attention to your death speeches.” the two men stood not more then thirty feet apart from each other. the barkeep knew there was going to be a rumble between the two, and he wanted nothing to do with it. “my god man, its called taking a breath in between paragraphs! break it up a little bit, then i might even consider listening to one of those beer induced rants you always have going on outside the bar!” the other desperado spit to the side, but kept his eyes trained on his opponents hands, as shaky as they were. “ive done what needed to be done, and that was that. im done with you, bill, and whoever else decides to tell me off. peace and out!” 

“I  want  to  talk to dad   you  little  shit!” the desperado shouted, his words slurred but well connected. “you… you’re just a four year old! i know you  will start the shit  right back up again!” the deserado had a bullet belt draped across his chest, his hat tipped forward to avoice being blinded by the mid day sun. “have your dad contact me so we can end it!” the man in the black and red leather duster kept walkign away from his chalenger, not os much soncerned about the weight of his words as he was what he was going to eat that night.  “so shut the fuck up and let me talk to your dad!” ” he stopped and took a breath, the desert town was only a couple of miles fro mthe nearest pony express, and they hadnt any excitement for the past couple of months. “cause you… your are no man!” the black and red leather dusters coat tails brushed against the dirt road as he turned around. ” robert goode, you… you are a yella bellied, snake oil selling, cattle steal pile of horse crap talking all that shit.” there was nothing more that robert goode could do except listen to the mans accusations. “I ended it first time around, with you dad and mom! since you remove there address of of your saddle bag, I can’t contact them so have your old man contact me by pony express!”  ” robert took in the scenery around him. his folks ran a black smithing place just down the road. this kind of drunken accusations he was accustomed to. “if not. then  you can fuck your self.” the desperado glanced nervously around himself, the towns people seemed a bit agitated. “and call the sherrif  all you want!  I want to talk with your dad or mom.  no a  youngin not tall enough to brand a full grown steer like i can!  be hiding a post office, publicizing about  his stressful life.” there seemed to be a general agreement amongst the elders who had known robert goode for a long time.  “cuz son you don’t know what stress is. I seen want happen on the street  and maybe you open your fucking eyes  and fine out  for your self. put me in cointact with your dad.  or mom.  and let end it.”

robert goode took a deep breathe. “is that all?”

“you see? this is why stalkers are so fun, you take away the thing they want and they go nuts and let their true colors fly. your damned right i removed it, i made my profile private, and im 25 years old, ok, i know how to handle situations on the net. i handle ON the net. not off it. because your in such a fiery mood, im going to tell whats going to happen. im going to post this on posterous, so that way people can see how you truly act when your put in a corner. and then, everytime after that, that you dare to stick your comments where noth you and i know they sure as hell dont belong, those are going up as well.

“stalkers want attention, you want attention, im giving it to you in a way that you dont like. there for, you putt threats on me to make it stop. and if this doesnt work, youll go with the physical way instead of the written one. now see the problem here is that you are too fired up about getting this whole thing over with that youre not thinking clearly here. 

“the solutions in the problem… take for example, me posting this, you getting pissed, you wanting to me to stop, writing me again, and the cycle continues. so… im going to tell you plain and simple how i work, and if you cant see through your clouded anger, then thats not my problem… then process will repeat until you get the picture and follow through.”

“if you leave me alone, i leave you alone, dean foxright.” dean ripped his hat off and spat on the ground again, his breath smelling like the inside of the rum barrel he crawled out of that morning. 

“there. there it is, right before this sentence. theres no hidden meaning to it, no secrets, no traps. just leave me alone, and i leave you alone. you have to be the bigger man here DF. so whats it going to be? go with your current mind set and follow through with the swing already in progress? or step off and we can call this whole thing a mistake and deal with our own lives?

“i have a lot of work to do tonight, and im not oging to spend the remainder of the night getting strange people angry.” 

with that, robert left dean to think on what his next actions were going to be.

Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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