fun days!!!

welcome blogstalkers and folks alike! today ive got some thoughtsi  want to impart on ya… the chat logs that you may or may not have read, depending on who viewed what, weren ot at all fabricated. i was genuinely concerned for bradleys well being,  and i thought that he HAD offed himself. not something i joke about when it comes to friends.  now i have my critics as everyone else does, but those of you who are SUPPOSEDLY close to him, cant seem to really get a grasp on what thel ittle dudes going through.

he wants love, he wants true friendship not “oh lets hang out with him because he has something that we want.” no. thats not how friendship works. at all. friendship is all about trust, and you have to ask yourselves, however small minded you prats are is none of my concern. you have to ask yourself what your main purpose in life is. a serious question for those of us with an actual plan in life.

bradley, if your checking this out,  i want you to know that i accept you for you as a person, a human being with thoughts and feelings. hopes and esires, fears and doubts. i accept you for what you think, feel, and say. i want you to know that everything that you think is against you, is actually for you. remember this addage “what does not kill you makes you stronger.” this has served me well over the past ten years.

for the rest of you, do the guy a favor and let go of the fucking grudge you hold against scott. so what if hes a dork, hes cool in my book, although a bit…. letsj ust leave it at hes cool. you should be ashamed of yourselves not being the one that bradley turned to in his time of need. i am glad to have the conversation, and try to help out if i can, but seriously!

the time of your small minded, ass hat like behaviour has to end sometime. we all almost lost an awesome person, who needs our support now more then ever because of what hes going through. each must do their own part in order for the whole to be complete. thats all im saying on the matter.

anotehr things thats bothering me is twisted wood, or as im referring to him now TW. i cant call him TB because that names already given to another person. the fact that i had to mark TW as spam because i didnt want to deal with his dumbass, showed me the real reason why stalkers shouldnt be given attention. BECAUSE THEY WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU ALONE AFTER THAT! ok, that was going a little too far on that subject, but never the less its all good.

last night, although i couldve kept thel ittle fun fest going for another couple of emails, i was already swamped with work for some projects.  it only went to two emails, maybe three.. yeah it was three, and hten i ended it, marked TW as spam, and then converted our little conversation into a story and posted it somewhere on the net. i have to remember to try expand that particular sites reach by two or three. but ill cross that bridge when i come to it.

i also found out that i have a stalker fan club. which means they are really devoted to annoying the crap out of me. which they can try to do all they want, i just dont give a shit one way or another. as far as i am concerned, its just something to occupy my time with. lessee… so far there hauptman111, which im positve is just brian being al ittle bitch… or maybe its just his women being the little ***** at this point, i stopped worrying about it. then theres of course twisted wood, and after that came bill…. noooo… not big bill, little bill. andi m not talking about the nick junior cosby toon.

between these three, an army of cheese dodles, and a little cabana mouse, i think they just might take over fox news, which is the actuall intelligence level their acting like they have at the moment.

another thing… albiet kinda sucks it had to be in this order, was getting drawings done and scanned i for a project im doing the art for. im pretty psyched about it, and cant wait for what she wants me to draw next. what then ame of the project? ill never tell!

mwa ha ha ha… evil laughter all around. that being said, i cna now feel free to say the following, why? because i just the fuck can. so deal.

shallow people piss me off.

there, ive said it.

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Author: Morgan Gavin

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